Compiled by Mary Kate Durham

Updated 1993

Granbury Cemetery
Photo Courtesy of Wayne Moyers

Granbury Cemetery, or College Hill Cemetery as some old-timers may say, sits on a hill eight blocks north of the Granbury town square. A great part of the area’s history lies resting here. Along with our many families you will also find General Hiram B. Granbury, Jesse Woodrow James, and a not-so-notable bird dog named Rex. From the War of 1812 to Vietnam, veterans of many wars are found here.

This record was completed in May 1989 and is as accurate as can be done by amateurs. Members of the Elizabeth Crockett Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), the Hood County Historical Society, and others assisted with the tabulating.

Many epitaphs have been included, but not all; so excuse us if yours is not found. No slight is intended.

So very many graves cannot be identified because there is only a fieldstone marking the location. It is sad that those many persons are lost to us now. A few of the very old markers can no longer be read. However, every effort was made and even a part of the inscription is included whenever possible.

The location of the markers is noted by lot numbers that correspond with a map of the cemetery. The west portion was created new at the time of World War II. Those lot numbers will be preceded by an “N.” The second new section is on the south in the area around the water tower. This is designated by a prefix of “SN.” Maps of the cemetery are displayed at the Hood County Library and the Granbury Depot. Copies are available for purchase as well.

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A – B

Name of DeceasedDate of BirthDate of DeathLot Number
Abbott, A.C. (Cleve) Gramp12/10/188506/09/1963527
Abbott, Anthony B. (Bert)08/17/188612/21/1952N-080
Abbott, Emma Mother05/23/188604/09/1971527
Abbott, Ludie Jewel04/18/189312/03/1962N-080
Abbott, Veneta Our Baby Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. A.C. Abbott04/30/190801/09/1909527
Abercrombie, Charlie R.19071964184
Abercrombie, Clarence C.18921977184
Abercrombie, H.W. Born in Pa. Wife of Thos. J. Abercrombie Died at high 1209/01/182910/12/1904184
Abercrombie, Ralph H.18681952184
Abercrombie, Thomas J.18261908184
Ables, Becky Ann Our Darling01/01/195205/10/1952N-045
Ables, Dicy07/27/189105/17/1980420
Ables, Donna Ann01/23/195005/19/1968110
Ables, Elizabeth V.07/26/1914N-045
Ables, Guss B.10/14/192408/17/1979N-045
Ables, Haskell E.08/02/190806/02/1957110
Ables, J.W. Father19171981N-051
Ables, Jay W., Jr. Son11/01/194502/20/1947N-051
Ables, Jennie Hampton11/15/188905/30/1978110
Ables, Joseph Isham11/23/188506/05/1950110
Ables, Maida E.02/15/190910/05/1985110
Ables, Rose Mary06/26/192809/21/1990N-051
Ables, Virginia Mother19201951N-051
Ables, W.G.01/03/189208/11/1957420
Adams, Catherine Wife of M.W. Adams11/16/183606/14/1889031
Adams, Elijah 6 or more graves on lot marked only with fieldstones06/17/185603/17/1879074
Adams, J.T.03/31/185108/20/1890074
Adams, Louie B. Son of M. & K. Adams02/03/187702/27/1879031
Adams, M.W.04/01/183512/28/1919031
Addison, Fannie08/20/187601/25/1965N-165
Ahrens, Mary C. (nee Griffith) Wife of Fritz Ahrens02/09/184202/19/1904073
Aiken, Arthur Edward04/15/188209/18/1948021
Aiken, Cecil V. TEXAS PFC US Army WW I03/08/189501/09/1973N-144
Aiken, Ed04/25/185202/25/1909021
Aiken, Ella Daughter of Ed & M.N. Aiken05/05/187909/11/1881021
Aiken, Glenn Gertrude18901935004
Aiken, Mittie11/17/1963004
Aiken, Narcissa M.06/24/185605/11/1931021
Aiken, Olen18801942021
Aiken, Tina Leona Renfro11/05/189812/30/1988N-144
Aiken, Virgil Roy Father18871980004
Aiken, Young J. Beloved Father18931951004
Alderman, Roberta Whitehead18831943433
Alexander, Allie12/07/187206/12/1903087
Allard, Dora Mother18671939144
Allard, Earl W.18861887144
Allard, Ed M.18611952144
Allard, Infant144
Allard, Tennie Wife of Ed M. Allard18601882144
Allen, Elijah271
Allen, Mamie Ann10/20/189002/02/1984N-083
Allen, Samuel Burton10/04/188002/09/1950N-083
Allison, Alice Alpha (Statham)10/02/188609/29/1929537
Almond, Harriet10/01/184612/30/1903108
Anderson, Clarence Thomas (Fay)04/17/190401/18/1981N-232
Anderson, Dock TEXAS Pvt 322 Serv. Bn. QMC09/15/1941271
Anderson, ErnestineN-232
Anderson, John W.03/10/188703/19/1965N-231
Anderson, Martha W. Age 80 yrs. Sister of Julia A. Maxwell Born in Talledeeca, Ala. Erected by their children212
Anglin, Earl02/19/188811/08/1963255
Anglin, Martha18851972255
Anglin, Mrs. Elizabeth Born in Hamilton Co. O. Died in Hood Co., Tex. Wife of V.S. Anglin07/06/181501/12/1901167
Anglin, Pearl06/20/1888255
Anglin, V.S. Born in Lee Co., Vir. Died in Hood County, Tex.10/13/181109/01/1893167
Anglin, Wallace19061973255
Anness, Jerry Lynn (Infant)04/25/196704/25/1967N-079
Archer, Claiborne E.03/12/188807/26/1977190
Archer, Gary Lynn09/21/195404/11/1984SN-083
Archer, Henry TEXAS Rec 5 US Army WW II08/27/191610/10/1970SN-083
Archer, Henry C. Son08/02/189110/21/1917190
Archer, Joe A.18821968N-224
Archer, Joel C. Father04/15/183901/28/1923190
Archer, Lydia Monroe Mother11/18/189302/14/1981190
Archer, Mabel18881974N-224
Archer, Nancy E. Mother His wife (Joel)06/11/185606/13/1941190
Archer, Willard Earl09/13/1920SN-083
Arment, Frank H. Pvt US Army WW I08/24/189404/24/1986N-001
Arment, Rachel M. Mother19041977N-001
Armstrong, Corda (Sue) Mamma11/11/189002/13/1976N-229
Armstrong, Irene Garnett Moner12/12/1913N-229
Armstrong, Mark K., Sr. Daddy11/02/188607/21/1971N-229
Armstrong, Velton H. Dad10/11/190901/05/1979N-229
Arnold, Mary Perry Mom Married 194011/15/1923N-012
Arrington, Jane04/02/186505/04/1939491
Arrington, Jennie A.18891964491
Arrington, John C. S Sgt US Army WW II02/01/191411/01/1976491
Arrington, John C.11/16/186009/03/1930491
Arrington, Joseph L. TEXAS S Sgt HQ Btry 384 FA Bn WW II PH02/09/191711/26/1956491
Arrington, Luther09/18/188612/06/1958491
Arrington, Mose491
Arrington, Willie George18781967250
Ash, Ethel Mae Mother11/02/190604/17/1983277
Ashley, Harold11/27/189411/12/1916054
Atchley, Perry C.18791964162
Atwood, Bobbie Williams19061945489
Aubrey, Thelma Ginn06/26/1900476
Aubrey, William Benton11/16/189606/04/1978476
Avery, Ada Leona06/23/189302/13/1980516
Avery, William Ernest TEXAS Pvt Co C 141 Infantry WW I07/21/188705/29/1968516
Avery, William Ernest, Jr. (Red) Member of IOOF Lodge04/05/192204/21/1989516
Axer, Barena (Wilmath)03/03/188608/12/1965256
Baccus, Ben J.18761941A-530
Baccus, Madye J.18861977A-530
Baggett, Rom Calvin TEXAS S Sgt HHC 5 Bn 46 Infantry08/21/193902/06/1968530
Bagwell, John May he find joy in life everlasting18181898050
Bagwell, Lucy C. Wife of H.A. Bagwell03/11/188650
Baham, George19481975243
Bailey, Clida Browning Mother08/03/187203/29/1903
Baker, Alice01/22/186102/03/1922123
Baker, Almira Mother Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God09/22/185909/02/1938N-060
Baker, Carrie Gertrude Beloved wife of D.O. Baker04/15/187012/18/1892123
Baker, Claude Estes TEXAS Cpl Mg Co 143 Inf Regt WW I01/01/189507/27/1969N-230
Baker, D.M. Father of Jess & D.O. Baker04/18/182107/11/1899123
Baker, D.O. Woodmen of the World marker (iron fence around lot)18631931123
Baker, Elizabeth China Painter & Teacher01/07/187609/03/1956528
Baker, Florence P.10/15/192509/30/1963N-099
Baker, James M. Father11/12/185312/06/1940N-060
Baker, Jess10/11/185605/18/1921123
Baker, Jonothan H.18321918528
Baker, Lela Ina DAR emblem10/06/189101/06/1973N-060
Baker, Maggie Ann (Brand)02/12/190012/08/1994N-060
Baker, Marlin O.03/06/189804/03/1975N-221
Baker, Mrs. Pauline McDonald18691918123
Baker, Myra Ethel DAR emblem02/14/188511/21/1972N-060
Baker, Nancy A.18391911528
Baker, Nettie Daug of Jess & Alice Baker12/07/188111/17/1882123
Baker, Roy Augusta18991930483
Baker, Walter A. TEXAS Pvt 167 Inf 42 Div WW I07/31/1918483
Baker, William Guy Pvt HQ Co 133 Fld Art Regt WW I03/11/189512/07/1962N-060
Baldwin, Marion A.19031993N-111
Ballard, James12/24/191701/26/1982253
Ballew, Charles T., Sr.10/19/194008/14/1986403
Banner, Blake Lynn12/10/196712/10/1967500
Barbee, Elias09/03/184002/15/1899500
Barbee, Lovisa02/10/184503/10/1922388
Barber, Loraine Harkins10/06/190010/15/1969N-097
Barber, Ward Dewitt10/09/188802/09/1974N-097
Barron, Juan F.19311993N-000
Barron, Risela E.19741975N-000
Barton, Arbelia18691954499
Barton, Joshua Co 1 40 GA Inf CSA126
Barton, Rufes18631934499
Barton, Stella Randolph06/04/189310/26/1975N-138
Bass, David Wayne Son of Brady & Lauretta Bass08/31/196008/31/1960100
Bayer, George W.07/02/189704/15/1974004
Bayer, Mabel Aiken12/17/189803/02/1978004
Beall, Clara O.18991961N-238
Beall, Dillard B.18991962N-238
Beall, Waymon (Curley)11/16/192802/04/1990N-238
Bearden, John C.18691923218
Bearden, Lila V.18771948218
Beatty, Elvira E.10/30/183301/29/1918416
Beaty, Florence10/15/189201/17/1919462
Beaty, James S.08/14/186108/16/1932462
Beaty, Sallie F.02/17/186210/13/1948462
Bedwell, Beulah V. Married Aug. 20, 192104/04/1897N-043
Bedwell, J. Aaron Married Aug. 20, 192111/05/189707/14/1970N-043
Beheler, Catherine A. (Peveler) To know her was to love her06/14/191012/04/1966470
Beheler, Sherman H.05/26/190011/07/1969470
Beidleman, Amanda M.11/21/185809/02/1932244
Beidleman, John E. IOOF FLT marker12/28/188103/19/1926244
Beidleman, Stella09/26/189211/16/1979244
Bell, Alice E. Daughter of G.C. & S.A. Bell09/17/188402/22/1898381
Bell, Claude J.08/10/1933484
Bell, Fannie Wife of G.C. Bell07/04/185809/22/1930114
Bell, Russell G. TEXAS Pfc 9316 Tech SVC Unit WW II10/21/190808/13/1971187
Bell, Sarah A. Wife of G.C. Bell02/25/186007/26/1893381
Bennett, Allie H.12/12/187005/26/1930
Bennett, Atha Ferrell18921966129
Bennett, Claude09/26/187807/23/1964128
Bennett, Emily Mother Erected by John & Euna Little10/12/185709/18/1932493
Bennett, Franklin (Tom) Married July 11, 191510/09/189312/20/1969557
Bennett, Hattie Rhea10/18/188307/17/1970128
Bennett, Reba (Newman) Married July 11, 191511/07/189706/23/1983557
Berry, Cora Rowan Always and Always01/30/188803/12/1939570
Berry, Izora Selars Wife of James R. Berry03/05/186703/21/1942397
Berry, J.L.A. (3 unmarked graves on lot)11/21/182412/22/1908048
Berry, Maggie Dau of J.L.A. & M.E. Berry? Aged 16 yr 10 mos 24 d’s Woodmen of the World marker10/19/189248
Biggs, Hershel07/10/190201/26/1984459
Biggs, Mendozia Wed Sept. 20, 192502/10/1903459
Bills, Bertha Fay Married Oct. 20, 192906/24/1908N-108
Bills, John Curtis Married Oct. 20, 192910/13/190501/03/1969N-108
Binyon, Arthur W. TEXAS Pfc US Army WW I12/02/188712/30/1954112
Binyon, Myrtle Glenn12/07/188508/19/1966112
Bird, Benjamin Franklin12/31/186302/20/1933277
Bird, Cora L.11/20/186711/03/1902220
Bird, Evaline05/21/186807/24/1949277
Bird, Frankie Mama07/14/1897N-027
Bird, Fred H.08/22/191409/14/1986SN-089
Bird, Ira Darrell Father Husband of Pearl Bird08/14/188603/03/1967269
Bird, Jack Dad12/04/190504/12/1975277
Bird, John R. Woodmen of the World emblem03/19/185611/10/1916220
Bird, L. Delitha18761977493
Bird, Mack Daddy09/02/189310/26/1980N-027
Bird, Macklin03/18/182208/08/1902220
Bird, Macklin D.18691945493
Bird, Macy Crow06/12/1919SN-089
Bird, Pearl Mother Wife of I.D. Bird12/14/189204/04/1927269
Bird, Sarah Ann03/23/182512/21/1920220
Bird, Sarah Pearl01/23/189208/30/1975SN-089
Bird, W.H. Age – 49 yrs 7 mo 1 day Woodmen of the World emblem05/28/1899220
Bird, William Edward03/10/189003/30/1975SN-089
Bird, Willie Mother02/12/1912277
Bivins, Mildred M. White Married Raymond E. Bivins Mar. 20, 197102/08/191011/16/1973431
Black, David08/07/181510/24/190192
Black, Edward08/19/185401/07/190292
Black, Nancy J.08/06/181502/08/188892
Blackborn, J.J.10/19/184303/18/1900407
Blackburn, Ella L.18581909521
Blackwell, Daryl Allan01/14/195806/14/1958N-078
Blake, Annie09/30/189410/25/1914533
Blake, Capt. Joel F. Son of C.H. & M.A. Blake11/01/183807/18/1870023
Blake, Jewel Elizabeth10/10/191411/14/1914533
Blake, Lilly Infant daughter of Samuel A. & Eliza. Ann Blake188308/16/1884030
Blake, Maj. C.H.05/11/181407/03/1895023
Blake, Mary Ann Wife of Charles H. Blake07/27/181103/22/1872023
Blake, S.D.06/03/184711/11/1918023
Blalock, Margaret Alena Mother18961970N-168
Blalock, Paula Jean Daughter of William & Dura Blalock04/15/195205/15/1952N-168
Blalock, William C. TEXAS Pvt Co M 308 Infantry WW I01/15/189206/30/1959N-168
Blanton, Ben Noble Married Sept. 15, 194312/10/1910458
Blanton, John F. Father18671956N-031
Blanton, John H.18641956N-031
Blanton, Lola03/09/1914N-031
Blanton, Marion11/07/190801/03/1972N-031
Blanton, Minnie Ann Mother18871953N-031
Blanton, Virgie (Russell) Married Sept. 15, 194309/29/1914458
Blasingame, J.F. (large fieldstone marks grave)140
Blasingame, John F.02/07/184012/24/1889140
Blasingame, Lucy Elena01/19/184611/01/1888140
Bledsoe, Allie E. Married July 15, 192304/05/189904/22/1988526
Bledsoe, Lucy Landers11/24/186601/13/1941526
Bledsoe, R.C.08/05/185910/02/1931526
Bledsoe, William Dean Married July 15, 192310/12/190008/04/1967526
Blue, E. Muriel Mother10/21/191007/24/1983100
Boldt, Floyd M. Brother02/27/191803/31/1932276
Boldt, Lottie S. Mother06/19/190105/30/1932276
Bolton, James “Ed” Married Mar. 4, 1923 TEXAS Pvt 165 Depot Brig02/27/189606/30/1938N-149
Bolton, Myrtle A. Married Mar. 4, 1923 Mom01/12/190603/21/1988N-149
Bombard, B.F. (Shorty) Married Nov. 28, 192711/18/190112/01/1967487
Bombard, B.F., Jr.19361939487
Bombard, Elvin H., Jr. Baby Buster19621963487
Bombard, Lizzie Mae Married Nov. 28, 192705/15/191212/19/1986487
Bond, E. Virgil Married Dec. 16, 194204/17/190010/27/1990429
Bond, Harper Ray Married Dec. 16, 194208/11/190810/31/1985429
Bond, Rosa Pearl Married Dec. 21, 189810/05/188310/17/1966429
Bond, Russell Felton Married Dec. 21, 1898 Mason since 1897 2 markers11/07/187604/05/1953429
Bond, Russell Paul Son of R.F. & Rosa Bond04/14/190212/12/1905429
Boon, George10/22/182211/30/1891222
Boozer, Beulah07/30/190310/15/1976N-169
Boozer, J.H. Father Masonic emblem03/06/189905/26/1952N-169
Bostick, Cecil R. Married Jan. 1, 193704/21/191201/24/1980467
Bostick, Fannie L.10/20/187812/17/1969467
Bostick, Loma R. Married Jan. 1. 193710/28/1917467
Bostick, W.T.03/20/187506/03/1920467
Botello, Josephine Rodriguez She filled our hearts with love and she will never be forgotten03/06/192804/14/1986N-082
Botello, Norma No marker-info from funeral home records10/23/195201/21/1953
Bourne, John Z.19011957247
Bowden, Etta E. Morris08/04/187602/22/1963146
Bowden, Mattie Wilson Wife of S.L. Bowden Born: Pendleton, S.C.05/05/184001/12/1897146
Bowden, Ralph Waldo12/12/187306/09/1954146
Bowden, Samuel Lelan Born in Anderson, S.C.02/27/183607/12/1903146
Bowden, Ural F.10/26/186811/21/1885146
Boyd, Alfred Dee TEXAS 2 Lieut Air Corps08/14/1943458
Boyd, Baby01/14/188801/28/1888148
Boyd, Effie May Wife of J.R. Boyd12/12/186706/27/1898400
Boyd, Ellen Mother05/19/185012/15/1932148
Boyd, Elsie E. Mother02/11/187809/12/1963N-065
Boyd, Hubert W.11/30/190004/04/1934499
Boyd, Ida Lee01/25/188409/22/1889148
Boyd, J.D. Father09/21/184904/24/1928148
Boyd, J.R.08/28/186108/25/1933400
Boyd, Jane Tarrant04/18/189908/31/1989499
Boyd, Lucile Payne18971938458
Boyd, Pearl Stella Supreme Forest Woodman Circle emblem09/23/187506/05/1959148
Boyd, Robert S. Daddy09/23/187204/26/1954N-065
Boyd, Robert S., Jr.09/22/190701/17/1989N-065
Boyett, Susan M. Daughter of E.W. & S.A. Boyett10/15/187410/28/1878040
Bradley, C. Leslie18731922456
Bradley, Mrs. W.J.08/12/187509/17/1961N-169
Bradley, W.J.02/15/187002/22/1952N-169
Brady, Charles Age 61 yrs.03/08/1907495
Brady, Daisy05/19/187408/10/1950495
Brady, Maymie11/19/189012/23/1934495
Brady, Mrs. Mary F.12/10/186109/07/1936495
Branch, Edward W.10/12/188210/13/1968N-093
Branch, Mary Lee11/21/191011/04/1987N-093
Branch, Mildred Dew Daughter of Mrs. & Mrs. E.W. Branch19121914192
Branch, Myrtle D.04/20/1886N-093
Branch, Rev. Edward B.12/17/190703/11/1976N-093
Brand, Isom D.18881949N-044
Brand, Lerona W.18911949N-044
Brewen, Inez Opal03/24/1893SN-011
Brewen, Virgil Edward12/31/189502/01/1972SN-011
Brewer, Christine Trotter02/29/192402/29/1988N-211
Brewer, Criss18861960N-211
Brewer, Emma18881962N-211
Brewer, Francis E.18641929532
Brewer, George Red Sails in the Sunset Married Oct. 23, 193605/22/191007/25/1980N-184
Brewer, J.C., Jr. TEXAS PFC Co F 102 Infantry Daddy11/18/192903/07/1959N-211
Brewer, Jerry Dale19491993N-184
Brewer, Odell Married Oct. 23, 193611/18/192201/18/1981N-184
Brewer, Rado L. Mother09/01/1930N-211
Briant, Georgia Ann Wife of Jefferson Davis Brown who was born in Thomastown, Miss.02/27/185705/30/1946192
Bridges, Addie01/26/186801/13/1940268
Bridges, W.W.10/25/186606/16/1925268
Bright, Charley O. Aged 25 years09/06/1890201
Britt, Addie18851969550
Britt, C. Stanley Daddy03/09/193911/08/1986N-119
Britt, Dessie Sue Mama10/07/190611/06/1972N-119
Britt, Emma A.18691943534
Britt, Emmett M.19051962534
Britt, John Henry, Sr. Daddy06/30/190302/09/1965N-119
Britt, Judy11/05/190504/23/1958550
Britt, M. Arthur18821943550
Britt, Obie02/25/190109/29/1946550
Britt, Ollie L.1902534
Britt, Pinkston18971925534
Britt, R. Co. D 31 ALA Inf CSA534
Britt, Willianna Mama04/23/1941N-119
Britton, D. Jeanetta19321932461
Brock, Roy L.10/24/192212/15/1967N-144
Brooks, Chas. L.02/24/187204/21/1935517
Brooks, Essie Mother02/15/187509/18/1938517
Brookshire, B. Grace01/02/192207/31/1985SN-013
Brookshire, Ernest C.12/01/192000SN-013
Brookshire, Jesse19281988SN-013
Brown, Allie Berry02/05/187003/12/1965048
Brown, Catherine E.06/23/184902/11/1924412
Brown, Dollie Mae05/02/189409/03/1944412
Brown, Earl Young09/11/189611/04/1988041
Brown, Estelle03/02/1908N-092
Brown, Etta05/13/190305/13/1903412
Brown, Georgia Anna Briant Born: Falcon, Ark. Died: Ft. Worth, Texas02/27/185705/30/1946192
Brown, Gracie07/24/189803/08/1904251
Brown, Ina Daughter of J.D. & G.A. Brown02/19/189208/22/1893192
Brown, Infant Child of J.D. & G.A. Brown192
Brown, J.D.04/11/190001/28/1969N-092
Brown, Jefferson Davis Born in Thomastown, Miss. Died in Granbury, Tex.09/02/185304/27/1908192
Brown, Joe TEXAS Pvt HQ Co 2 Bn 359 Inf WW II03/17/190807/04/1967N-194
Brown, John Earl08/05/186706/02/1942048
Brown, Josie M.11/15/189412/05/1971N-194
Brown, Leta Belle18921969N-091
Brown, Marlin J.01/23/188503/22/1938192
Brown, Mary Emma11/17/188504/19/1971394
Brown, Monte O. TEXAS Sergt 458 Motor Truck Co12/28/1918394
Brown, Mrs. Bess Wilson12/10/189308/21/1984027
Brown, Myrtle E.10/30/188501/17/1961192
Brown, Nora Menefee18781957395
Brown, Owen Young CPL Co B 111 Ammo Train WW I01/10/189601/20/1971N-085
Brown, Owen Young, Jr. Pvt US Army01/21/192701/07/1982N-085
Brown, Parks03/22/191603/22/1916412
Brown, Paul J., Jr. Son of Paul J. & Leta B. Brown11/25/192011/25/1920192
Brown, Paul Jack18901957N-091
Brown, Robbie Jo Married Oct. 11, 195310/07/193503/08/1986N-102
Brown, Sallie M.11/25/187103/27/1915412
Brown, Thermond P. Married Oct. 11, 195301/09/1930N-102
Brown, Theron Patrick Beloved Son of T.P. & Robbie Jo Brown07/29/196707/29/1967N-102
Brown, William T.08/02/187103/04/1950412
Brownfield, Mary C. Wife of Dr. J.W. Holden Born in Larue Co., Kentucky08/02/185409/11/1891145
Browning, Aaron05/21/183511/24/1922150
Browning, Aaron E.18751957540
Browning, Connell E.18971957046
Browning, Dora Ann18811947540
Browning, Infant Daughter of Bell & Lillie Browning08/16/189608/16/1896147
Browning, Jarrett05/21/190707/18/1914540
Browning, John Bell18651946046
Browning, Joseph W. Father18301883077
Browning, Keith19031904150
Browning, Lillie Eaker18781967046
Browning, Louisa James Mother18411928077
Browning, Mary E. Eaker Wife of A. Browning06/19/184212/16/1902150
Browning, Rev. Mackey11/25/182812/23/1897147
Browning, Travis Riley19031904150
Bryan, Blossom Daughter of H.H. & M.M. Bryan12/09/190612/09/1906146
Bryan, Frances18891981N-068
Bryan, Hardy H.18751945N-068
Bryan, Maude M. Bowden Wife of H.H. Bryan05/20/187812/12/1906146
Bubson, J.D.11/21/184402/26/1872037
Bucknew, Linda C.09/17/194901/23/1950414
Buecker, Chas. V.19661966N-075
Burchfield, Margaret Russell06/29/192512/29/1984N-046
Burkhart, Ruth Hanna04/14/191211/22/1989
Burks, Burton S., Sr. Masonic emblem10/28/189708/04/1984N-134
Burks, Edith M. Mother04/26/192305/15/1964N-128
Burks, Madeline W. Eastern Star emblem11/17/189903/20/1984N-134
Burleson, Verna Mae Mother05/17/190307/22/1968N-110
Burnett, Ellis18601938410
Burnett, Merle18911909410
Burnett, Ollie12/12/187005/26/1930410
Burson, T.D.11/21/184402/26/1872038
Bush, F.C.18411894025
Bush, Marie A.18461910025
Bush, Victor18721874025
Butler, Bertha C.18821958193
Butler, Dennis “Shorty”19081957398
Butler, George Ann04/09/185611/09/1922193
Butler, Infant Son04/29/189004/29/1890193
Butler, Ivy S. Daughter of W.H. & G.A. Butler02/12/189206/01/1893193
Butler, Margarette Leona18951967N-072
Butler, Minnie May Wife of Frank Butler01/16/188309/10/1904388
Butler, Nellie Gee19261928N-072
Butler, Thomas Gee (Jerry)18831956N-072
Butler, Walter Tilman18781925193
Butler, Wm. Henry Masonic emblem10/07/185106/18/1911193

