Updated 1993

Name of DeceasedDate of BirthDate of DeathLot Number
Abbott, A.C. (Cleve)Gramp12/10/188506/09/1963527
Abbott, Anthony B. (Bert)08/17/188612/21/1952N-080
Abbott, EmmaMother05/23/188604/09/1971527
Abbott, Ludie Jewel04/18/189312/03/1962N-080
Abbott, VenetaOur BabyDaughter of Mr. & Mrs. A.C. Abbott04/30/190801/09/1909527
Abercrombie, Charlie R.19071964184
Abercrombie, Clarence C.18921977184
Abercrombie, H.W.Born in Pa.Wife of Thos. J. AbercrombieDied at high 1209/01/182910/12/1904184
Abercrombie, Ralph H.18681952184
Abercrombie, Thomas J.18261908184
Ables, Becky AnnOur Darling01/01/195205/10/1952N-045
Ables, Dicy07/27/189105/17/1980420
Ables, Donna Ann01/23/195005/19/1968110
Ables, Elizabeth V.07/26/1914N-045
Ables, Guss B.10/14/192408/17/1979N-045
Ables, Haskell E.08/02/190806/02/1957110
Ables, J.W.Father19171981N-051
Ables, Jay W., Jr.Son11/01/194502/20/1947N-051
Ables, Jennie Hampton11/15/188905/30/1978110
Ables, Joseph Isham11/23/188506/05/1950110
Ables, Maida E.02/15/190910/05/1985110
Ables, Rose Mary06/26/192809/21/1990N-051
Ables, VirginiaMother19201951N-051
Ables, W.G.01/03/189208/11/1957420
Adams, CatherineWife of M.W. Adams11/16/183606/14/1889031
Adams, Elijah6 or more graves on lot marked only with fieldstones06/17/185603/17/1879074
Adams, J.T.03/31/185108/20/1890074
Adams, Louie B.Son of M. & K. Adams02/03/187702/27/1879031
Adams, M.W.04/01/183512/28/1919031
Addison, Fannie08/20/187601/25/1965N-165
Ahrens, Mary C. (nee Griffith)Wife of Fritz Ahrens02/09/184202/19/1904073
Aiken, Arthur Edward04/15/188209/18/1948021
Aiken, Cecil V.TEXAS PFC US Army WW I03/08/189501/09/1973N-144
Aiken, Ed04/25/185202/25/1909021
Aiken, EllaDaughter of Ed & M.N. Aiken05/05/187909/11/1881021
Aiken, Glenn Gertrude18901935004
Aiken, Mittie11/17/1963004
Aiken, Narcissa M.06/24/185605/11/1931021
Aiken, Olen18801942021
Aiken, Tina Leona Renfro11/05/189812/30/1988N-144
Aiken, Virgil RoyFather18871980004
Aiken, Young J.Beloved Father18931951004
Alderman, Roberta Whitehead18831943433
Alexander, Allie12/07/187206/12/1903087
Allard, DoraMother18671939144
Allard, Earl W.18861887144
Allard, Ed M.18611952144
Allard, Infant144
Allard, TennieWife of Ed M. Allard18601882144
Allen, Elijah271
Allen, Mamie Ann10/20/189002/02/1984N-083
Allen, Samuel Burton10/04/188002/09/1950N-083
Allison, Alice Alpha (Statham)10/02/188609/29/1929537
Almond, Harriet10/01/184612/30/1903108
Anderson, Clarence Thomas (Fay)04/17/190401/18/1981N-232
Anderson, DockTEXAS Pvt 322 Serv. Bn. QMC09/15/1941271
Anderson, ErnestineN-232
Anderson, John W.03/10/188703/19/1965N-231
Anderson, Martha W.Age 80 yrs.Sister of Julia A. MaxwellBorn in Talledeeca, Ala.Erected by their children212
Anglin, Earl02/19/188811/08/1963255
Anglin, Martha18851972255
Anglin, Mrs. ElizabethBorn in Hamilton Co. O.Died in Hood Co., Tex.Wife of V.S. Anglin07/06/181501/12/1901167
Anglin, Pearl06/20/1888255
Anglin, V.S.Born in Lee Co., Vir.Died in Hood County, Tex.10/13/181109/01/1893167
Anglin, Wallace19061973255
Anness, Jerry Lynn (Infant)04/25/196704/25/1967N-079
Archer, Claiborne E.03/12/188807/26/1977190
Archer, Gary Lynn09/21/195404/11/1984SN-083
