Frank Gaston, Editor & Proprietor


Mr. Jim Shaw of Spring Creek visited Mr. W. T. Abbott last week.

Mr. J. R. Dillard is in Johnson County this week.

Mrs. Delta Liles is visiting at Cleburne.

Miss Eva Briley of Joshua is here visiting her grandmother Hickey.

A tacky party was given by Mr. & Mrs. Scott on Monday eve of last week. Misses Sallie Parks and Allie Raburn were awarded prizes for being the most tacky young ladies, and Messrs. W. T. Brown and Tom Liles for being the most tacky young men.

Arriving at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Paschall on the 22nd, an eight pound boy.


Married on Sunday, April 29, Mr. Homer Andrews to Miss Bethnia Brown, both of Acton.


I. A. and Jim Stewart left Saturday for Alvin.

Hood Sikes has purchased the livery stable from A. G. Bobo and seems to be doing a good business.

Our Sunday School is to enjoy a picnic today on Fall Creek near F. M. Ryburn’s farm.

Miss Fannie Berry returned home this week after quite a long visit among friends here.

E. K. Wilson is happy over his fine Jersey calf.

George White is off to Fort Worth on business.


Mr. D. C. Cogdell is visiting friends at Dallas.

Grandma Cherry of Stroud’s Creek is visiting friends in the city.

Mr. W. L. Martin has the most advanced cotton crop we have seen.

Colonel Cooper and County Clerk Jackson are attending court at Stephenville.

Buford Oldham left yesterday for Stephenville, which is now his father’s home.

Mr. George Tarrant passed through on Tuesday from Lipan, the school having closed last week.

Capt. J. W. Campbell and family moved back to Glen Rose. Sorry to lose them.

Mrs. Mary Alsop of Comanche was in the city last week visiting Mr. P. H. Dawson’s family.

Mrs. S. J. Dysart and Mrs. J. B. Keith left yesterday for a visit to Mrs. T. E. Bailey at Mineral Wells.


Probably one of the most attractive ball games ever played n Granbury took place last Tuesday afternoon, only 5 innings being played, the corpulent gentlemen declining a longer game. The two teams were made up as follows:

Hightower, Chas.CatcherBoyd, Jack
Hiner, J. J.PitcherLancaster, S. B.
Rich, L. E.1st baseDoyle, R. E.
Reeder, C. B.2nd baseFisher, Frank
Martin, T. O.3rd baseBlakeney, Chas.
Nutt, HenryShort stopCooper, H. H.
Turner, J. S.Right fieldSteele, Zach
Eddy, L. H.Left fieldDuke, Ed
Holmes, E. L.Center fieldOldham, Buford

The Leans had a picnic, the score standing twenty to three at the end of the fifth inning in favor of the Leans.

The above newspaper items were extracted from newspaper microfilm by Merle McNeese, Granbury, Texas, and first appeared in Hood County Genealogical Society Newsletters