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C – D

Name of DeceasedDate of BirthDate of DeathLot Number
Caddell, Betty Dois07/21/193505/07/1972SN-096
Cain, Virginia N.18831971046
Caldwell, Alison18381901165
Callaham, Jesse J. Daddy09/09/190006/25/1987N-194
Callaham, Mary E. Mamma01/20/188209/05/1973N-194
Calvert, Mary Alice Mother04/16/186704/01/1929247
Calvert, Pearl Lovena04/29/190201/26/1921247
Cameron, Ruth01/22/189302/14/1972160
Campbell, Al D.18681951N-023
Campbell, Alice No marker-information taken from funeral home records12/29/188006/05/1945
Campbell, Chester M. Daddy11/29/192304/30/1971SN-053
Campbell, Florence M.18841963N-023
Campbell, John Delaine TEXAS MOMM 2 USNR WW II09/14/190710/02/1959N-162
Campbell, Johnny Kay Darden10/06/196210/29/1989N-094
Campbell, Linda Faye Forever in our hearts07/16/196104/08/1987450
Campbell, Veta Wife01/10/190803/23/1967N-094
Campbell, W. Virgil19081985N-094
Carmichael, Charlie A. TEXAS Mus 2 Cl HQ Co 132 Fld Arty WW I01/31/189405/01/1964450
Carmichael, Dr. Archibald10/28/185912/22/1940450
Carmichael, Glendora10/04/186903/10/1958450
Carmichael, Infant Son of Dr. & Mrs. A. Carmichael12/23/190912/23/1909450
Carmichael, Jesse George09/19/189802/07/1969450
Carmichael, Maymie11/14/189904/21/1971450
Carmichael, Pome Roy TEXAS Pvt Co B 343 Mg Bn 90 Div WW I05/26/189606/08/1952450
Carmichael, Winnie18941982N-092
Carpenter, A.W. FLT emblem18651963424
Carpenter, Josephine Daughter of A.W. & Venie Carpenter08/24/190009/09/1904424
Carpenter, Miss May No marker-information taken from funeral home records07/17/187602/16/1946
Carpenter, Mrs. Lou Venie18671942424
Carpenter, William Sanford UCV (iron & wire fence around lot-7 or 8 graves with rocks)05/12/183308/08/1903542
Carson, Lucy A. Wife of T.E. Carson Aged 54 yrs.09/04/1891048
Carter, Amelia Sarah Missionaries – Educators – Jesus Only08/30/189202/11/1971N-070
Carter, Calvin Guy Missionaries – Educators – Jesus Only09/08/189205/30/1982N-070
Carter, Frances Mother10/07/1907N-101
Carter, Hallie Lucy06/13/190304/27/1962N-172
Carter, Horace B. Masonic emblem Remember friends as you pass by, As you are now, so once was I. As I am now, you soon shall be. So prepare for God and follow me.06/13/188905/07/1975483
Carter, Ila B. Life is changed not taken away08/15/189009/05/1966483
Carter, Philip C.07/13/189812/09/1986N-172
Carter, Winford Father07/27/190307/17/1969N-101
Caskey, A.M. (Jack) Masonic emblem08/20/191003/04/1976447
Caskey, Juanita Lea Eastern Star emblem09/11/191103/12/1982447
Cason, Nelle05/13/1990SN-019
Cason, Ralph Roy09/20/189809/01/1970SN-019
Cassity, Charles Alvin04/07/189512/07/1972N-164
Cassity, Nancy Ann08/21/189312/14/1982N-164
Cassity, Nettie D.18791967223
Casstevens, Trice B.11/11/190201/24/1959N-158
Castillo, Concercon18751961N-082
Castillo, Frank12/03/191904/17/1977N-082
Castillo, Justin Breen Our Baby03/21/198403/31/1984N-082
Cathey, Julie Kay Daughter of Ray & Eva Cathey08/06/195209/27/1966N-190
Catts, Cogdell M. Husband18931962206
Catts, Jeffie B. Wife of Cogdell Catts18951974206
Catts, William H.01/17/184503/21/1923206
Catts, William H. Son of Cogdell & Jeffie Catts09/26/191501/19/1939206
Caulder, Edward M.08/27/186907/19/1951133
Caulder, Rev. W.W. Age 61 yr 9 mo01/20/1883133
Caulder, Ronda06/28/186607/28/1893133
Chandler, Albert Ed No marker-information taken from funeral home records06/30/188401/16/1967
Chandler, Ann Hasseltine Judson Cole18531917189
Chandler, Dott S.18981955474
Chandler, John T.18751942474
Chandler, Rev. Josephine Newton That Flower of Day18281920189
Chandler, Sarah C.18661943474
Chandler, Susan Madora11/18/187003/25/1952189
Chapman, Ardella Bell07/29/188110/24/1969454
Chapman, Arthur04/27/188312/01/1965454
Chapman, Clarence C. Our Son19041915454
Chapman, Fred TEXAS Sgt 91 AAF Recon Sq WW II06/08/191505/26/1950N-049
Chapman, Geo. W. Woodmen of the World memorial05/05/188603/30/1916454
Chapman, George W. Co B 1 ALA Arty CSA454
Chapman, Julia Ann Mother18751919454
Chapman, Lela Mae Hamm07/09/191605/26/1950N-049
Chapman, Loyd C. Woodmen of the World memorial08/20/188904/07/1919454
Chapman, Neal18961953N-182
Chapman, Ola1901N-182
Chapman, Raymond L. TEXAS Pfc Btry C 752 AAA Gun Bn WW II10/08/191711/18/1969N-035
Chapman, Ruby May Daughter19121921454
Chapman, Sidney Wayne10/07/194905/26/1950N-049
Cherry, Don C.08/12/190205/15/1967519
Cherry, Harley D.05/09/190902/19/1974520
Cherry, Leta B.12/07/190601/04/1991519
Cherry, Mildred M.06/20/190909/28/1973520
Cherry, Sallie Maude08/02/188101/28/1919519
Cherry, Wm. Harley12/31/187804/24/1958519
Childress, Nelle Hiner18971981456
Childress, Othella Raymond18921962456
Childress, Pearl Casey03/09/1899SN-041
Childress, Roy Edward05/16/189511/07/1968SN-041
Clark, Grady S. Married Aug. 17, 192402/05/190301/18/1966N-098
Clark, Mary Ella Married Aug. 17, 192401/15/190404/30/1989N-098
Clark, Rachel Parlee18571900202
Clark, Willie Anna18811900202
Clements, Judy06/17/191808/15/1970SN-005
Cleveland, Eleanor Wife of Sam Cleveland10/27/190912/03/1937448
Clonch, Ruth Floyd18981918196
Clyatt, Annie188405/04/1960245
Clyatt, Lee18771959245
Coffman, Walter18871975243
Cogdell, Almer Daughter of D.C. & L.N. Cogdell03/11/187910/30/1881045
Cogdell, Buster H., Sr.08/20/188907/26/1976579
Cogdell, Dan, Jr. Son of Mrs. & Mrs. B.H. Cogdell01/15/191601/15/1916045
Cogdell, Daniel Crandeall18491945579
Cogdell, Duke Cabell06/18/190104/05/1955575
Cogdell, Earl Father – Dan C. Mother – Lucy09/15/188004/28/1965575
Cogdell, Gaston06/14/187412/12/1916579
Cogdell, Gertrude Irene Wife, Sweetheart & Pal of Earl Cogdell01/29/188110/17/1956575
Cogdell, Jefferson McLean Son of Earl & Gertrude Cogdell Husband of Thelma Griffin03/17/190707/27/1925575
Cogdell, Mrs. Lucy N.18581924579
Cogdell, Susan Dabney11/06/188904/02/1987574
Cogdill, Joe01/04/187406/23/1967464
Cogdill, Nellie05/28/189209/21/1964464
Colbert, Violet Pearl Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. L.W. Colbert19021902096
Cole, Beulah E. Married Dec. 4, 191004/20/189209/21/1969559
Cole, C.M.10/17/1989N-222
Cole, Calvin A. Married Dec. 4, 191010/24/188301/11/1959N-220
Cole, Charlie A. Son07/22/190503/07/1961N-220
Cole, Finis W. Daddy19111954451
Cole, Jackie Douglas In Memory of Baby05/02/193403/19/1935559
Cole, John A. Son08/12/191012/31/1985N-220
Cole, John Curtis18881940A-532
Cole, John D. MSGT US Army03/12/191409/13/1974559
Cole, Johnson Curtis09/22/184910/04/1930533
Cole, Judge E. Married Dec. 4, 191002/05/189203/10/1968559
Cole, Lolla A.04/08/191804/19/1958451
Cole, Louis B. Father08/02/188010/05/1955533
Cole, Mary F.08/08/185107/29/1915533
Cole, Mattie Mae18911982A-532
Cole, Viola M. Mother07/17/188506/18/1967N-220
Collier, Clara M. Mother Married Dec. 23, 192711/02/190905/30/1984N-191
Collier, Glenn W. Husband19471983N-191
Collier, John W. Father Married Dec. 23, 192701/07/190110/09/1976N-191
Collier, Mary Gilley Mother10/28/190301/11/1989N-019
Collier, Robert Lee Father03/18/189812/31/1944N-019
Collier, Thomas A. Son19341953N-191
Collier, William H. Father He gave his life for his country11/06/189111/13/1928277
Collins, Frankie Jane18701962503
Collins, James E.18681938503
Collins, Jessie V.09/07/189610/14/1987503
Collins, Myrl11/25/190902/03/1938503
Collins, Vance P. Reverse side of double marker [Jessie V.] lists children: Allene Collins 04/18/1920 Doyle Collins 08/29/1921 J.B. Collins 11/26/1924 Faye Lynn Collins 09/23/1929 Archie Collins 07/16/193701/29/189704/24/1977503
Colvin, Charles Steven01/02/189106/26/1962N-172
Colvin, F. Worth01/06/191205/30/1988014
Colvin, Ida Mae10/10/191308/16/1982N-172
Colvin, Infant Daughter of S.C. & Lyddia [sic] Colvin09/20/187709/20/1877014
Colvin, Lydia N.11/11/185805/03/1927014
Colvin, Nugent M.12/17/189211/19/1918014
Colvin, Ruben R. Son of S.C. & Lyddia [sic] Colvin09/20/188003/18/1883014
Colvin, Steve C.09/01/185306/11/1917014
Cook, Eliza Wife of O. Cook (marker broken)12/07/182204/06/1879055
Cook, Eliza18741958
Cook, Hester L.O.05/08/186307/16/1881044
Cook, John W. Our beloved brother09/02/189202/23/1946482
Cook, Juda E. (8 or more graves on lot marked with fieldstones)01/03/182101/16/1883044
Cook, Lizzie Daughter of O. & E. Cook (marker broken)055
Cooper Hugh H.05/31/187206/14/1952025
Cooper, Charles Lewis Our Babies10/11/190112/21/1901025
Cooper, Dora Bess Our Babies10/08/189801/28/1899025
Cooper, Elizabeth Hightower Wife of Hugh Cooper10/09/187206/16/1952026
Cooper, George Lewis Son of N.L. & S.A. Cooper03/26/186802/28/1874025
Cooper, Mrs. N.L.18411927026
Cooper, N.L.07/15/183610/12/1901025
Cooper, Nan Ulene She was the sunshine of our home10/21/187810/04/1900025
Cortez, Albert Alfred US Army Korea12/18/193611/30/1984N-087
Cotten, A.J.11/27/187602/28/1934508
Cotten, Betty Jo Beloved Daughter Loved by all who knew her08/31/196004/07/1976508
Cotten, Dora Married July 16, 191106/16/1894409
Cotten, Doyle W.19161937508
Cotten, Lovetta Daughter of Jacob B. Cotten & Matilda C. Smith11/08/189102/06/1970175
Couch, Leona E.02/09/1921N-131
Couch, Thurston Wade02/11/191211/05/1981N-131
Coulston, Annie J.12/05/186702/12/1945501
Coulston, Eva B.01/07/189606/18/1986501
Coulston, Harry11/26/189507/04/1987501
Coulston, Jack R.05/02/192407/11/1935501
Coulston, John01/01/190306/27/1966501
Counts, Lucy A.18731955152
Cox, Geneva Pearl19011984N-077
Cox, Jesse Avington TEXAS Pvt Co D 104 Inf 26 Div WW I10/12/189212/11/1958N-077
Craig, Ellen18741940239
Craig, Jim1941239
Crawford, Aubrey B. WYOMING Pvt Co D 308 Infantry WW I PH06/12/189410/16/1956N-032
Crawford, Frances Ruth03/18/192303/08/1963466
Crawford, Norma Kelly07/31/190203/26/1991N-032
Crear, David Earl TEXAS STM 1 US Navy WW II02/12/192607/01/1970N-232
Creech, Alvin B. Daddy Married Oct. 6, 190708/04/188704/03/1972N-129
Creech, Birdie A. Mama Married Oct. 6, 190704/30/188810/11/1970N-129
Crites, Jessie DuVall05/08/187909/11/1943034
Crites, Lige18721950174
Crites, Oscar Preston11/11/189212/11/1977SN-075
Crites, Richard Baker Son of J.E. & J. Crites12/31/188806/04/1890174
Crites, Rose18751950174
Crites, Sarah Lee12/14/189303/18/1972SN-075
Crockett, Ada Clare10/28/188507/27/1887054
Crockett, Anna M. Walkup Wife of Ashley W. Crockett18711935054
Crockett, Ashley Wilson08/06/185705/31/1954054
Crockett, Harold Ashley Son of Anna Walkup & Ashley Crockett11/27/189411/12/1916054
Crockett, Ilva Maureen04/29/189610/12/1896054
Cross, Arminta18251916033
Cross, Jeff Davis18641950033
Cross, R.K.18621874033
Cruce, John A.01/02/188601/28/1977N-109
Cruce, William Tom09/05/187811/13/1878051
Cummings, Benjamin Infant son of L.W. & F.H. Cummings09/05/187811/13/1878051
Cummings, Lorene Mother07/14/1912N-104
Cummings, Uel T. Father06/12/190610/02/1971N-104
Curtis, Gust. B. Age 26 yr 11 months 3 days03/23/1889181
Curtis, John18881940533
Curtis, Mattie Mae189119??533
Dabney, Albert G., Jr.02/29/187603/28/1904538
Dabney, C.I. (Ike)07/29/189708/21/1950498
Dabney, Couch18831963498
Dabney, E.M. Father06/29/185809/21/1936498
Dabney, Edwin Charles TEXAS Pfc Co E Inf 78 Div WWI08/26/189507/09/1964493
Dabney, Ethel Bird18951932498
Dabney, Ida L. Kiblinger18661911574
Dabney, Jessie07/28/189306/24/1959181
Dabney, Kathryn Lawhon18861957574
Dabney, Maggie08/16/187311/17/1959N-010
Dabney, Mattie E. Miller Mother Wife of E.M. Dabney06/18/186206/16/1952498
Dabney, Movene181
Dabney, Royden Keith03/17/188612/05/1918538
Dabney, Samuel Wyatt TEXAS Wagoner 133 Field Arty WW I09/28/188905/27/1961181
Dabney, Thomas Henry, M.D.18601960574
Dabney, Walter E.03/18/187309/22/1946N-010
Dabney, Winston C.05/01/189911/12/1923574
Dabney, Wyatt09/28/188905/27/1961181
Dabney, Wynelle Daughter of Wyatt & Jessie05/11/192705/13/1927181
Dailey, James H.18371912444
Daniel, Arthur Ogden Son of W.V. & L.E. Daniel04/24/189112/23/1894136
Daniel, Ida L. (Gordon)18691949245
Daniel, Lucinda E. Wife of W.B. Daniel18631922136
Daniel, Martha J.18341886136
Daniel, Otis Allen Son of W.B. & L.E. Daniel 11 months, 2 days10/07/1887136
Daniel, Robert C.18321895136
Daniel, W.B.18571940136
Daniels, Justine L. Reese11/06/193309/09/1965275
Daniels, Raymond F.02/20/1920N-218
Daniels, Ruby M.03/29/191411/26/1980N-218
Darden, Johnny Clay TEXAS Pfc US Marine Corps07/12/193508/25/1962N-094
Darnaby, Joe Lester01/18/188806/13/1978383
Daugherty, Elizabeth Josephine Stemler Daughter of John & Anna Maria LaPayne Stemmler [sic] Wife of Capt Matt Daugherty01/31/184702/22/1883053
Daugherty, Susan Christina Daughter of Elizabeth & Matt03/02/188009/16/1880053
Davidson, Mary Mother18781947N-053
Davidson, Sue E. (nee Humphreys) In memory of our sister09/11/184602/21/1883005
Davidson, T.A., Sr. Father18741938N-053
Davis, Anna C. Wife of H.A. Davis10/16/186408/09/1920127
Davis, Charles Franklin19411966N-088
Davis, Elmer Henry Father05/23/190611/16/1963N-088
Davis, Harvey A. I have fought the good fight. I have run the course. I have kept the faith.09/23/186409/26/1937127
Davis, Henry Alexander SGT US Army WW I11/15/189111/01/1976127
Davis, Joseph Monroe06/27/189602/15/1981N-126
Davis, Joshua M. Father01/13/185002/20/1910540
Davis, Margaret Crawford11/20/190112/31/1980N-126
Davis, Mary T. Mother01/25/185707/11/1910540
Davis, Mrs. Katie B.07/04/186804/06/1942280
Davis, Richard L.12/13/186206/24/1882
Davis, Ripley A. TEXAS PVT 37 Infantry WW I08/08/190212/31/1972127
Davis, Sallie Butler Eastern Star emblem06/19/188512/01/1965N-097
Davis, Sarah Lou08/22/186912/23/1941096
Davis, T.L.06/06/187601/11/1927280
Davis, Thelma Iona Mother10/28/190902/02/1973N-088
Davis, Warren Ellis02/02/188809/20/1892127
Daws, Richard L. (old stone tomb above the ground)10/13/186206/21/1882111
Dawson, Clara Wife of P.H. Dawson09/04/185501/17/1894223
Dawson, Eli Nathaniel Our Beloved Father08/02/188508/05/1961223
Dawson, J. Hallie Eastern Star emblem12/04/187712/17/1971223
Dawson, Mattie Harris George11/07/188502/03/1964223
Dawson, P. Hiram18541939223
Dawson, P. Hiram, Jr.18921892223
Deaver, Mattie261
Deavor, A.B. Information taken from funeral home records11/24/1942261
Deering, Joseph Lowery Father05/16/187912/31/1958500
Deering, Myera Infant of Mr. & Mrs. J.L. Deering08/21/192309/09/1923500
Deering, Trannie Key02/05/188405/01/1934500
Dennis, Barnett H. Masonic emblem10/14/183612/25/1906143
Dennis, Bessie M. Infant daughter of B.H. & S.W. Dennis01/19/188604/21/1886143
Dennis, Clarence A. Father08/09190806/30/1980471
Dennis, Clarence A. Son of Mr. & Mrs. C.A. Dennis11/01/193002/06/1939471
Dennis, Dick V. 1 yr 7 mos 3 d’s Son of W.M. & E.J. Dennis06/28/1880093
Dennis, Flora K. Mother08/04/1905471
Dennis, George Barnett01/21/190208/02/1963143
Dennis, Helen Mother04/01/187505/22/1964143
Dennis, Jim K.18761955143
Dennis, Leona Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Will Dennis06/26/190202/07/1920471
Dennis, Minnie Lee03/06/1905143
Dennis, Richard M. Infant son of W.B. & H.M. Dennis06/02/190002/05/1901143
Dennis, Rose E.18851963143
Dennis, Sarah W. Eastern Star emblem08/19/184801/29/1885143
Dennis, Vivian Earl19061993471
Dennis, W.B. Father09/01/187203/26/1944143
Dennis, Will Father18761940471
Dennis, William M. Masonic emblem Co D 15 Tex Cav CSA08/25/184010/20/1924093
Dennis, Willie Mother18801937471
Denson, H.D.188002/14/1921275
Denton, James Terry No marker-information taken from funeral home records10/21/186102/02/1954
Dickson, J.B Small metal marker beside large marble marker reads: Major John Bennett Dickson NS USD War of 181204/23/179311/01/1876038
Dill, Handy C. Married Jan. 6, 191106/25/188803/15/1983499
Dill, Willie B. Married Jan. 6, 191108/16/188807/26/1974499
Dillard, J. L. Masonic emblem07/28/188711/04/1955381
Dillard, Lewis Blair In memory of our father01/31/183002/20/1912413
Dillard, Marie Warren Wife of J.L. Dillard08/10/189411/23/1936381
Dillard, Mrs. S.A.04/28/183907/26/1897413
Dobbins, Attalla H.10/07/185606/18/1927525
Dobbins, Dora E.08/03/187503/31/1962510
Dobbins, Minor12/29/185502/20/1928525
Dobbins, W.R. Woodmen of the World marker07/18/187308/23/1910510
Dodd, Bernard Buford US Navy World War II09/25/192511/22/1978N-200
Dodd, Berta Hartgraves Beloved Mother & Sister12/01/191208/16/1984N-013
Dodd, Clora Mother – Sweet Memories02/28/188506/27/1957N-200
Dodd, George Father – Sweet Memories07/12/188506/02/1979N-200
Dodd, Ulen D. Brother12/03/191109/12/1975N-193
Dodson, A.J. Lodge member #392 AF&M03/23/1899071
Dodson, Alta May12/31/190710/01/1972N-200
Dodson, Clabe1880008
Dodson, Junius Masonic emblem04/04/190710/27/1978N-200
Dodson, Nora Moore1880008
Dodson, Sara C. Wife of A.J. Dodson10/01/1878071
Dooley, Elizabeth Mother03/08/188501/09/1940267
Dooley, Wilber W. Father FLT emblem08/15/186105/04/1923267
Dosher, Nora Lowe Mother01/30/188411/14/1962N-145
Douglas, Earl Clifton Our Son11/23/190506/23/1945255
Douglass, Veneta J. Daniel Wife of W.E. Douglass18901936136
Douglass, William Edwards18751968136
Doyle, Alice Wilson Wife of J.N. Doyle18591944166
Doyle, Bess Jowers18811967166
Doyle, Corinne Daughter of Bess & Ed Doyle19061934166
Doyle, J.N., Dr. (lot enclosed by iron fence)11/27/183910/01/1895166
Doyle, James H. Masonic emblem Seventh S.C. Regiment UCV18461933178
Doyle, Lucy Daughter of J.N. & Alice Doyle06/19/189001/13/1895166
Doyle, Mary Kate Stringfellow Wife of James H. Doyle18611942178
Doyle, Robert Edward18701944166
Doyle, Trenholm18891977166
Doyle, William Earle Heavenly Father Care for our Boy12/14/188201/16/1916178
Driskell, Luther W. Married Dec. 7, 192810/16/190201/07/1971N-192
Driskell, Vada (Kimmel) Married Dec. 7, 192804/08/1912N-192
Drought, George W.08/15/189811/14/1956N-202
Duke, Annie18871955016
Duke, Annie Dykes Mother of Harry Edward Duke18791909430
Duke, Annie May18751934430
Duke, Earl11/20/188305/23/1911020
Duke, Edna04/18/188111/26/1907020
Duke, Edward A.18691941430
Duke, Harry E.01/12/190912/22/1980430
Duke, Harry Thomas18841945430
Duke, Herman H. Son of T.J. & Phoebe E. Duke05/09/187411/08/1877020
Duke, Hettie Butler Duchess Eastern Star emblem Auntie06/01/188812/25/1967N-067
Duke, Katherine Lane18811933430
Duke, Maj. A.A. Masonic emblem12/20/1905430
Duke, Phoebe E.02/02/14711/29/1939020
Duke, Sophronia A. Wife of Maj. W.A. Duke?12/22/1911430
Duke, T.J.183609/06/1886020
Dumas, Bertha M. Mom Married Nov. 11, 192211/04/1902267
Dumas, Ernest E. Dad Married Nov. 11, 192203/09/189903/27/1986267
Duncan, A. Judson03/14/188203/15/1959N-059
Duncan, Charlie M.01/26/187912/13/1957N-059
Duncan, Emma W.10/01/188404/25/1969N-059
Duncan, Little CharlieN-059
Dunn, Annie Mother03/01/188704/24/1955N-016
Dunn, William E. Father01/18/187910/17/1958N-016
Durant, Bona H. My Darling08/15/190212/10/1971N-041
Durant, George W.09/24/187412/01/1956N-041
Durant, Nora E.01/26/188312/11/1967N-041
Durant, William Truman US Navy WW II01/24/192004/12/1982N-041
Durham, Ernest E.01/07/190206/01/1968N-198
Durham, Lorene L. Brobra01/26/190706/06/1983N-198
Durham, R.E. Masonic & Shrine emblems06/27/192502/02/1974N-198
Durham, Randle E. Loved by All Who Knew Him03/29/194709/30/1967185
DuVal, Bessie B.18891967185
DuVal, Josephine08/30/190404/11/1945145
DuVal, Oscar Son of W.J.W. & S.B. DuVal 17 years07/12/1901185
DuVal, Roger D.18871951185
DuVal, Sophie B.07/20/184811/10/1912185
DuVal, William J.W.08/25/183003/08/1911185
Duvall, Juanita DAR emblem02/24/189606/20/1970034
Duvall, M.E.02/04/185503/28/1925034
Duvall, W.H.04/24/184006/12/1913034
Dykies, James Beebe TEXAS Pvt 144 Inf Headquarters Co 36 Div Peace to his slumbering spirit & a memory to his worth06/22/1936504
Dysart, S.J. Wife of T.J. Dysart10/27/183006/09/1922132
T.J. Dysart04/22/183112/12/1888132