Archer, HenryTEXAS Rec 5 US Army WW II08/27/191610/10/1970SN-083
Archer, Henry C.Son08/02/189110/21/1917190
Archer, Joe A.18821968N-224
Archer, Joel C.Father04/15/183901/28/1923190
Archer, Lydia MonroeMother11/18/189302/14/1981190
Archer, Mabel18881974N-224
Archer, Nancy E.MotherHis wife (Joel)06/11/185606/13/1941190
Archer, Willard Earl09/13/1920SN-083
Arment, Frank H.Pvt US Army WW I08/24/189404/24/1986N-001
Arment, Rachel M.Mother19041977N-001
Armstrong, Corda (Sue)Mamma11/11/189002/13/1976N-229
Armstrong, Irene GarnettMoner12/12/1913N-229
Armstrong, Mark K., Sr.Daddy11/02/188607/21/1971N-229
Armstrong, Velton H.Dad10/11/190901/05/1979N-229
Arnold, Mary PerryMomMarried 194011/15/1923N-012
Arrington, Jane04/02/186505/04/1939491
Arrington, Jennie A.18891964491
Arrington, John C.S Sgt US Army WW II02/01/191411/01/1976491
Arrington, John C.11/16/186009/03/1930491
Arrington, Joseph L.TEXAS S Sgt HQ Btry 384 FA Bn WW II PH02/09/191711/26/1956491
Arrington, Luther09/18/188612/06/1958491
Arrington, Mose491
Arrington, Willie George18781967250
Ash, Ethel MaeMother11/02/190604/17/1983277
Ashley, Harold11/27/189411/12/1916054
Atchley, Perry C.18791964162
Atwood, Bobbie Williams19061945489
Aubrey, Thelma Ginn06/26/1900476
Aubrey, William Benton11/16/189606/04/1978476
Avery, Ada Leona06/23/189302/13/1980516
Avery, William ErnestTEXAS Pvt Co C 141 Infantry WW I07/21/188705/29/1968516
Avery, William Ernest, Jr. (Red)Member of IOOF Lodge04/05/192204/21/1989516
Axer, Barena (Wilmath)03/03/188608/12/1965256
Baccus, Ben J.18761941A-530
Baccus, Madye J.18861977A-530
Baggett, Rom CalvinTEXAS S Sgt HHC 5 Bn 46 Infantry08/21/193902/06/1968530
Bagwell, JohnMay he find joy in life everlasting18181898050
Bagwell, Lucy C.Wife of H.A. Bagwell03/11/188650
Baham, George19481975243
Bailey, Clida BrowningMother08/03/187203/29/1903
Baker, Alice01/22/186102/03/1922123
Baker, AlmiraMotherBlessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God09/22/185909/02/1938N-060
Baker, Carrie GertrudeBeloved wife of D.O. Baker04/15/187012/18/1892123
Baker, Claude EstesTEXAS Cpl Mg Co 143 Inf Regt WW I01/01/189507/27/1969N-230
Baker, D.M.Father of Jess & D.O. Baker04/18/182107/11/1899123
Baker, D.O.Woodmen of the World marker(iron fence around lot)18631931123
Baker, ElizabethChina Painter & Teacher01/07/187609/03/1956528
Baker, Florence P.10/15/192509/30/1963N-099
Baker, James M.Father11/12/185312/06/1940N-060
Baker, Jess10/11/185605/18/1921123
Baker, Jonothan H.18321918528
Baker, Lela InaDAR emblem10/06/189101/06/1973N-060
Baker, Maggie Ann (Brand)02/12/190012/08/1994N-060
Baker, Marlin O.03/06/189804/03/1975N-221
Baker, Mrs. Pauline McDonald18691918123
Baker, Myra EthelDAR emblem02/14/188511/21/1972N-060
Baker, Nancy A.18391911528
Baker, NettieDaug of Jess & Alice Baker12/07/188111/17/1882123
Baker, Roy Augusta18991930483
Baker, Walter A.TEXAS Pvt 167 Inf 42 Div WW I07/31/1918483
Baker, William GuyPvt HQ Co 133 Fld Art Regt WW I03/11/189512/07/1962N-060
Baldwin, Marion A.19031993N-111
Ballard, James12/24/191701/26/1982253
Ballew, Charles T., Sr.10/19/194008/14/1986403
Banner, Blake Lynn12/10/196712/10/1967500
Barbee, Elias09/03/184002/15/1899500