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E – G

Name of DeceasedDate of BirthDate of DeathLot Number
Eades, Mary L. Wife of T.C. Eades05/30/188401/22/1913127
Eaker, Lillie18781967046
Eaton, Berta V. His Wife MomN-058
Eaton, John H. Dad12/26/188412/07/1953N-058
Eccles, Teresa12/24/196810/04/1993SN-28E
Echols, G.T.04/09/184712/26/1925444
Echols, Mrs. S.E.02/01/185112/04/1923444
Eden, Bart Taken from our home but not our hearts12//190011/1973N-106
Eden, Wm. LaFette No marker-information from funeral home records08/26/186309/08/1951
Edens, Ada May Mother01/18/187512/01/1956N-056
Edens, Glen Married Sept. 22, 194210/13/190902/27/1983N-163
Edens, Mary Alice Married Sept. 22, 194212/15/191407/12/1989N-163
Edens, William L. Father08/26/186309/08/1951N-056
Edge, Mostyn Nelson01/28/189003/08/1977N-134
Edmundson, A.J. Aged 49 yrs, 2 mo., 26 da’s06/15/184509/11/1892205
Edmundson, Mrs. S.E.02/26/184504/18/1906205
Edwards, Cyrus L. CRA emblem Husband of Lucinda B. Edwards (metal fence on lot)06/05/183706/10/1912220
Edwards, Infant Infant of M.M. & S.T. Edwards (infant mummy stone)003
Edwards, John (mummy stone grave cover)11/01/179009/18/1853003
Edwards, Laura P. Daughter of H. & E. Edwards  Aged 20 years?02/03/1879003
Edwards, Little Billy12/25/191306/04/1918210
Edwards, Louis (W.L.G.) (may be Gardner)210
Edwards, Mrs. C.L.02/10/185208/06/1944220
Edwards, Narcissa M.01/24/185605/11/1931021
Edwards, Willis G.18841957210
Elizondo, Cruz G.05/03/189509/27/1972N-081
Elizondo, Mary (Anita)10/26/190211/08/1985N-081
Elizondo, Roberto19351963N-081
Elliot, Ann494
Elliott, Addie Sue10/18/189711/08/1971514
Elliott, Alta Baker Sister03/31/189707/21/1950492
Elliott, Betty Maloy Ice Capades 1949-51 Wife of Bill J. Elliott?11/15/1975514
Elliott, E.W. Brother18791934514
Elliott, George W. Father11/28/188504/24/1944492
Elliott, H.A. Mother18551912514
Elliott, Jack Baby19191920514
Elliott, Mary B.18951896127
Elliott, Murray R.18921952N-170
Elliott, Olelia Walton03/07/1883494
Elliott, Oliver Bunyan08/22/188306/11/1965514
Elliott, S.S. Father18561935515
Elliott, Sarah E.18651948494
Ellis, Charles S.18751909528
Ellis, Charles W. In Loving Memory of Father (Pop)18881964445
Ellis, Esthe M. Ray18941916097
Elrod, James S.12/24/196812/24/1968516
Endsley, Arthur09/08/189102/26/1966N-016
Endsley, Bennie03/15/189410/14/1976N-016
Endsley, Bobbie Dee19301965N-016
Endsley, Horace C.19121982N-122
Endsley, Loverna Browning07/08/189802/25/1965N-122
Ennis, Delia A.18731951425
Ennis, Edward M.18681950425
Ennis, Harry G. Born at Buchanan, Johnson Co., Texas Died at Morgan, Texas by R.R. Accident02/17/187903/31/1902035
Ensminger, Anna May Dau. of D.L. & E.P. Ensminger04/29/187810/08/1880019
Ensminger, E.D. Son of D.L. & E.P. Ensminger10/31/188007/18/1888019
Estell, Mattie18721955093
Estes, Ben Masonic emblem18961982N-036
Estes, Bevly Memphis Masonic emblem06/09/185311/01/1938042
Estes, Dr. J.H.11/23/182307/19/1900042
Estes, John Patton Masonic emblem06/17/185005/01/1890042
Estes, Kate Blair09/22/185503/31/1926042
Estes, Mary Wife of Dr. J.H. Estes09/06/182904/03/1901042
Estes, Mary E. Daughter of B.M. & Kate Estes02/10/188105/09/1882042
Estes, Phebe Eastern Star emblem18961962N-036
Estes, Roy E.08/05/188503/21/1965N-091
Estes, Roy E. S Sgt US Army10/30/191707/21/1974N-091
Estes, Sam L.02/20/187903/13/1956042
Estes, Stella Mother09/25/188803/29/1975N-091
Estill, D.C.18681940093
Evans, Amos Kendall09/09/187803/18/1895061
Evans, David Blake06/27/187906/27/1879024
Evans, Henry Harrell02/20/187702/11/1895061
Evans, Jeanetta Abbott04/23/192601/09/1990527
Evans, Lucy Kate09/06/188408/11/1885024
Evans, Mary Blake05/23/187711/24/1878024
Evans, Mrs. M.F. Born in Blandville, Ky. Died in Quanah, Tex.03/16/184404/06/1917024
Evans, Thos. J. Born in Brooklyn, L.I. Died in Quanah, Tex.10/07/184312/04/1895024
Evans, Walter Everett07/08/187404/30/1895061
Everyt, Harper Forest08/20/186802/08/1951142
Ewell, Bettie03/11/184407/10/1906092
Ewell, Charles H. Son of T.T. & Bettie Ewell06/25/188010/29/1887092
Ewell, John D. Son of T.T. & Bettie Ewell08/08/187704/19/1879092
Ewell, Maggie L.02/08/187608/15/1901092
Ewell, Martha Eliza Word Wife of C.T. Ewell01/20/185712/16/1904418
Ewell, Thomas T.02/08/184402/26/1897092
Fair, Margaret D. Wife of Richard Fair10/25/181010/27/1887148
Falen, Irene No marker-information from funeral home records02/02/194810/14/1918
Fant, Addie R.10/31/188103/10/1966N-149
Fant, Agnes M. Wed Feb. 13, 1931 We love and miss you Lois, Fay, Shirley & Jo09/08/1914N-149
Fant, Charlie M. Father03/05/188302/16/1960N-149
Fant, Ewell M. Wed Feb. 13, 1931 We love and miss you Lois, Fay, Shirley & Jo04/14/190806/04/1991N-149
Fant, Joyce Faye Mother03/12/194211/19/1975N-149
Fant, Mary Pearl Married Mar. 15, 193706/23/1921N-149
Fant, Rochelle Married Mar. 15, 193708/29/191212/18/1974N-149
Farmer, I.T. Elder Born in Penn. – Died in Texas18631937401
Faulkner, Judge K.H.18631938174
Faulkner, Louis E.11/24/189511/12/1964174
Faulkner, Mollie Crites18681955174
Felan, Emila06/188602/14/1968N-095
Ferrell, Addie L. Wife of Fred Ferrell18631939129
Ferrell, Alberta Hensell Wife of S.B. Ferrell18641941129
Ferrell, Alex Wesley Born in St. Chas. Co., Mo. Died in Granbury, Texas11/22/183508/17/1899129
Ferrell, Arthur L.12/09/188801/31/1920416
Ferrell, Bessie Bryan Born in Boone Co., Mo. Died in Granbury, Texas12/08/186007/04/1899129
Ferrell, Dorothy E.05/31/191708/20/1919416
Ferrell, F.S. Son of A.W. & L. Ferrell04/11/186108/14/1889129
Ferrell, Georgie A. Cox Wife of S.B. Ferrell Age 45 Born in Bedford Co., Tenn. Died in Granbury, Texas02/03/1904129
Ferrell, Infant Son of S.E. & Bessie Ferrell04/30/188704/30/1887129
Ferrell, Louisa Epperson Wife of A.W. Ferrell Born in Pike Co., Mo. Died in Granbury, Texas03/19/183401/17/1911129
Findley, Eula Aiken07/07/188912/03/1954004
Findley, Frances B.18881926238
Findley, Minnie Digges (Morgan)02/27/191609/01/1989238
Findley, Richard James US Navy WW II12/18/191811/28/1982238
Findley, Richard R.18651937238
Fine, Julian B. TEXAS PFC 66 Regt Trans Corp WW I05/13/188902/19/1954584
Fine, Mattie C.03/01/185502/28/1933584
Fine, Miriam C.07/23/189002/04/1954584
Fine, Myrtle A.10/22/188609/07/1969584
Fine, W.B.08/29/184805/12/1917584
Finley, Charley Edward09/09/191703/25/1991008
Finley, Nora Dealva Moore06/27/1920008
Fitzhugh, G.W.18501917188
Fitzhugh, Onoro18541944188
Florence, Laura Nell Wilson11/19/191703/09/1940469
Floyd, Mrs. Corilla E.18761942196
Fogle, Aunt Sarah Wife of George Fogle02/21/185301/29/1942440
Ford, Lou Emma18841971N-150
Ford, Maury 13 yr. 5 mo. 19 days09/02/195802/21/1972N-150
Ford, Tessie May03/20/191910/14/1980N-057
Ford, Willie W. WW II03/02/192110/29/1988N-057
Foreman, Cristanner Kell Wife of J.T. Foreman06/08/186209/03/1911170
Foreman, Mrs. Glenn19051970A-532
Foreman, Mrs. Pearl18741939A-532
Foreman, Noel12/25/193609/13/1984A-532
Foreman, Warlick J. TEXAS Pvt US Army WW I03/02/189910/09/1964A-532
Foreman, Wilford Hall A Humble Man06/01/189402/04/1964A-532
Formwalt, Annie J. 2 years, 4 days02/04/1885068
Formwalt, Annie Lacy Our Mother11/05/184402/10/1922068
Formwalt, Beulah04/22/187501/01/1930068
Formwalt, Courtney L. Consort of J.A. Formwalt05/11/182512/20/1880068
Formwalt, John M.10/23/184805/21/1928068
Formwalt, Maj. J.A.04/22/182001/08/1914068
Foster, Ida Theo (headstone broken)04/13/1879070
Foster, James D.09/12/183808/10/1896070
Foster, Lottie Daughter of J.D. & M. Foster Aged 11 mo. 15 d’s08/03/1878070
Foster, Melgena Wife of J.D. Foster01/16/185106/08/1888070
Foster, Sallie W. Wife of J.W. Foster10/29/180703/25/1881070
Fowler, Conde Movle05/03/190103/29/1949200
Fowler, Laverna Powell12/09/190211/27/1972200
Fox, John William, Jr. Married Jan. 7, 194211/27/192103/10/1979N-085
Fox, Josephine Alice Married Jan. 7, 194204/11/1922N-085
Franklin, Charlie D. Sr.02/05/194012/13/1980432
Franklin, Lola Viola05/10/190710/10/1908080
Freeland, Dwight F.02/01/190200221
Freeland, George A. Son of M.B. & Willie Freeland10/25/188701/18/1888221
Freeland, Infant Son of M.B. & Willie Freeland03/03/189003/03/1890221
Freeland, Maude B.07/19/190005/25/1953221
Freeman, Ida May06/22/190503/12/1906428
Fulbright, Wm. S., Jr.03/01/195112/26/1967N-111
Fulkerson, Bessie Lee Daughter of B.H. & Vadie Fulkerson Age 14 mo. 16 d’s06/04/189308/20/1894147
Fulkerson, Chatham L. TEXAS Sgt US Army WW I01/06/189507/14/1967441
Fulkerson, Virginia Pearl12/07/188301/05/1972441
Galaway, Joseph Bryant11/06/189508/25/1976SN-040
Gallaher, Tho. Clifton Son of Wm. & S.E. Gallaher12/03/187908/18/1885120
Gallegos, Mary19751975SN-000
Gardner, Baby19011901169
Gardner, Estelle Daughter of M.T. & M. Gardner10/19/189510/20/1895048
Gardner, Fannie Daughter of M.T. & M. Gardner04/23/189708/26/1899048
Gardner, Lula Edwards18811983210
Gardner, Mattie Belle (Beaty)03/23/189403/22/1973462
Gardner, W.C. C. A 1 TEX SS CSA045
Gardner, Walter Dennis Veteran of WW I05/26/189301/27/1967462
Garland, Henry L. Son of T.E. & Tammie Garland02/25/187411/03/1875026
Garland, Lilly E. Daughter of T.E. & Tammie Garland01/14/187702/19/1877026
Garland, T.L.02/21/183908/19/1883088
Gaston, Elise Dawson05/14/189708/13/1947186
Gaston, Frank18571930186
Gaston, Mollie B.18621946186
Gaston, Mrs. P.M.01/21/184008/12/1898186
Gaston, Rev. J.G. See note 1 at end12/14/181612/10/1897186
Gates, Lola (colored) No marker-information from funeral home records08/25/188904/30/1941
Gearhart, Anna V. Wife of John Gearhart08/03/183110/20/1924259
Gee, Bessie Married July 28, 1912 Mother12/17/189302/08/1969N-237
Gee, Mack Married July 28, 1912 Daddy05/30/189105/26/1972N-237
George, Lora A.18851936260
George, Norman18771936260
George, Sarah Jane Wife of Z.T. George01/25/185802/05/1910250
George, Zachary Taylor10/10/184708/18/1885250
Gholson, Laura V. Wife of Paul C. Gholson06/20/189408/24/1961250
Gibbs, J.W. Husband of Annie07/13/187008/28/1912131
Gibson, Edna B.04/10/186209/14/1902215
Gibson, James Boyd TEXAS Tec 4 4000 Army SVC Unit WW II01/18/192808/08/1968520
Gibson, James Rob’t “Jim” Son of J.B. & Beverly Gibson03/13/195008/08/1956520
Gibson, Noah M.05/19/185912/23/1947215
Gibson, Regina11/11/188812/16/1963215
Gibson, Roger Son of N.M. & Edna Gibson04/25/188710/26/1891215
Giles, Forest Rose11/01/187609/23/1974502
Giles, J.P. (Jim)10/22/189509/06/1973502
Giles, Nancy Lee Grandmother01/06/185711/26/1937502
Giles, W.L. (Lewis), Sr.09/27/187304/02/1937502
Gillen, Lt. R.G. 97th Fighter Squadron Missing in Action over Hungary12/14/192303/30/1945N-009
Gillen, Norman Kent Daddy In loving Memory19251956N-009
Gilliland, John T. Aged 56 yrs 2 mos 14 da07/10/182203/30/1878070
Ginn, Flora I. Mother03/21/187708/07/1944476
Ginn, Inda E.19061963476
Ginn, Lovelace S. Father10/17/187711/06/1944476
Ginn, Victor L.19021961476
Ginn, Wm. Thomas19191921476
Glenn, Arzelia18461921059
Glenn, C.B. Masonic emblem03/05/185203/27/1927179
Glenn, Chula Daughter of D.K. & M.F. Glenn09/05/188806/16/1889112
Glenn, Clark W.01/24/186006/24/1938112
Glenn, Cora03/04/188806/11/1907524
Glenn, Dale C. Woodmen of the World marker18791936059
Glenn, Denis M.12/11/189802/13/1980112
Glenn, Felix Peter03/13/186012/19/1928
Glenn, Frank Pierce US Army WW II09/28/189706/08/1988529
Glenn, James M.18661941211
Glenn, Jefferson M.19051970211
Glenn, Jimmie Son of D.K. & M.F. Glenn07/25/188607/21/1889112
Glenn, Joseph TEXAS Pfc 43 Field Arty 15 Div WW I03/09/189404/05/1948524
Glenn, Linda Landers Wife of J.L. Glenn06/07/186807/21/1906524
Glenn, Lucinda Dennis02/15/186810/05/1950112
Glenn, Marion E.07/25/190411/01/1969112
Glenn, Mary James04/16/186011/22/1933179
Glenn, Mollie E.18691969211
Glenn, Ollie S. Son of W.J. & Arzelia Glenn08/19/187606/19/1898059
Glenn, Ora A.04/21/188406/19/1982059
Glenn, W.J. Woodman of the World marker02/11/184810/07/1909059
Glenn, Winnie E. Dau of Mr. & Mrs. C.W. Glenn11/30/190405/05/1905112
Gober, Dovie Lee12/25/190801/12/1959N-202
Gober, Royce R.02/11/190412/19/1980N-202
Godwin, Ada Mae (Cotton) Married 06/02/1940 Parents of Dr. T.L. & Sandra Lee Godwin09/25/191303/18/1991508
Godwin, Manuel L. (Tiny) Married 06/02/1940 Parents of Dr. T.L. & Sandra Lee Godwin12/03/1909508
Goffey, Mrs. Alva M.05/19/189002/02/1948143
Gomez, Pedro19181970SN-000
Gomos, Pomposo18871962
Goodwin, Frank E.12/25/185905/07/1910275
Goodwin, Georgia L. Mother04/25/188909/22/1972N-217
Goodwin, Henry A. Father09/07/188401/18/1959N-217
Goodwin, Lue Vennie Mama01/19/191702/27/1979N-044
Gordon, A.P.18471921064
Gordon, Ada Gertrude Karnes Wife of Geo. W. Gordon10/16/1944536
Gordon, Arlena18591918245
Gordon, Audrey Maurine19021908064
Gordon, Blanche Dabney Married Mar. 12, 191309/16/188812/19/1990N-166
Gordon, Charles W. (Bill)19101984064
Gordon, Edgar A.18911944064
Gordon, George W. No marker-information from funeral home records03/06/188205/20/1954
Gordon, Jack Married Mar. 12, 191310/27/188712/31/1954N-166
Gordon, Lana Wright Wife of A.P. Gordon02/25/185704/08/1903064
Gordon, Mary E. Wife of Wm. Gordon10/21/181005/15/1879064
Gordon, Myrtle18811938245
Gordon, Ora Estes18791936064
Gordon, Orleno18591918245
Graham, Arch No marker-information from funeral home records11/07/188206/17/1956
Graham, Sue18811953502
Granberry, Brigr. Genl. H.B. Confederate Army from Texas Born in Georgia Killed at Franklin, Tenn.11/30/1864060
Gray, Brenda Kay A Bud Born on Earth to Bloom in Heaven12/03/195103/22/1952N-015
Gray, Margaret Bonell Nell Married Nov. 17, 192412/12/190609/25/1987N-015
Gray, Millard Fillmore Bill Married Nov. 17, 192411/23/190110/31/1984N-015
Greear, Minta Dau of J.T. & M. Greear02/18/188706/30/1889183
Green, A.P.18441928393
Green, Alfred11/19/190904/02/1970SN-003
Green, Dr. S.T.R.18811933393
Green, Gerald Infant son of Heram F. Lively & wife1909393
Green, Jake Father03/02/188607/02/1948393
Green, Jennie Lewis18561927393
Green, Lewis18821918393
Green, Lois Floyd12/03/190103/01/1992196
Green, Lota Vivian In loving remembrance As pure as snow01/188705/1901393
Green, Madeline S.18861968393
Green, Mildred Josephine Mother05/30/192904/08/1956N-201
Green, Nell Estes Mammy08/05/188706/17/1984393
Green, W.A. (Alvin) No marker-information from funeral home records10/06/189005/12/1947
Green, William Jefferson Father – Husband – Son Born in Amarillo, Texas Died in Dallas, Texas10/08/192603/26/1983196
Griffin, Alpheous W. Father01/07/187104/02/1969N-177
Griffin, Martha E. Mother01/01/188204/24/1974N-177
Griffin, Odis R. Our Loved One09/15/190810/31/1956N-177
Griffin, Quincy W. Pvt US Army WW II08/19/191003/31/1977N-177
Griffin, Thelma Former wife of J.M. Cogdell03/06/190501/31/1952575
Griffith, H.H.18501928214
Grimes, Lela K. Hood Mother07/28/188704/18/1968N-058
Groom, Frank E.05/20/188305/10/1967N-011
Groom, Lucy Lee09/28/189307/19/1967N-011
Groom, Pvt. Thurman F. US Air Corps (photo on marker) He is not dead. He is just away.19211943N-011
Guiles, Sadie Age 72 yrs 5 mos01/14/1942104
Guinn, Vada Addison18971960N-155
Gunn, Allie Cash Mother12/22/189804/28/1988244
Gunn, Turner A. Daddy05/29/189802/12/1955244
Gunnells, Ella M.10/05/188309/01/1974469
Gunnells, Loyd G. TEXAS Pvt US Army WW II04/08/190604/03/1968469

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Homepage Title: Homepage URL: Referred By: Search Engine Location: Whitney, TX Comments: Error in cemetery records: Granbury Cemetery. Someone misread the tombstone of Rev. James Cyrus Gaston, showing him as J. G. instead of J. C. Thank you for all your hard work and the wonderful site.

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H – K

Name of DeceasedDate of BirthDate of DeathLot Number
Hail, Idumea04/12/187809/14/1951N-024
Hale, Hanna M.02/23/191607/10/1980N-160
Hale, Lillie M.05/02/190706/01/1966N-160
Hale, Minnie Frances Mother07/09/187906/26/1972N-160
Hale, William Parker Daddy09/05/187109/06/1954N-160
Hall, Baby Daughter07/02/190507/02/1905100
Hall, Baby101
Hall, Boneau Harris18841938228
Hall, Cleo Frances & Baby18811936532
Hall, Ethel Pearl18831935228
Hall, Helena Maude02/05/190102/07/1982101
Hall, J.C., Jr.07/23/192205/16/1935101
Hall, J.R. Co D 28 TEXAS Cav CSA101
Hall, John Calaway TEXAS Cpl 67 Infantry 9 Div WW I07/03/189502/01/1952101
Hall, Letha H.18741943096
Hall, Lula Retta11/16/188401/31/1967100
Hall, Nannie Madora Wife of W.D. Hall11/18/186209/14/1913228
Hall, Pearl10/20/188808/17/1982N-163
Hall, Richard Estes02/17/187812/09/1906098
Hall, Thomas Runnels Son of Estes & Eudorah Hall12/08/189912/01/1904098
Hall, Virgil Roy03/13/188509/30/1947100
Hall, Virginia Agnes04/18/184408/13/1937101
Hall, William M.18741956096
Hambright, Sam Houston09/05/189611/08/1970N-138
Hamilton, John Percy09/10/190011/03/1936488
Hamilton, Myrtle E.06/08/189102/03/1965488
Hamilton, Robert E.07/18/187704/14/1961488
Hamm, Brenda Sue19631963N-049
Hamm, Emmett Alonzo US Army WW II19141978N-048
Hamm, Floyd E.03/03/190907/12/1948N-049
Hamm, Mrs. Kirk Our Darling Mother08/25/1950N-048
Hancock, Eudorah Hall05/25/187908/20/1985098
Hanna, C. Joel Aged 15 yrs 7 months 2 days08/02/1898023
Hanna, Dr. A.E. Age 51 Years11/27/1894023
Hanna, Harvey B. Infant son of A.E. & Lucy R. Hanna11/16/187409/08/1875024
Hanna, Lucy Roane Wife of Dr. Andrew Earl Hanna08/19/185403/07/1938023
Hanna, Orpha Daughter of Dr. A.E. & Lucy Hanna Age 21 years08/12/1908023
Hannaford, Bertie Twin daughter of E.A. & Nettie Hannaford Age 5 mos 9 da’s07/13/1881135
Hannaford, E.A. Born in Ashburton, England Died in Granbury, Texas10/12/184111/05/1915135
Hannaford, Fred W. Son of E.A. & Nettie Hannaford Granbury04/16/187910/21/1918135
Hannaford, Lois Nutt05/24/190410/20/1983135
Hannaford, Nettie Wife of E.A. Hannaford02/07/185903/29/1938135
Hannaford, William Edwin03/28/190101/13/1953135
Haralson, A.V.08/15/186001/08/1910181
Haralson, Josie Nutt Wife of A.V. Haralson10/11/186902/08/1945181
Harbaugh, Mary Vergelia Mother01/18/1909SN-029
Harbaugh, Samuel Shreeve Father06/09/190104/16/1975SN-029
Hardin, Bertha Parker Precious Memories of Mama05/17/190112/31/1979A-530
Hargrove, H.D.02/22/185803/23/1893072
Harkins, Edna Boatright06/18/188104/09/1972N-097
Harper, Albert Edward Son of Ciero R. Harper & Sarah E. Moorman03/08/188605/29/1972175
Harper, Cicero R.18521891175
Harper, Loretta Cotton Daughter of Jacob B. Cotton & Matilda C. Smith11/08/189102/06/1970175
Harris, Artie Lee19051957280
Harris, Clarence06/08/189307/31/1935512 (Mausoleum)
Harris, Doyle Son of Clarence Harris06/13/191402/07/1940512 (Mausoleum)
Harris, Frank Tom TEX Pvt Co D 5 Infantry WW I (2 markers)02/23/189201/07/1971280
Harris, Johnnie M.01/10/192004/21/1935280
Harris, Judy Bass02/01/194910/31/1968N-227
Harris, Mary E.12/13/185905/07/1950512 (Mausoleum)
Harris, Rose Lee02/04/190010/21/1981280
Harris, W.S.09/23/185406/07/1930512 (Mausoleum)
Harrison, Benjamin C. TEXAS Pvt Co 1 2 Regt Texas Inf Spanish Am War02/17/188104/03/1960N-224
Harrison, Clyde Clifford03/22/190702/15/1971N-084
Harrison, Victoria Valree10/11/1905N-084
Harrison, Willie T.07/24/188708/07/1974N-224
Hart, Lila T.19051958188
Hartgraves, Altia T. Mother18811969N-013
Hartgraves, Calip A. Father18741950N-013
Hartgraves, Cebern Alton Father01/16/190203/07/1982N-008
Hartgraves, Ernest H.07/10/190603/31/1987N-013
Hartgraves, Harold Lloyd06/27/193407/16/1987N-008
Hartgraves, John Wesley Son A Bud Born on Earth to Bloom as a Flower in Heaven (photo on marker)06/01/195908/01/1972N-008
Hartgraves, Kent Wade Our Baby02/27/195603/03/1956N-008
Hartgraves, Thelma Veree Mother04/08/191101/08/1969N-008
Hartwell, Collins R., Jr. TEXAS PFC 3195 Signal Co WW II21/02/190507/31/1971462
Hassler, Francis J.18511931446
Havens, Frances V. Daughter of R.B. & G. Havens06/29/184612/07/1895226
Havens, George A. Son of E.O. & E.J. Havens12/27/187602/18/1895226
Havens, Harvey A. Son of C.J. & S.E. Havens12/07/190412/13/1904226
Havens, Lillie P. Dau of C.J. & S.E. Havens02/19/190205/08/1904226
Hawthorn, Ira (Scottie)276
Hawthorn, Lyda18921977276
Haynes, Mary M. WAAC WW II02/15/192403/02/1987N-086
Head, Lendon D. PFC US Army WW II08/25/192203/30/1986N-230
Head, Woodrow W., Jr. TEXAS ADJ 2 US Navy06/18/194101/06/1964N-136
Heathington, Arra D.07/15/189801/29/1989SN-011
Heathington, Franklin A. TEXAS Pvt 46 Co 165 Depot Brigade WW I12/30/189002/05/1957N-194
Heathington, Roscoe L.05/13/189302/16/1977SN-011
Hege, Fred Husband01/24/189907/13/1987N-152
Hege, Martha Lou Wife11/27/188407/16/1959N-152
Heizer, Myrtis V. White02/20/1912431
Heizer, Warren C.03/19/190802/15/1969431
Hendricks, Gladys Crockett06/04/190104/12/1987054
Hendricks, Letha Carolina01/17/190702/10/1983N-035
Hendricks, Raymond Husband of Gladys Crockett Hendricks12/19/190104/08/1978054
Henry, Myrtis V. Heizer Married Fred S. Henry Mar. 12, 197102/20/1912431
Hensell, Annie11/04/185111/06/1930449
Hensell, Claudia D.18791962449
Hensell, Hope W.07/14/1918449
Hensell, James Lewis11/04/191208/22/1981449
Hensell, Martha Ferrell Wife of Jas. L. Hensell Born in St. Chas. Co., Mo. Died in Granbury, Texas10/19/183301/28/1917449
Hensell, Martha Nell11/25/190805/21/1909449
Hensell, Pauline07/21/187008/25/1937449
Hensell, Robert F.18751966449
Henslee, Henry W. Married July 5, 189608/20/186910/08/1967N-143
Henslee, Mary A. (Zackary) Married July 5, 189602/04/187705/17/1972N-143
Henson, Marrice Kenney Father03/03/190202/05/1962N-167
Henson, Oddy May Roe07/04/1910N-167
Hewson, Alma Lois04/19/191911/17/1970SN-054
Hickey, Edith Thompson08/15/190905/01/1944A-529
Hickey, James W.09/09/190710/24/1993507
Hickey, Jas. Aged 64 years, 2 mos, 27 days02/12/1889087
Hickey, Mary Ann Mother08/18/184106/14/1912087
Hickey, Roy, Sr.02/16/190901/02/1977A-529
Hickey, T. Donna09/10/190703/13/1983A-529
Hickey, Veta I. Eastern Star emblem03/15/190901/15/1974507
Hicks, Bobby19341934492
Hicks, Dovie Mama01/07/191009/27/1979492
Hicks, Emmett B. Daddy05/10/191012/07/1986492
Hicks, John19011976N-074
Hicks, William Dan19371937492
Hightower, Florence Wife of A.P. Hightower07/21/186109/12/1895184
Hightower, Isaac Oslin11/25/182511/11/1894155
Hightower, Rebecca A. Wife of Isaac O. Hightower18291917155
Hilbun, Camille Lady Bird18891918541
Hilbun, Claude18801943541
Hilbun, E.B.18461927541
Hilbun, Pauine18981976541
Hilbun, Tulita Pickens18581912541
Hill, Helen18761964N-203
Hill, Neal18731956N-203
Hilton, Jettie E. Mother08/29/188506/06/1965N-127
Hiner, Anna Mary18821959457
Hiner, Bertie Mae04/01/191209/26/1982465
Hiner, Dorothy19031905415
Hiner, James A.02/26/187702/05/1969465
Hiner, James Hampton TEXAS Sgt 443 Air SVC Sq AAF WW II07/15/191007/16/1968465
Hiner, John J.12/25/186909/14/1936416
Hiner, Liston B.12/25/186909/14/1936416
Hiner, Lusk B.18821949457
Hiner, Martha Nell11/13/190312/20/1920465
Hiner, Mary Etta19101920457
Hiner, Nettie L.01/18/187306/23/1946416
Hiner, Niel Woodmen of the World marker (metal & wire fence around lot)18821921415
Hiner, Nora Sligh19141943457
Hiner, Olivia E.02/09/186301/23/1953456
Hiner, Thomas H. Masonic emblem09/10/186004/22/1940456
Hix, Little Lucy Daughter of W.L. & M.A. Hix08/14/188112/19/1881057
Holden, Mary C. Brownfield Wife of Dr. J.W. Holden Born in Larue Co., Kentucky08/02/185409/11/1891145
Holden, Nota Earl05/31/188208/06/1883145
Holder, J.M.18711957N-077
Holland, A.R. (Rufe) Father18781939A-532
Holland, Adeline18861970270
Holland, Annie18841925058
Holland, Arm of W.H. Holland-Amputated11/16/1895058
Holland, Gladys02/22/190401/24/1976A-544
Holland, Infant Infant son of C.M. & Maude Holland11/17/194111/17/1941A-532
Holland, Infant Infant son of J.J. & M.C. Holland058
Holland, Infant Infant son of J.J. & M.C. Holland058
Holland, J.J.18471924058
Holland, James C.18851965N-024
Holland, James T.18661946270
Holland, Margaret Caroline Age 5507/03/1903058
Holland, Mrs. Mildred18891952N-024
Holland, Willie Joe Son of T.D. & M.R. Holland06/23/189111/24/1892117
Holland, Wylie Day12/05/190711/19/1973A-544
Holloway, James M.19641964550
Holmes, David H.02/04/1887127
Holmes, Henry W.18851918240
Holmes, Mary Hays Davis02/14/1899127
Holmes, Miles Thomas04/30/187106/23/1960N-038
Holmes, Pamelia Alice07/26/187801/23/1968N-038
Holmes, Patrick Lavon As a man thinketh so is he05/20/191102/10/1972240
Holmes, Vera Styron Wife Waiting the Resurrection10/17/190506/15/1990N-038
Holmes, William Doyle04/19/190904/18/1946N-038
Holmes, Windel Wayne05/191908/1919127
Holt, George Kenneth 11 Cor. 5:801/22/194905/26/1984429
Holt, Jessie Winifred10/09/189710/20/1973N-110
Holt, Johnny Elroy 11 Cor. 5:807/13/194704/14/1977429
Holt, Mary Jane08/31/192304/08/1971429
Holt, Robert Erskin06/27/188904/05/1968N-110
Honea, James A.18841965N-004
Honea, Mary P.18901941N-004
Hood, Edwin S. Father04/26/187205/11/1949N-058
Hooks, Oliver D.18751933490
Hooks, Ozro One of God’s noble men, whose life was spent in the service of others (large vault above ground with photo)03/21/189003/08/1945156
Hooks, Velma Baker Whose love & trust left the casting of stones to others (large vault above ground with photo)03/20/189504/24/1936156
Hopper, Ira Howard (4 or more unmarked graves on lot)12/23/191109/09/1985278
Hopper, Marion E. No marker-information from funeral home records10/17/189904/13/1965
Hopper, Thomas J. No marker-information from funeral home records08/17/187510/27/1952
Hopping, Jesse05/12/187104/17/1894396
Hopping, Susan A. Wife of H.A. Landers – afterward wife of Wray Hopping02/15/184311/08/1881066
Houser, Alice M. Mother04/19/186007/24/1943464
Houser, Alonzo L. Father09/22/185003/09/1933464
Houston, E.P. His Inner Life was Beautiful04/19/182706/23/1895027
Houston, Lucille Ann19141956475
Houston, Theodocia02/23/190006/19/1982N-056
Houston, William A.08/10/188911/23/1950N-056
Howard, Emma Beloved wife of Henry A. Howard Died at Granbury, Texas08/16/184504/08/1889182
Howard, Lucy Mother06/06/184511/23/1919253
Howard, Mary H. Wife of W. Howard 39 years01/23/1879041
Howard, William Son of Wm. Howard Aged 2 yrs.05/1871041
Howerton, Delia Jones18901962N-150
Hubble, Ada Mae19481948N-064
Hubble, Andrew J. Father09/14/188304/26/1949N-064
Hubble, Clara (infant)N-064
Hubble, Gertrude G. Mother01/19/188302/14/1960N-064
Hubble, J.C.18831949N-064
Hudson, Alyne Dabney04/12/1900113
Hudson, Andrew A. Son of B.F. & A. Hudson11/06/187903/03/1883068
Hudson, Cora Keith Mother18801949113
Hudson, Courtney Daughter of B.F. & Ada Hudson03/28/188212/22/1884068
Hudson, Frank W. Father18781969113
Hudson, Ila Louise Blalock Wed July 25, 193902/26/1921SN-030
Hudson, Johnnie B. Son of B.F. & A. Hudson07/21/187706/21/1882068
Hudson, Llewellyn06/20/185207/08/1930187
Hudson, Lora Neely Eastern Star emblem18791961513
Hudson, Louis Walton05/26/190011/27/1979113
Hudson, Loyd Odell Wed July 25, 193901/21/1920SN-030
Hudson, Odell02/1990
Hudson, Robert Carson01/08/187503/23/1952N-201
Hudson, Rosa A. Hood03/04/188702/04/1969N-201
Hudson, Scott19691991226
Hudson, Sheila M.08/31/187505/07/1958187
Hudson, William W. Masonic emblem18721956513