Barbee, Lovisa02/10/184503/10/1922388
Barber, Loraine Harkins10/06/190010/15/1969N-097
Barber, Ward Dewitt10/09/188802/09/1974N-097
Barron, Juan F.19311993N-000
Barron, Risela E.19741975N-000
Barton, Arbelia18691954499
Barton, JoshuaCo 1 40 GA Inf CSA126
Barton, Rufes18631934499
Barton, Stella Randolph06/04/189310/26/1975N-138
Bass, David WayneSon of Brady & Lauretta Bass08/31/196008/31/1960100
Bayer, George W.07/02/189704/15/1974004
Bayer, Mabel Aiken12/17/189803/02/1978004
Beall, Clara O.18991961N-238
Beall, Dillard B.18991962N-238
Beall, Waymon (Curley)11/16/192802/04/1990N-238
Bearden, John C.18691923218
Bearden, Lila V.18771948218
Beatty, Elvira E.10/30/183301/29/1918416
Beaty, Florence10/15/189201/17/1919462
Beaty, James S.08/14/186108/16/1932462
Beaty, Sallie F.02/17/186210/13/1948462
Bedwell, Beulah V.Married Aug. 20, 192104/04/1897N-043
Bedwell, J. AaronMarried Aug. 20, 192111/05/189707/14/1970N-043
Beheler, Catherine A. (Peveler)To know her was to love her06/14/191012/04/1966470
Beheler, Sherman H.05/26/190011/07/1969470
Beidleman, Amanda M.11/21/185809/02/1932244
Beidleman, John E.IOOF FLT marker12/28/188103/19/1926244
Beidleman, Stella09/26/189211/16/1979244
Bell, Alice E.Daughter of G.C. & S.A. Bell09/17/188402/22/1898381
Bell, Claude J.08/10/1933484
Bell, FannieWife of G.C. Bell07/04/185809/22/1930114
Bell, Russell G.TEXAS Pfc 9316 Tech SVC Unit WW II10/21/190808/13/1971187
Bell, Sarah A.Wife of G.C. Bell02/25/186007/26/1893381
Bennett, Allie H.12/12/187005/26/1930
Bennett, Atha Ferrell18921966129
Bennett, Claude09/26/187807/23/1964128
Bennett, EmilyMotherErected by John & Euna Little10/12/185709/18/1932493
Bennett, Franklin (Tom)Married July 11, 191510/09/189312/20/1969557
Bennett, Hattie Rhea10/18/188307/17/1970128
Bennett, Reba (Newman)Married July 11, 191511/07/189706/23/1983557
Berry, Cora RowanAlways and Always01/30/188803/12/1939570
Berry, Izora SelarsWife of James R. Berry03/05/186703/21/1942397
Berry, J.L.A.(3 unmarked graves on lot)11/21/182412/22/1908048
Berry, MaggieDau of J.L.A. & M.E. Berry?Aged 16 yr 10 mos 24 d’sWoodmen of the World marker10/19/189248
Biggs, Hershel07/10/190201/26/1984459
Biggs, MendoziaWed Sept. 20, 192502/10/1903459
Bills, Bertha FayMarried Oct. 20, 192906/24/1908N-108
Bills, John CurtisMarried Oct. 20, 192910/13/190501/03/1969N-108
Binyon, Arthur W.TEXAS Pfc US Army WW I12/02/188712/30/1954112
Binyon, Myrtle Glenn12/07/188508/19/1966112
Bird, Benjamin Franklin12/31/186302/20/1933277
Bird, Cora L.11/20/186711/03/1902220
Bird, Evaline05/21/186807/24/1949277
Bird, FrankieMama07/14/1897N-027
Bird, Fred H.08/22/191409/14/1986SN-089
Bird, Ira DarrellFatherHusband of Pearl Bird08/14/188603/03/1967269
Bird, JackDad12/04/190504/12/1975277
Bird, John R.Woodmen of the World emblem03/19/185611/10/1916220
Bird, L. Delitha18761977493
Bird, MackDaddy09/02/189310/26/1980N-027
Bird, Macklin03/18/182208/08/1902220
Bird, Macklin D.18691945493
Bird, Macy Crow06/12/1919SN-089
Bird, PearlMotherWife of I.D. Bird12/14/189204/04/1927269
Bird, Sarah Ann03/23/182512/21/1920220
Bird, Sarah Pearl01/23/189208/30/1975SN-089
Bird, W.H.Age – 49 yrs 7 mo 1 dayWoodmen of the World emblem05/28/1899220