Huffer, Paul G. Sgt US Army WW II07/16/192103/24/1985N-063
Huffstetter, Jacup08/07/187203/01/1879065
Hughes, Essie Medlin Mother Married Nov. 5, 192102/24/189607/21/1985N-100
Hughes, J.P. (Pinkey)07/24/190503/04/1956N-201
Hughes, John D., Jr. TEXAS Sp 5 US Army11/10/194612/27/1968SN-001
Hughes, John F. WW II04/15/190004/08/1965N-143
Hughes, Josie Lee10/24/190507/12/1979N-201
Hughes, Lennious Harry Daddy Married Nov. 5, 1921 Pfc US Army WW I (2 markers)01/01/189208/26/1984N-100
Hughes, Samuel Hamock WW II04/15/190002/12/1987N-143
Humphreys, D.W. Son of T.J. & L.R.H. Born in S.C. – Died in Texas11/26/184405/09/1876005
Humphreys, H.J. Son of T.J. & L.R.H. Born in Miss. – Died in Texas08/24/185012/24/1878005
Humphreys, Isabellar Wife of Thomas J. Humphreys10/27/181501/28/1907005
Hunt, Bessie Lewis03/01/190210/31/1979A-538
Hunt, Clyde T. Father of C.L., Oleta & Patsy19001972SN-003
Hunt, Fannie Mary Walker Mother of C.L., Oleta & Patsy08/19/190106/14/1985SN-003
Hunt, Kathryn19031957N-004
Hunter, O.H.261
Hurst, Jacup (infant mummy stone over grave)08/07/187203/1874066
Huston, Cora Edith01/17/1898N-181
Huston, Johnnie Andrew Father Married Dec. 24, 192207/11/190205/21/1972N-188
Huston, Lemmie Lewis06/25/1989N-056
Huston, Monema Mizell Mother Married Dec. 24, 192201/09/190403/21/1984N-188
Huston, Theodocia02/23/190006/19/1982N-056
Huston, Wallace Perry12/11/189604/21/1958N-181
Huston, William A.08/10/188911/23/1950N-056
Hutchison, Amelia Wife of A.B. Hutchison09/08/190412/04/1927115
Hutchison, Elizabeth Daughter of J. & L.09/01/188403/12/1886009
Hutchison, James Age 54 years12/17/1889009
Hutchison, John G.A.R.07/02/183201/12/1913009
Hutchison, Minnie Age 11 yrs Gone Home10/25/1880009
Hutchison, Willie Son of J. & L. Hutchison12/31/187907/1/1881009
Ingerson, Fred Earl10/28/190606/11/1993N-059
Ingerson, Martha Duncan DAR emblem03/08/190703/16/1979N-059
Ingerson, Mary Zoe “Zooie”11/24/193305/29/1955N-059
Ingram, Harry Son of G.H. & L.V. Ingram Born in Granbury Tx. – Died in Fort Worth, Tex.09/09/189512/28/1895159
Ingram, Robert M. Son of F.H. & L.V. Ingram Born in Hico, Texas – Died in Weatherford, Texas08/04/189304/23/1897159
Israel, Connie Lou Our Darling07/06/194801/01/1949N-066
Israel, Joe Edward Papa05/31/190002/23/1980SN-073
Israel, Lizzie B. Granny11/01/190503/03/1973SN-073
Iverson, Harmond19221924534
Ivey, Beulah M.09/02/1922SN-002
Ivey, Herbert B.08/24/191306/16/1984SN-002
Jackson, Charlene Reese07/11/193203/03/1964271
Jackson, Charlie Ausborn12/23/187510/22/1966N-196
Jackson, Dorothy08/11/191403/07/1992N-236
Jackson, Gertrude09/14/190503/23/1975N-190
Jackson, Harold D.09/27/191709/11/1964N-236
Jackson, Ira Coolidge Pvt US Army WW II07/02/192711/16/1981N-018
Jackson, Johnnie Pearl Life’s a voyage that’s homeward bound02/10/190707/31/1964N-196
Jackson, Lorena10/10/189601/05/1986N-236
Jackson, Loyd G.05/27/190702/23/1972N-190
Jackson, Mary Elizabeth Mother11/25/188603/18/1977N-018
Jackson, Nancy Mother11/25/188603/18/1977085
Jackson, R.E.05/10/183202/06/1874085
Jackson, Roxie Viola Mother02/25/187912/20/1960N-196
Jackson, Roy Ausbon “Jack”11/24/190507/10/1983N-196
James, Alice Earl Dau. of W.R. & S.P. James05/12/188901/24/1893233
James, Jesse Woodson Supposedly killed in 1882 CSA09/05/184708/15/1951544
Jameson, (Rex) Birddog of Luther & Marie JamesonN-159
Jameson, Bertha Marie01/21/189910/16/1985N-159
Jameson, Helen J.07/02/185809/26/1923443
Jameson, Luther Y. TEXAS Pvt US Army WW I09/16/189607/28/1960N-159
Jameson, Robert D.10/02/185506/01/1940443
Jarrett, A.R., M.D. Father18541941169
Jarrett, Sallie B. Mother18611939169
Jayroe, Ada Mae18661935252
Jayroe, James R.18581941252
Jenkins, Mabel D. Sister of Loyce D. Matlock12/27/189706/26/1977N-165
Jett, H.S.18611941546
Jett, Julia18691957546
Johnson, A.G. (Uncle Americas)18691950422
Johnson, Alice C. Mama18761951N-030
Johnson, Alvin B.Q. Married Mar. 1, 1938 Cpl US Army WW II (2 stones)12/28/192102/10/1976N-112
Johnson, Artle A.12/21/193910/07/1970N-112
Johnson, Burts03/28/187803/26/1943422
Johnson, Ella B. Dabney Wife of Burts Johnson03/31/188010/17/1941422
Johnson, H. Clay01/21/187511/25/1969428
Johnson, John Cecil TEXAS PFC SVC Co 26 Tank Bn WW II BSM05/23/191204/09/1967N-106
Johnson, Mary Blalock Married Mar. 1, 193803/24/1923N-112
Johnson, Mary W.07/22/188802/08/1985428
Johnson, Minnie19051987N-100
Johnson, Mrs. J.H. (Cooper)06/08/187606/21/1905026
Johnson, Mrs. M.V. (Mammy)18421929422
Johnson, Nora M.08/08/189801/17/1966437
Johnson, William G. Papa18741945N-030
Johnson, Willie Elmer19011969N-100
Joiner, Arthur Elmer TEXAS Pvt Inf 90 Div WW I12/11/1918478
Jones, Amelia18281918534
Jones, Dannie18881945N-044
Jones, Emma18641925549
Jones, Evelyn B.18981981068
Jones, Floyd A. Masonic emblem18831961549
Jones, Freda May12/18/189403/22/1975456
Jones, George A. Papa10/22/187105/01/1952N-027
Jones, George A.18821964068
Jones, Gus Altus Sgt US Army Korea09/12/193006/13/1987N-044
Jones, J.A. Masonic emblem18821951N-044
Jones, Joe Lane09/07/192404/24/1983N-108
Jones, Leila A. Mama11/16/186806/30/1957N-027
Jones, Lillie Mae06/24/1908N-185
Jones, M.F.18561928549
Jones, Millard Earl05/25/189306/11/1975456
Jones, Mrs. Ina Olena10/10/188901/22/1918021
Jones, Novalene02/10/192210/20/1976N-108
Jones, O.D.03/19/188603/19/1931549
Jones, Ollie D. Dau of O.M. & R.M. Jones10/08/191312/27/1913549
Jones, Ollie M.12/13/188810/11/1944549
Jones, Pat Jefferson09/07/190711/05/1967N-185
Jones, Pearl Dau. of J.A. & Mattie C. Jones10/30/188308/26/1912547
Jones, Sam I. TEXAS Pvt Btry A 342 FA 89 Division WW I01/24/189408/29/1970N-024
Jones, Shirley Patricia Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Pat Jones, Jr.01/27/195101/30/1951N-192
Jones, William Patrick Son of Mr. & Mrs. Pat Jones, Jr.01/27/195101/29/1951N-192
Jordan, George O.04/19/190902/01/1968N-017
Jordan, J.F.18731956N-205
Jordan, Jennie01/08/188012/27/1962N-017
Jordan, Mattie B.11/18/190310/14/1987N-017
Jordan, Robert W. SF 2 USNR WW II12/02/190712/22/1956N-205
Jordan, William F.10/07/187311/29/1956N-017
Juarez, Martina Ornelas11/16/198311/16/1983253
Juergensen, Charles H.19261993SN-052
Juergensen, E.H.18971987SN-052
Juergensen, Linna G.19021982SN-052
Juliff, Daniel Powell Son of W.F. & Zuma Juliff04/12/190704/08/1909045
Juliff, John Edgar Son of W.F. & Zuma Juliff11/25/190106/22/1902045
Juliff, Walter F., Sr.18791943045
Juliff, Zuma Agra18831971045
Karnes, Sallie M.02/19/183501/01/1908536
Karnes, W.A.07/22/183309/13/1914536
Keith, (Baby)150
Keith, Abner E.01/30/182610/20/1902113
Keith, Abner T.08/12/187105/02/1950545
Keith, Amy S.12/20/184304/18/1921113
Keith, Beulah M. Daughter of A.E. & A.S. Keith11/03/187409/29/1882113
Keith, Bob03/186608/12/1927251
Keith, Byron Son of A.T. & M.C. Keith11/01/189711/12/1897150
Keith, Conner W. TEXAS Sgt 347 Infantry 92 Div WW I10/03/189705/12/1951251
Keith, Essie12/16/188109/15/1926545
Keith, Fort12/24/190108/14/1958545
Keith, Fred L.02/26/189401/19/1969153
Keith, Harriett12/25/——-04/09/1890251
Keith, Ida Dysart10/13/187205/20/1963153
Keith, Judge J.B.18621942153
Keith, Lola Laree Wife of Conner Keith10/27/189710/20/1934251
Keith, Mollie Cora Wife of A.T. Keith05/12/187711/07/1897150
Keith, Myrtle E.05/26/189012/30/1985153
Keith, Terry Ashby11/09/189410/04/1895153
Kell, Mathew11/22/182603/31/1911170
Kell, Matilda Caroline06/20/182805/06/1898170
Kell, Texanner (lot enclosed by iron fence)01/22/186001/29/1923170
Kelley, Hattie E. Mama Eastern Star emblem18811967043
Kelley, Homer Scott07/06/190410/21/1976043
Kelley, Laura Rebecca18481918043
Kelley, Levin V. Masonic emblem18831955043
Kelley, Mattie Virginia03/19/187108/22/1877043
Kelley, Oleta Our darling mother Eastern Star emblem06/30/188112/14/1965043
Kelley, Rev. J.J. Masonic emblem Minister 48 yrs.04/24/187810/06/1957042
Kelley, William Scott18841927043
Kelly, Delia Wade01/01/187806/13/1967440
Kelly, Mike Lewen TEXAS PFC 35 Station Hospital WW II11/04/191508/24/1971440
Kennedy, F.J. Aged 65 yr. 2 mo 13 days04/19/1972422
Kennedy, John F. SP 5 US Army Korea04/07/193206/27/1971243
Kennon, Bert W.18651939152
Kennon, Charles M.11/24/186410/25/1907496
Kennon, Doyle Milton Asked so little, Gave so much Kenny07/01/195506/13/1968N-042
Kennon, Geo. W.11/17/186205/04/1897027
Kennon, George W. F1 US Navy WW II09/19/190911/13/1980N-042
Kennon, Georgia A.18781951475
Kennon, John19051906152
Kennon, John M.18711946162
Kennon, John T. TEXAS Pvt US Army WW I (2 markers)10/20/188902/24/1957496
Kennon, Margaret18301910152
Kennon, Maude M.18781958162
Kennon, Milton Husband, Father, Brother & Friend04/05/190803/22/1988N-042
Kennon, Milton18291910152
Kennon, Perry H.18641927475
Kennon, Phoebe18751909152
Kernoodle, A.D. No marker-information from funeral records05/11/191202/07/1960
Kerr, Abbie Nutt Wife of H.J. Kerr04/24/185602/26/1904062
Kerr, Albert Son of W.A. & M.E. Kerr09/09/188311/14/1883062
Kerr, Benjamin M. TEXAS Pvt 38 US Vol Inf10/11/187607/04/1900161
Kerr, Berry Ben08/02/189904/23/1984161
Kerr, David A.12/13/180403/12/1873062
Kerr, David Hood Son of H.J. & Abbie Kerr04/27/187610/27/1876062
Kerr, Etta Daughter of H.J. & A. Kerr03/22/188804/06/1888062
Kerr, Henry Jackson Masonic emblem (5 unmarked graves on lot)05/05/184803/10/1912062
Kerr, Infant Son of J.F. & M. Kerr12/06/188805/27/1889161
Kerr, Joe F. Masonic emblem Married Feb. 14, 187705/20/184008/25/1920419
Kerr, Maggie Goodlett Married Feb. 14, 187710/12/185507/09/1905419
Kerr, Mary Clark Wife of David A. Kerr11/22/181710/27/1904062
Kerr, Maude Barbee12/16/189405/22/1979419
Kerr, Mollie Crockett Wife of A.A. Kerr18551904161
Kerr, Nollie Daughter of W.A. & M.E. Kerr02/28/188608/30/1887062
Kerr, Stanley10/29/184410/01/1924062
Kerr, Virginia01/02/191801/21/1918419
Kerr, William F.06/29/187201/13/1931062
Key, Fannie B. Wife of J.A. Key09/24/186005/17/1890134
Key, J.A.01/22/185503/28/1943134
Key, James Orlando (died in infancy)07/01/188207/30/1883134
Key, Lony09/11/185506/13/1884134
Key, May1890134
Key, Rosa Lee (Wife of J.A. Key)12/07/186907/29/1956134
Key, Thomas C., Sr.05/17/190004/11/1959134
Kidwell, Infant Infant son of E.M. KidwellN-018
Kidwell, Thomas W.19171961N-018
Killough, Grace B.04/16/188208/02/1930521
Kimball, Mary Roberts10/27/189907/13/1976257
Kimmel, Mary Hannah We will meet again18831966N-191
Kimmel, Ollie F. We will meet again18801958N-191
Kincannon, Deanie No marker-information from funeral records10/06/193804/08/1946
Kincannon, Larry Oliver Dying is but going Home10/16/194511/07/1967N-230
Kincannon, Roy19071982N-076
King, Catherine18941919459
King, Lola Alma19101978N-057
King, Maggie Mae Dabney07/24/189009/28/1948538
King, Mary18961919459
Kinson, Addie Sargent12/31/189605/25/1988N-230
Kinson, Alvin Boyd07/05/193006/13/1992N-230
Kinson, Bert04/20/189106/26/1961N-230
Kinson, Bessie (Nash)06/28/189712/12/1982N-230
Kinson, Francis Wife of B.W. Kinson Mother05/19/192308/12/1952N-167
Kinson, Jacquelyn Fortune10/29/1935N-230
Kinson, Jess L. Father Married Sept. 19, 192403/12/190205/03/1948486
Kinson, Lottie M. Mother Married Sept. 19, 192402/23/190206/07/1978486
Kinson, William Burton Infant son of Alvin & Barbara Kinson08/02/196208/02/1962N-230
Kinson, William H.02/09/188901/29/1966N-230
Kirkland, Jacob18371921245
Kirkland, Mary Ann18391922245
Knight, (Baby)10/30/192210/30/1922160
Knight, Bruce F. Son06/30/192110/09/1985466
Knight, Charlie C. PFC US Army (2 markers)07/15/189109/20/1974160
Knight, Jesse F. Husband03/30/189604/17/1983466
Knight, Johnny Wayne04/23/193506/19/1948160
Knight, Mattie12/07/190210/15/1990160
Knitig, Bon. L. Richardson Together somewhere in time01/13/1944SN-027
Knitig, Gerald Melburn Together somewhere in time05/01/199011/22/1991SN-027
Kurtz, Edna Paris12/25/190511/09/1966N-052

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L – M

Name of DeceasedDate of BirthDate of DeathLot Number
Ladesic, John Peter SSgt US Air Force Korea12/14/193211/06/1987N-049
Ladesic, Lonnie R.19521993N-049
Lambert , Infant Infant daughter of W.S. & M.W. Lambert11/08/187811/08/1878037
Lambert, Burr W.18881955013
Lambert, Dave S.12/03/189411/28/1956410
Lambert, Earl A.18881941013
Lambert, Gene08/24/189601/28/1977410
Lambert, Loree18941975013
Lambert, Mary W. Wife of E.A. Lambert04/15/185511/07/1878037
Lambert, T.07/29/180701/21/1873037
Lancaster, Claudie Kinder18941969N-239
Lancaster, Dr. Dwight L.M.18971951194
Lancaster, Dr. J.R.12/31/184410/27/1919194
Lancaster, Ella Scott DuVal05/05/185612/13/1926194
Lancaster, Gus N., M.D.18841966N-239
Lancaster, Infants (2)141
Lancaster, L.B.07/21/188807/05/1921194
Lancaster, Leta L. Daughter of Dr. J.R. & Ella Lancaster12/22/187911/17/1897194
Lancaster, Mary W.18981944141
Lancaster, Moselle Daughter of Dr. J.R. & Ella Lancaster06/01/189202/27/1893194
Lancaster, Vance Z.18941947141
Lancaster, Zue07/10/186801/08/1954194
Landers, A. (J)065
Landers, Abe (large mummy stone covers grave)066
Landers, Bernice L. (Higgs)02/09/189704/10/1993N-235
Landers, C.L.D. Father A Confederate Veteran09/21/184501/04/1925096
Landers, Delyghte Teacher to Many – Friend to All11/07/192303/28/1984N-239
Landers, Elsie Abbott18831973096
Landers, Gary1993N-048
Landers, George Jake396
Landers, George W.03/26/186105/25/1924396
Landers, Logan Son of Mr. & Mrs. W.B. Landers03/12/187812/15/1878014
Landers, Loyd J.02/06/189710/13/1980N-235
Landers, Loyd Lyle19241968N-239
Landers, Martha A. Wife of Calaway Landers Age 45 yrs 4 mo 18 days12/30/1893096
Landers, S.A. (large mummy stone covers grave)180701/22/1859066
Landers, S.T. (large mummy stone covers grave)066
Landers, T.L.065
Lanham, Bess Hannaford188111/02/1970135
Larnard, A.F. (Bud) Married Sept. 1, 190108/02/188312/15/1979468
Larnard, Betty Married Sept. 1, 190108/02/188312/15/1979468
Larnard, Zelotes Clyde19121920468
Lashley, Beatrice Daughter08/23/193909/23/1939A-531
Lashley, Hence J.07/28/189909/26/1993A-531
Lashley, Johnny J. Son10/07/195104/28/1957A-531
Lassiter, Ora (Holland) Mother18861977A-532
Lassiter, William M. Co B 35 MISS Inf CSA06/23/184210/30/1884117
Laxton, Victoria E. Hiner01/05/187412/22/1954415
Leddone, G.W. Born in Ohio – Died in Texas18501926401
Leddone, Mrs. Dora18671944401
Lee, Lena May Brown Mother Born in Acton, Texas – Died in Fort Worth, Texas12/20/187908/11/1970N-092
Lee, Lila Ayleene Daughter Born in Granbury11/01/1906N-092
Lee, William H. U.S. Marine Corps01/04/192910/12/1992
Lees, Cora Mother18691938235
Lees, John C. Dad18631950235
LeMaster, Alabama B. Wife of J.H. LeMaster04/22/183502/08/1890142
LeMaster, J.H.09/20/183007/03/1906142
Leonard, Helen Zoran Age 5702/09/193105/26/1988N-231
Lester, Arthur (curbed lot with 7 head & foot cut stones-no inscriptions)06/17/187403/15/1963001
Lester, Beulah Peters Wife of J.F. Lester06/03/187710/08/1914015
Lester, Henry W. Pvt US Army WW II04/04/190909/17/1975015
Lester, Lorene09/09/190207/01/1919015
Lester, Ollie Lea Snow Granny Beloved wife of Henry Lester08/13/190901/27/1982015
Lewis, Aunt Pearl18811969440
Lewis, Austin18561902245
Lewis, Bobby G.19311940A-538
Lewis, Charles Edgar06/06/190807/08/1979A-538
Lewis, F.G. We Love Them18451919392
Lewis, Irene Stewart09/14/1909A-538
Lewis, Jesse L. Our Beloved Daddy03/15/190707/31/1977N-148
Lewis, Maggie A. Mother18791954A-538
Lewis, Maggie Ida Wife of S.W. Lewis We’ll never say goodbye in heaven12/21/187303/30/1899392
Lewis, Mary Edna Mother made our house a home02/15/190912/10/1969N-148
Lewis, Moses E. Father18721953A-538
Lewis, Sallie We Love Them Mother18531918392
Lewis, Sam Warring18751942392
Lewis, Uncle John18801965440
Lewis, Wilbur Warren Son of S.W. & Maggie I. Lewis03/03/189903/27/1899392
Lietch, Darewin19191958398
Lietch, David Luther08/16/187604/28/1904384
Lietch, Dora Luther09/14/190401/05/1905384
Lietch, Eliza Pearce08/12/187908/11/1900384
Lietch, G.W. (Sime) Father18911956398
Lietch, Infant Son07/02/190307/02/1903384
Lietch, Laura384
Lietch, Lula384
Lietch, Nora A. Mother18911965398
Lietch, Rhoda Bell384
Lietch, Sweetie Mullins07/12/187807/03/1910384
Lietch, Vivian19091912384
Lietch, W.A.384
Ligon, Fannie Mother of Mrs. F.G. Lewis10/02/182711/22/1900392
Lilly, Edith Olevia12/25/189808/12/1900109
Lindholm, Peter10/26/194812/07/1979439
Lindley, Hugh T. TEXAS Sgt Btry F 131 Fld Arty WW I05/20/189206/03/1964558
Lindley, Lola B.08/06/190008/16/1969558
Linthicum, Lee Allen, Sr.06/28/192403/17/1989269
Little, Euna Wife of John F. Little05/04/188903/14/1941493
Little, Geraldine Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Little11/07/192112/22/1934493
Little, John F.02/03/188209/21/1944493
Little, Lucy Erected by her children06/20/185002/07/1916453
Little, W.H. Father06/29/185311/17/1925453
Lively, Gerald Infant son of Hiram F. Lively & wife09/09/109/09/1909393
Lively, Kittie Green Aged 26 yrs 1 mo 15 days Wife of H.F. Lively Meet me in Heaven12/11/1898393
Locke, Beulah H.12/26/1890N-222
Locke, Dorothy L. Wife of T.R. Locke We will meet again19171958N-191
Locke, Oliver Kirk10/22/188501/18/1960N-222
Lockett, Arguyle R.02/26/188711/30/1964N-088
Lockett, Elvie02/11/188910/04/1976N-088
Lockett, James W.06/22/189108/13/1975N-089
Lockett, Opal Anna Daughter01/22/1919N-089
Lockett, Thomas Pvt TEXAS Cav CSA09/06/1901383
Lockhart, Beatrice H.19001918482
Lockhart, Jack19181921482
Lockhart, John01/26/1877N-214
Lockhart, Willie02/23/187211/24/1958N-214
Locklin, Chas. E.01/22/185911/22/1917445
Locklin, Hattie Mother18731946045
Loftin, Luella02/28/191903/24/1987N-206
Loftin, Maggie Wed Dec. 24, 193208/13/191103/29/1958N-206
Loftin, Melvin Wed Dec. 24, 193207/17/1915N-206
Loller, Easter184510/13/1915263
Long, Dollie Bell18771961443
Long, J.L.C. Masonic emblem11/21/184209/15/1923443
Long, Margret M. Wife of J.L.C. Long04/02/184904/01/1928443
Long, Mary Butler Married Sept. 28, 1906 Eastern Star emblem05/22/188107/27/1959N-029
Long, Rodolphus Sutherland Married Sept. 28, 1906 IOOF emblem02/12/187306/22/1965N-029
Lowe, A.P. (Lon) Masonic emblem18771926446
Lowe, Hassler M. Masonic emblem19041978446
Lowe, Joe Forrest Masonic emblem10/08/190206/01/1986446
Lowe, Lula Hassler Eastern Star emblem18821971446
Lowe, Mary Ruth01/27/190406/12/1990446
Lowe, Terissa Gordon18841879064
Lucas, Michael Lee03/15/194307/04/1969N-144
Luton, John S., Sr.02/23/188607/20/1964N-033
Luton, Octavia M.09/06/188712/12/1971N-033
MacEachin, Corinne W.03/31/189410/23/1972439
MacEachin, Hector A.12/05/189011/28/1972439
Mack, Annie18721946272
Mageson, George W. Married May 23, 190911/02/188902/16/1984N-055
Mageson, Hester S. Married May 23, 190901/19/189005/05/1973N-055
Mageson, William Franklin No marker-information from funeral home records02/11/186805/30/1948
Mahan, Gideon Baxter Father07/01/187612/01/1963256
Mahan, Roberta Smith Mother03/08/189409/18/1970256
Mahan, Sarah Mother07/22/184409/07/1911256
Mangold, Daddy Bob R.P.M.10/11/188812/14/1963N-139
Mangold, James C.02/01/192203/08/1984N-139
Mangold, Mattie C. (Nannie)11/14/189202/05/1968N-139
Manzano, Guadalupe God Bless You Forever07/19/198502/06/1992SN-019
Maples, Bessie12/17/189610/14/1954N-066
Maples, Jack Archie19211980N-066
Maples, James R.06/11/189304/28/1982N-066
Maples, Joe B.08/04/189905/08/1969N-223
Maples, Lillie Our Beloved Mother03/25/189901/04/1982N-030
Maples, Lota E.05/19/190000N-223
Marsh, Ella VanZandt09/11/186604/09/1940423
Marshall, Roy & Troy Sons of James & Lois Budded on Earth, Blooming in Heaven02/03/194602/03/1946N-069
Marshall, Sandra A. Daughter of James & Lois Budded on Earth, Blooming in Heaven05/15/194810/23/1948N-069
Martin, Bertie12/25/188206/06/1906431
Martin, Clive David04/08/190611/20/1956185
Martin, Cody Dad11/03/189805/08/1950396
Martin, Florence George18751958250
Martin, Harriett Caroline Dayton Wife of Rev. A.G. Martin Born in Baskin Ridge, N.J.03/17/182602/26/1905122
Martin, Henry1896
Martin, John C.18761851504
Martin, Lynn Drennon06/22/191007/28/1971500
Martin, Maggie B.18771968504
Martin, Marjorie Carleta09/13/190807/03/1983185
Martin, Mary Clementine18491934399
Martin, Nora Kelly11/13/190201/10/1991448
Martin, Rev. Almon G. Born in Toleda, Ohio Died in Thorp’s Springs, Tex.01/21/182103/15/1883122
Martin, Sara Sue Mom06/25/190107/11/1962396
Martin, Val O.19011931518
Martin, William Cody, Sr. Dad09/17/192611/19/1986N-139
Martin, William E.18671935504
Martin, William Luther18411898399
Martom, Lewis Allen No marker-information from funeral home records09/04/189312/05/1940
Massey, Annette C. Mother The Lord is my Shepherd03/12/190708/04/1987N-186
Massey, Eli18461934429
Massey, Fred H. Father The Lord is my Shepherd08/31/190802/03/1969N-186
Massey, Geraldine Married July 10, 19441924SN-018
Massey, Lottie Married Nov. 19, 191918971980SN-018
Massey, Nancy E.18541932429
Massey, Raymond Sgt US Army WW II Married July 10, 194411/21/192006/22/1977SN-018
Massey, Robert Married Nov. 19, 19191897SN-018
Matlock, Loyce D.11/27/190602/19/1981N-165
Matlock, Martin C.06/27/1895N-165
Matlock, Martin Jr. TEXAS TEC 5 Co D 172 Bn IRTC WW II04/04/192308/21/1954N-165
Matlock, Miss Laura Davis Wife of William Matlock In God We Trust11/17/189609/13/1986N-016
Matlock, William01/21/1888N-061
Maxwell, Estil04/18/187308/27/1956125
Maxwell, Julia A. Age 70 years Born in Talledeeca, Ala. Sister of Martha W. Anderson Erected by their children212
May, Barbara1945030
May, Mrs. Vivellie18731957474
Mayes, Cary Lee Asleep10/17/195912/22/1968A-539
Mayes, Harold David Asleep01/11/193612/22/1968A-539
Mayfield, Burl E.07/01/189210/06/1966216
Mayfield, Clarence J.09/15/193010/24/1930216
Mayfield, Eddington19181991226
Mayfield, Henry18871894216
Mayfield, Hubert L.05/09/192107/24/1921216
Mayfield, Lena B. The Lord is my Shepherd02/07/189910/12/1979216
Mayfield, Lois Mae19181919216
Mayfield, Nancy10/23/185503/27/1928216
Mayfield, V.E. Gone, but not forgotten08/17/189612/18/1918216
Mayfield, William L.04/14/184807/24/1923216
Mays, Chlote19241987N-030
McAda, Clara Wife18971919117
McAda, Cynthia Mother18561907117
McBee, John Lesly Father19001977N-001
McBee, Kate Fairman12/14/189706/15/1970N-001
McBrayer, F.A.12/19/185402/16/1920469
McBrayer, Laura F.02/21/185912/15/1956469