Bird, William Edward03/10/189003/30/1975SN-089
Bird, WillieMother02/12/1912277
Bivins, Mildred M. WhiteMarried Raymond E. Bivins Mar. 20, 197102/08/191011/16/1973431
Black, David08/07/181510/24/190192
Black, Edward08/19/185401/07/190292
Black, Nancy J.08/06/181502/08/188892
Blackborn, J.J.10/19/184303/18/1900407
Blackburn, Ella L.18581909521
Blackwell, Daryl Allan01/14/195806/14/1958N-078
Blake, Annie09/30/189410/25/1914533
Blake, Capt. Joel F.Son of C.H. & M.A. Blake11/01/183807/18/1870023
Blake, Jewel Elizabeth10/10/191411/14/1914533
Blake, LillyInfant daughter of Samuel A. & Eliza. Ann Blake188308/16/1884030
Blake, Maj. C.H.05/11/181407/03/1895023
Blake, Mary AnnWife of Charles H. Blake07/27/181103/22/1872023
Blake, S.D.06/03/184711/11/1918023
Blalock, Margaret AlenaMother18961970N-168
Blalock, Paula JeanDaughter of William & Dura Blalock04/15/195205/15/1952N-168
Blalock, William C.TEXAS Pvt Co M 308 Infantry WW I01/15/189206/30/1959N-168
Blanton, Ben NobleMarried Sept. 15, 194312/10/1910458
Blanton, John F.Father18671956N-031
Blanton, John H.18641956N-031
Blanton, Lola03/09/1914N-031
Blanton, Marion11/07/190801/03/1972N-031
Blanton, Minnie AnnMother18871953N-031
Blanton, Virgie (Russell)Married Sept. 15, 194309/29/1914458
Blasingame, J.F.(large fieldstone marks grave)140
Blasingame, John F.02/07/184012/24/1889140
Blasingame, Lucy Elena01/19/184611/01/1888140
Bledsoe, Allie E.Married July 15, 192304/05/189904/22/1988526
Bledsoe, Lucy Landers11/24/186601/13/1941526
Bledsoe, R.C.08/05/185910/02/1931526
Bledsoe, William DeanMarried July 15, 192310/12/190008/04/1967526
Blue, E. MurielMother10/21/191007/24/1983100
Boldt, Floyd M.Brother02/27/191803/31/1932276
Boldt, Lottie S.Mother06/19/190105/30/1932276
Bolton, James “Ed”Married Mar. 4, 1923TEXAS Pvt 165 Depot Brig02/27/189606/30/1938N-149
Bolton, Myrtle A.Married Mar. 4, 1923Mom01/12/190603/21/1988N-149
Bombard, B.F. (Shorty)Married Nov. 28, 192711/18/190112/01/1967487
Bombard, B.F., Jr.19361939487
Bombard, Elvin H., Jr.Baby Buster19621963487
Bombard, Lizzie MaeMarried Nov. 28, 192705/15/191212/19/1986487
Bond, E. VirgilMarried Dec. 16, 194204/17/190010/27/1990429
Bond, Harper RayMarried Dec. 16, 194208/11/190810/31/1985429
Bond, Rosa PearlMarried Dec. 21, 189810/05/188310/17/1966429
Bond, Russell FeltonMarried Dec. 21, 1898Mason since 18972 markers11/07/187604/05/1953429
Bond, Russell PaulSon of R.F. & Rosa Bond04/14/190212/12/1905429
Boon, George10/22/182211/30/1891222
Boozer, Beulah07/30/190310/15/1976N-169
Boozer, J.H.FatherMasonic emblem03/06/189905/26/1952N-169
Bostick, Cecil R.Married Jan. 1, 193704/21/191201/24/1980467
Bostick, Fannie L.10/20/187812/17/1969467
Bostick, Loma R.Married Jan. 1. 193710/28/1917467
Bostick, W.T.03/20/187506/03/1920467
Botello, Josephine RodriguezShe filled our hearts with love and she will never be forgotten03/06/192804/14/1986N-082
Botello, NormaNo marker-info from funeral home records10/23/195201/21/1953
Bourne, John Z.19011957247
Bowden, Etta E. Morris08/04/187602/22/1963146
Bowden, Mattie WilsonWife of S.L. BowdenBorn: Pendleton, S.C.05/05/184001/12/1897146
Bowden, Ralph Waldo12/12/187306/09/1954146