McBride, Tessie Pearl04/03/191809/24/1940A-531
McCarty, Mollie E. Kell Wife of B.F. McCarty11/21/186708/07/1902045
McClanahan, Pocahuntas18461910033
McClenny, Lois Elizabeth19051935457
McComb, Mittie Earl Daug. of Mr. & Mrs. J.S. McComb08/26/190806/02/1914515
McCoole, Emma J.04/16/185806/26/1927A-525
McCoy, Andy H.18541937522
McCoy, Bithia M. Mother08/13/189209/1/1983N-086
McCoy, Dave N.02/25/189507/31/1971N-086
McCoy, Dave, Jr.19251943N-084
McCoy, Drew D.19341949N-084
McCoy, Elbert A.01/28/189801/20/1972N-077
McCoy, George C.19311949N-084
McCoy, Gertrude09/20/1896N-077
McCoy, James V. (Jim) Father02/05/188701/24/1963522
McCoy, Lilly Porter Mother12/14/189108/23/1980522
McCoy, Margie02/13/1951N-086
McCoy, Virginia B.18621950522
McCoy, William F. Pfc US Army WW II05/08/192010/15/1985N-086
McCracken, Michael Dewain Our precious Mike12/11/196309/05/1965218
McCrary, John C.18861973N-098
McCraw, A. Borden Married Mar. 17, 191611/06/1916SN-004
McCraw, Virginia Blanche Married Mar. 17, 191604/19/191912/05/1975SN-004
McCray, Grace E.03/25/189910/11/1985N-096
McCray, Levi H.02/24/188808/22/1965N-096
McCuan, Ivy J. Mother of J.C., Raymond, Leo & Odell Holland10/03/189004/07/1987N-165
McDaniel, Dora Mother04/14/189112/25/1952N-039
McDaniel, Eura A.18811976183
McDaniel, John H.18731936183
McDaniel, Johnie MISSISSIPPI Cpl US Army WW II12/16/192611/22/1947081
McDaniel, Will Father09/13/187601/02/1947N-039
McDonald, Addie Harris Wife of R.L. McDonald10/30/188301/21/1908512 Mausoleum
McDonald, Dorothy02/08/194702/08/1963N-080
McDougald, DeLana Davidson Greatest Mother on Earth04/02/190201/22/1977N-053
McDowell, Martha E. Daughter of H.A. & M.E. McDowell (stone broken)03/11/190005/11/19??063
McDowell, Walter J. Son of H.A. & M.C. McDowell10/22/187609/09/1881063
McElhaney, Jasper Dean18931977436
McElhaney, Minnie Rogers18931984436
McElhaney, Thelma Mae19171919436
McGahn, Patrick Aged about 50 years09/1890079
McGaughy, Henrietta Wife of L.B. McGaughy09/03/185903/05/1879048
McGaughy, John H. Son of L.B. & H. McGaughy02/27/187903/16/1879048
McGaughy, Luther B. Woodmen of the World marker07/27/185602/10/1918477
McGuyer, Nettie Dau. of Jno & Mollie Reichstetter (lot enclosed by iron fence)10/12/187507/18/1893231
McInroe, Frank Whistle a Happy Song Uncle08/15/190003/02/1979N-192
McInroe, Pat Pvt US Army WW II08/15/190004/14/1981N-192
McKee, Henry Martin Father03/26/189604/11/1981N-001
McKee, Lona Stewart Mother12/04/189707/22/1972N-001
McKenzie, Marion E. Tec 3 U.S. Army World War II (2 markers)09/28/192110/30/1992
McKinney, Andrew G.10/10/183201/27/1866030
McKinney, Elbert M. No marker-information from funeral home records12/31/191301/22/1953
McKinney, Emily T. Wife of A.G. McKinney Infant son buried with her01/29/183805/09/1863030
McKinney, Mary Ann Born in N.C. Mother of A.G. McKinney179410/19/1879030
McKinney, William Bascum Infant son of A.G. & Emily McKinney02/25/186306/02/1863030
McLemore, A.E.12/04/187807/16/1938502
McQueen, Charles19331940492
McQueen, Ila Faye Mother10/01/1915N-215
McQueen, Jack Daddy03/30/191207/27/1958N-215
McQueen, Nancy10/28/188503/17/1931492
McQueen, Sam04/25/187910/13/1939492
McQueen, Tennie04/03/188911/15/1963492
McReynolds, B.A. Father18781958N-217
McReynolds, Elzie H. Oldest Son19031983N-217
McReynolds, Kittie L. Married June 8, 194001/07/1923N-130
McReynolds, Peggy L. Daughter12/10/194902/05/1965N-130
McReynolds, Tiny Mother18841964N-217
McReynolds, Vernon D. Father Married June 8, 194005/24/191202/04/1987N-130
McReynolds, W.O. US Army World War II10/06/191703/27/1993SN-018
Meek, Jennie Wife of R.D. Meek (stone broken)05/25/186?05/25/1890028
Mehrten, Frank Wm. PENNSYLVANIA 2nd Lieutenant US Army WW I PH04/23/189509/30/1985N-025
Mehrten, Mary Sue18981974N-025
Menefee, Dr. Evalyn L.18531929395
Menefee, Emma Daughter of Dr. E.L. & A.M.A. Menefee03/18/189203/31/1901395
Menefee, Icy B.06/20/189301/13/1985395
Menefee, Mrs. Mattie E.18561938395
Menefee, Sam G.11/28/188911/30/1984395
Merrill, Gene02/13/192611/06/1983N-172
Merrill, Joyce03/12/1932N-172
Meyer, Kenneth W. Coonie Our Loved One – Laughed Often, Loved Life01/31/193608/13/1966N-159
Milam, Mandy I.10/08/186904/19/1947248
Milam, R.07/16/186208/25/1940248
Miller, Alton Randolph Dad03/26/190802/26/1982SN-081
Miller, Alvin H. Dad Married Feb. 24, 194309/17/1911N-218
Miller, Arthur Clinton Masonic emblem19041978N-228
Miller, Aubrey A.10/05/192008/20/1972443
Miller, B. Emma Mom18741967N-054
Miller, John E. TEXAS Sgt Co A 28 Inf I Inf Div Vietnam BSM-PH07/26/193606/11/1966N-103
Miller, Lola Mae Mother03/13/1911SN-081
Miller, Robert R. Pop18751965N-054
Miller, Trena L. Mom Married Feb. 24, 194309/14/192111/20/1980N-218
Miller, Vivian L. Daughter04/20/192301/01/1981N-182
Miller, Zola Hampton12/23/189405/15/957110
Millican, Mrs. Susan Age 8405/1913495
Millikin, Annie H. Wife of Samuel Millikin06/24/182709/14/1893137
Millikin, Samuel05/30/181705/28/1886137
Millwee, Edward08/12/185704/01/1920400
Millwee, Martha Wife of W.H. Millwee02/28/183205/01/1922400
Millwee, W.H. Aged 78 yrs Died in Thorp Spring Masonic emblem09/24/1876400
Mitchell, Annie D.10/16/188108/11/1974223
Mitchell, Ben19061928040
Mitchell, Ethel E.02/03/193509/16/1989015
Mitchell, Jane Goodwin07/19/1908040
Mitchell, John B.18511929040
Mitchell, Lela J. Taken from our home but not our hearts01/189803/1967N-106
Mitchell, Mary Ellen18671903060
Mitchell, Nannie18621945040
Mitchell, Ruel Murphy Died in Regina, Canada while in Canadian Service Pvt. 3356365 Private SASK Reft. CEF (maple leaf & cross) He died for freedom & home (2 markers)03/12/188811/08/1918040
Mitchell, Ruth M.18881975040
Mitchell, W.R. No marker-information from funeral home records05/23/187207/29/1956
Mitchell, William Bradford US Army12/22/192011/06/1982N-108
Mitchell, Zebulun Vance Zeb05/01/189401/19/1969040
Mizell, Bessie Myrtle06/12/1912N-174
Mizell, James Thomas, Sr.09/12/190808/21/1974N-174
Mizell, Virdie B.05/29/187707/28/1946502
Mizell, Watson F.10/20/187107/15/1952502
Mobley, Dr. S.E.18231890125
Mobley, Mrs. M.E. Born in Barnwell County, S.C. – Died in Hood County18311890125
Moore, A.E.02/25/182102/16/1911434
Moore, Aarie E.12/20/188006/08/1942249
Moore, Alva Curtis08/23/190210/03/1976461
Moore, C.W. “Toney”02/03/188906/27/1962N-206
Moore, Charles C.06/17/191111/24/1970SN-084
Moore, Clara M.06/30/189204/28/1969N-206
Moore, Dale W.19141993008
Moore, Emma C.03/05/187601/19/1960485
Moore, Faye11/27/190900SN-084
Moore, Floyd H.03/29/189603/20/1932493
Moore, Geneva Mother Nanny10/14/191304/07/1975N-105
Moore, George M.08/12/187901/16/1959249
Moore, Grace Ellen11/19/1909461
Moore, H.L. Father Pop11/16/191000N-105
Moore, Jeff D.12/05/187205/12/1960N-077
Moore, Jesse D. My Beloved Husband Our Dear Father & Grandfather10/23/192206/17/1982249
Moore, Lee Roy04/29/189810/09/1956N-180
Moore, Letitia S.18551921211
Moore, Liew J.18781961N-052
Moore, Mary E.18321913211
Moore, Mary Merle Killough08/11/190503/23/1963521
Moore, Mearl12/10/191202/07/1913249
Moore, N.J.12/13/182902/18/1968N-109
Moore, Odis D.07/28/190211/18/1968N-109
Moore, Rev. W.J.06/15/185302/02/1931211
Moore, Sally Potter18501879008
Moore, Velma08/10/189908/15/1985N-109
Moore, William C. (2 markers)18611939N-052
Morgan, Alice Bush18751944025
Morgan, Charles Bryant18611942026
Morgan, Dora Cooper18701931026
Morgan, Dr. E.H.18661931025
Morgan, H. Bush04/15/189708/01/1965025
Morgan, James18781955553
Morgan, Mrs. Lavada Wife of J.L. Thrash11/29/194712/04/1892049
Morgan, Mrs. N.C.18481927546
Morris, Capt. John R.18321921115
Morris, Charley Burr08/28/188107/06/1944498
Morris, Clio Age 3 yrs 9 mos 28 dys10/17/187708/15/1884121
Morris, Elizabeth A.18741914115
Morris, Emma Eastern Star emblem18921972055
Morris, Gretchen03/25/190311/19/1912398
Morris, John Clyde18701942115
Morris, Johnnie19001991A-530
Morris, Julia Ann Wife of B.W. Morris18521944055
Morris, Laurence18831957398
Morris, Matilda A. Mother 50 yr 5 mo 20 dys04/27/183909/29/1889121
Morris, Mrs. Glorinna Our Mother – Wife of T.J. Morris Afterward – Wife of G.H. Hightower03/05/1895055
Morris, N.W. Masonic emblem18461929055
Morris, Nita Lee Infant daughter of O.R. & W.L. Morris09/02/189711/04/1897034
Morris, Ola Rita01/06/187708/11/1914034
Morris, Rosa Lee18741955115
Morris, Sam C. Emblem with FCB18741936055
Morris, Theopa Dabney09/28/188505/10/1982498
Morris, Thos L. Father Age 83 yrs 20 dys03/19/183504/08/1918121
Morris, Walter L.03/12/187708/05/1950034
Morris, Wm. Royal Son of B.W. & J.A. Morris (raised, stone-covered vault and grave)11/12/187910/18/1880055
Morrison, Addie A.18861967468
Morrison, Alton Wilson05/24/190601/15/1989466
Morrison, Eva E.07/01/189609/19/1981N-129
Morrison, Fannie Mother18831973466
Morrison, Frank B. Father18791956466
Morrison, Martha Jane18501920468
Morrison, Rev. Van P. A faithful servant of God and Man12/15/188604/09/1964N-129
Morrison, Van Poe, Jr.19231993N-129
Morrison, Z.C.18531930468
Morrow, Neal A.02/05/191007/02/1979188
Morton, Grover C. Pa09/13/188506/21/1963N-156
Morton, Ida A. Ma12/30/189105/02/1972N-156
Moseley, (Baby)12/14/190612/14/1906130
Moseley, Hettie Olivia03/11/189012/18/1890130
Moseley, Lula Ann01/22/186711/15/1890130
Moseley, S.B.18981946N-027
Moseley, Samuel W.03/24/186603/03/1908130
Moss, George Jefferson11/26/186812/17/1941130
Moss, Leroy02/24/191002/21/1989269
Mugg, Maud09/10/188508/17/1975485
Mugg, Myrtle Bledsoe10/10/188602/29/1936485
Mugg, Robert Milton02/03/187005/17/1949485
Mulinax, M.A.10/24/183304/10/1885120
Mullane, Viola Beck Daughter of J.C. & M.A. Beck06/12/189006/25/1924401
Mullins, Alleene N.11/05/1908011
Mullins, Dave T.05/04/188101/28/1882011
Mullins, George M.08/08/187011/26/1870011
Mullins, Joe A.03/08/188612/15/1948011
Mullins, John W. Cowboy08/27/188401/03/1978011
Mullins, Lula E.11/06/187111/09/1877011
Mullins, Morgan (Honey)10/17/190205/23/1979N-234
Mullins, Nannie E.01/28/184808/05/1944011
Mullins, Roy Lee Father TEXAS Pvt HQ Co 165 Depot Brig WW I (2 markers)11/02/189406/01/1971N-234
Mullins, Sam P.04/08/187309/29/1964011
Mullins, Thomas P., Jr.03/14/187607/25/1946011
Mullins, Thomas P., Sr.11/02/183606/03/1892011
Musick, James Levi TEXAS Pvt 39 Inf 4 Div Co F WW I10/08/189203/29/1941500
Musick, Opal Deering06/29/190703/12/1988500
Myres, Frances08/08/191510/20/1968N-024