Bowden, Samuel LelanBorn in Anderson, S.C.02/27/183607/12/1903146
Bowden, Ural F.10/26/186811/21/1885146
Boyd, Alfred DeeTEXAS 2 Lieut Air Corps08/14/1943458
Boyd, Baby01/14/188801/28/1888148
Boyd, Effie MayWife of J.R. Boyd12/12/186706/27/1898400
Boyd, EllenMother05/19/185012/15/1932148
Boyd, Elsie E.Mother02/11/187809/12/1963N-065
Boyd, Hubert W.11/30/190004/04/1934499
Boyd, Ida Lee01/25/188409/22/1889148
Boyd, J.D.Father09/21/184904/24/1928148
Boyd, J.R.08/28/186108/25/1933400
Boyd, Jane Tarrant04/18/189908/31/1989499
Boyd, Lucile Payne18971938458
Boyd, Pearl StellaSupreme Forest Woodman Circle emblem09/23/187506/05/1959148
Boyd, Robert S.Daddy09/23/187204/26/1954N-065
Boyd, Robert S., Jr.09/22/190701/17/1989N-065
Boyett, Susan M.Daughter of E.W. & S.A. Boyett10/15/187410/28/1878040
Bradley, C. Leslie18731922456
Bradley, Mrs. W.J.08/12/187509/17/1961N-169
Bradley, W.J.02/15/187002/22/1952N-169
Brady, CharlesAge 61 yrs.03/08/1907495
Brady, Daisy05/19/187408/10/1950495
Brady, Maymie11/19/189012/23/1934495
Brady, Mrs. Mary F.12/10/186109/07/1936495
Branch, Edward W.10/12/188210/13/1968N-093
Branch, Mary Lee11/21/191011/04/1987N-093
Branch, Mildred DewDaughter of Mrs. & Mrs. E.W. Branch19121914192
Branch, Myrtle D.04/20/1886N-093
Branch, Rev. Edward B.12/17/190703/11/1976N-093
Brand, Isom D.18881949N-044
Brand, Lerona W.18911949N-044
Brewen, Inez Opal03/24/1893SN-011
Brewen, Virgil Edward12/31/189502/01/1972SN-011
Brewer, Christine Trotter02/29/192402/29/1988N-211
Brewer, Criss18861960N-211
Brewer, Emma18881962N-211
Brewer, Francis E.18641929532
Brewer, GeorgeRed Sails in the SunsetMarried Oct. 23, 193605/22/191007/25/1980N-184
Brewer, J.C., Jr.TEXAS PFC Co F 102 InfantryDaddy11/18/192903/07/1959N-211
Brewer, Jerry Dale19491993N-184
Brewer, OdellMarried Oct. 23, 193611/18/192201/18/1981N-184
Brewer, Rado L.Mother09/01/1930N-211
Briant, Georgia AnnWife of Jefferson Davis Brown who was born in Thomastown, Miss.02/27/185705/30/1946192
Bridges, Addie01/26/186801/13/1940268
Bridges, W.W.10/25/186606/16/1925268
Bright, Charley O.Aged 25 years09/06/1890201
Britt, Addie18851969550
Britt, C. StanleyDaddy03/09/193911/08/1986N-119
Britt, Dessie SueMama10/07/190611/06/1972N-119
Britt, Emma A.18691943534
Britt, Emmett M.19051962534
Britt, John Henry, Sr.Daddy06/30/190302/09/1965N-119
Britt, Judy11/05/190504/23/1958550
Britt, M. Arthur18821943550
Britt, Obie02/25/190109/29/1946550
Britt, Ollie L.1902534
Britt, Pinkston18971925534
Britt, R.Co. D 31 ALA Inf CSA534
Britt, WilliannaMama04/23/1941N-119
Britton, D. Jeanetta19321932461
Brock, Roy L.10/24/192212/15/1967N-144
Brooks, Chas. L.02/24/187204/21/1935517
Brooks, EssieMother02/15/187509/18/1938517
Brookshire, B. Grace01/02/192207/31/1985SN-013
Brookshire, Ernest C.12/01/192000SN-013
Brookshire, Jesse19281988SN-013
Brown, Allie Berry02/05/187003/12/1965048
Brown, Catherine E.06/23/184902/11/1924412
Brown, Dollie Mae05/02/189409/03/1944412
Brown, Earl Young09/11/189611/04/1988041
Brown, Estelle03/02/1908N-092
Brown, Etta05/13/190305/13/1903412
Brown, Georgia Anna BriantBorn: Falcon, Ark.Died: Ft. Worth, Texas02/27/185705/30/1946192
Brown, Gracie07/24/189803/08/1904251
Brown, InaDaughter of J.D. & G.A. Brown02/19/189208/22/1893192
Brown, InfantChild of J.D. & G.A. Brown192
Brown, J.D.04/11/190001/28/1969N-092
Brown, Jefferson DavisBorn in Thomastown, Miss.Died in Granbury, Tex.09/02/185304/27/1908192
Brown, JoeTEXAS Pvt HQ Co 2 Bn 359 Inf WW II03/17/190807/04/1967N-194
Brown, John Earl08/05/186706/02/1942048
Brown, Josie M.11/15/189412/05/1971N-194
Brown, Leta Belle18921969N-091
Brown, Marlin J.01/23/188503/22/1938192
Brown, Mary Emma11/17/188504/19/1971394
Brown, Monte O.TEXAS Sergt 458 Motor Truck Co12/28/1918394
Brown, Mrs. Bess Wilson12/10/189308/21/1984027
Brown, Myrtle E.10/30/188501/17/1961192
Brown, Nora Menefee18781957395
Brown, Owen YoungCPL Co B 111 Ammo Train WW I01/10/189601/20/1971N-085
Brown, Owen Young, Jr.Pvt US Army01/21/192701/07/1982N-085
Brown, Parks03/22/191603/22/1916412
Brown, Paul J., Jr.Son of Paul J. & Leta B. Brown11/25/192011/25/1920192
Brown, Paul Jack18901957N-091
Brown, Robbie JoMarried Oct. 11, 195310/07/193503/08/1986N-102
Brown, Sallie M.11/25/187103/27/1915412
Brown, Thermond P.Married Oct. 11, 195301/09/1930N-102
Brown, Theron PatrickBeloved Son of T.P. & Robbie Jo Brown07/29/196707/29/1967N-102
Brown, William T.08/02/187103/04/1950412
Brownfield, Mary C.Wife of Dr. J.W. HoldenBorn in Larue Co., Kentucky08/02/185409/11/1891145
Browning, Aaron05/21/183511/24/1922150
Browning, Aaron E.18751957540
Browning, Connell E.18971957046
Browning, Dora Ann18811947540
Browning, InfantDaughter of Bell & Lillie Browning08/16/189608/16/1896147
Browning, Jarrett05/21/190707/18/1914540
Browning, John Bell18651946046
Browning, Joseph W.Father18301883077
Browning, Keith19031904150
Browning, Lillie Eaker18781967046
Browning, Louisa JamesMother18411928077
Browning, Mary E. EakerWife of A. Browning06/19/184212/16/1902150
Browning, Rev. Mackey11/25/182812/23/1897147
Browning, Travis Riley19031904150
Bryan, BlossomDaughter of H.H. & M.M. Bryan12/09/190612/09/1906146
Bryan, Frances18891981N-068
Bryan, Hardy H.18751945N-068
Bryan, Maude M. BowdenWife of H.H. Bryan05/20/187812/12/1906146
Bubson, J.D.11/21/184402/26/1872037
Bucknew, Linda C.09/17/194901/23/1950414
Buecker, Chas. V.19661966N-075
Burchfield, Margaret Russell06/29/192512/29/1984N-046
Burkhart, Ruth Hanna04/14/191211/22/1989
Burks, Burton S., Sr.Masonic emblem10/28/189708/04/1984N-134
Burks, Edith M.Mother04/26/192305/15/1964N-128
Burks, Madeline W.Eastern Star emblem11/17/189903/20/1984N-134
Burleson, Verna MaeMother05/17/190307/22/1968N-110
Burnett, Ellis18601938410
Burnett, Merle18911909410
Burnett, Ollie12/12/187005/26/1930410
Burson, T.D.11/21/184402/26/1872038
Bush, F.C.18411894025
Bush, Marie A.18461910025
Bush, Victor18721874025
Butler, Bertha C.18821958193
Butler, Dennis “Shorty”19081957398
Butler, George Ann04/09/185611/09/1922193
Butler, Infant Son04/29/189004/29/1890193
Butler, Ivy S.Daughter of W.H. & G.A. Butler02/12/189206/01/1893193
Butler, Margarette Leona18951967N-072
Butler, Minnie MayWife of Frank Butler01/16/188309/10/1904388
Butler, Nellie Gee19261928N-072
Butler, Thomas Gee (Jerry)18831956N-072
Butler, Walter Tilman18781925193
Butler, Wm. HenryMasonic emblem10/07/185106/18/1911193