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N – R

Name of DeceasedDate of BirthDate of DeathLot Number
Neal, Evvie Louise19171979N-102
Neal, R.S. “Boss”03/28/188604/01/1967N-128
Neal, Walter Cecil08/15/190905/10/1967N-102
Neely, Algeronia L.18841921513
Neely, Bessie Mullins Wife of E.M. Neely11/21/187402/20/1910513
Neely, Bill S. TEXAS Pfc 383 Inf 96 Inf Div WW II BSM02/28/191501/31/1951513
Neely, C.M.02/22/186811/18/1948513
Neely, Charles06/14/186612/12/1896097
Neely, Clifton Monroe TEXAS Cpl 504 TNG GP AAF WW II01/12/191804/25/1968513
Neely, H.L.10/08/191210/18/1976513
Neely, Harrison L.18431913513
Neely, Lawrence L.18851962459
Nelson, Finis Thurston Daddy02/13/190511/04/1973N-146
Nelson, Florence Lila01/18/191201/13/1960N-151
Nelson, J.H.18751975
Nelson, Jack05/06/189501/06/1975N-233
Nelson, Martha Hettie04/09/188306/08/1957N-207
Nelson, Mona (Watson)06/25/190604/08/1984N-233
Nelson, Mrs. J.H. No marker-information from funeral home records02/08/187105/29/1954
Nelson, Oma Mae Mother06/20/1907N-146
Nelson, Thomas (military marker is partially buried)not visiblenot visibleN-095
Nelson, Thurman W.09/13/1914N-151
Nelson, Velma M. Mother07/05/189509/19/1986N-151
Nelson, Walter04/21/187904/05/1969N-207
Nelson, William A.11/05/189002/04/1986N-151
Newberry, J.M. Father (photo on marker)06/17/187404/26/1946N-021
Newberry, Laurae Mother Wife of T.M. Newberry (photo on marker)07/25/187607/01/1944N-021
Newman, Adline E.12/01/186006/05/1942557
Newman, Alice U.05/14/188010/28/1954391
Newman, Bertha B. Mother Wife of K.T. Newman12/06/189603/18/1942552
Newman, Billy Wayne Our Darling03/18/193708/29/1946558
Newman, Conde B.08/19/193403/25/1981552
Newman, Irene19031927391
Newman, J.W.05/20/184611/21/1930557
Newman, James A.18711899391
Newman, James L.09/15/1895N-176
Newman, John W.18751931558
Newman, Kenyon T.12/01/189012/25/1980552
Newman, Leon Son of K.T. & B.B. Newman08/10/193102/04/1934552
Newman, Lorene19031903391
Newman, Lowell Lee Pvt US Army WW II01/22/192606/20/1980552
Newman, Sam W.12/28/190608/12/1952558
Newman, Serena J.02/23/189706/30/1974N-176
Newman, Thelma Peveler & Baby06/06/190802/23/1933475
Newman, W.L.02/18/1873391
Nichols, Hellon J. Mother10/04/185105/16/1941515
Nichols, Jack Reed08/06/191408/26/1980N-141
Nichols, Jacob C. Father03/09/185607/14/1918515
Nichols, Jewell Oleta02/11/1920N-141
Nichols, Susie Daughter01/07/188302/23/1947515
Nisbett, John N. Born in Rutherford Co., Tenn.10/25/182405/14/1890173
Noah, Melissa Kay06/11/196811/06/1971N-101
Noonan, John Henry, Jr. PFC US Army WW II02/09/190802/04/1978191
Noonkester, Ann (Mama) Married June 30, 195602/23/191802/21/1973SN-043
Noonkester, Clifford Married June 30, 195611/11/191205/04/1985SN-043
Noonkester, Joseph D. Married July 30, 191005/05/188905/01/1976SN-042
Noonkester, Mary Married July 30, 191011/23/188906/16/1970SN-042
Northen, Arnold18281884047
Nowlin, Nora Menefee12/03/187801/20/1957395
Nunley, Robert E.18771956046
Nutt, Abel N. Masonic emblem06/25/183901/03/1880066
Nutt, David Our Parents12/15/179704/11/1872066
Nutt, David Henry Commander USNR19121962539
Nutt, David Lee Father01/06/184802/18/1929382
Nutt, Elizabeth E. Wife of Jesse F. Nutt12/19/183101/14/1898181
Nutt, Euna Barefoot02/18/188312/10/1975382
Nutt, Georgia02/01/188303/26/1910196
Nutt, Glenn07/27/1910196
Nutt, Harris09/29/184211/18/1911196
Nutt, Henry Lee04/01/187808/11/1954382
Nutt, Indiana (6 or more mummy stones with no visible inscription)10/18/184405/01/1886066
Nutt, J.F. (infant mummy stone covers grave)066
Nutt, J.F.01/19/183302/04/1913181
Nutt, J.N.03/10/191001/20/1968196
Nutt, Jake He was never married but was a father to the fatherless01/01/183506/05/1912382
Nutt, Jeff09/26/187211/23/1932196
Nutt, Jo Archer Wife of David H. Nutt19161962539
Nutt, Joe Louis09/27/191409/19/1988SN-028
Nutt, L. Louise Wed Sept. 28, 196812/08/1931SN-028
Nutt, Mattie B. Dau of Abe & Indiana Nutt One jewel less on earth. One treasure more in Heaven.05/21/187402/27/1895382
Nutt, Sallie Lue Dau of D.L. & Sudie Nutt01/29/187601/01/1891382
Nutt, Sarah A. Our Parents12/21/180702/27/1890066
Nutt, Sue Garland Mother02/20/185408/01/1920382
Nutt, Susan A. Wife of W.A. Landers Afterwards – wife of Wray Hopping02/15/184311/08/1881
Oates, Ovia Maud04/15/188807/26/1890172
Oates, Virginia M.02/28/186111/17/1891172
O’Brien, Kevin J.06/29/193508/02/1990N-149
Olmos, Pomposo R.18871962N-082
O’Neal, Herbert E. Married Oct. 2, 192709/06/190507/17/1980N-234
O’Neal, Jewel G. Married Oct. 2, 192711/07/1908N-234
Osborn, Sudie Inge10/01/186806/07/1935474
Osborne, Margaret L.02/07/187008/16/1932474
Osborne, Mary Caldwell In memory of Mother18621895165
Osborne, Naomie Wife of W.O. Osborne04/08/186202/09/1922471
Osborne, Wesley O.18601939165
Osburn, Elsie Mae Mother05/12/189501/08/1971N-240
Osburn, John S. Father03/15/188711/19/1967N-240
Owen, Adda I. Mother18751961178
Owen, Jesse Frank12/14/190401/05/1990N-178
Owen, Thelma C.19071993N-178
Owen, William D. Daddy18741961178
Owens, Cecil Glenn01/21/190904/23/1979N-137
Owens, James William01/06/190710/06/1988N-137
Owens, W.O.10/02/187712/17/1963N-137
Palmer, Golda B.10/01/1907SN-082
Palmer, William H. (Bill)05/31/190309/06/1972SN-082
Parker, Annetta06/19/189112/02/1980N-022
Parker, Binyon07/07/191710/05/1993N-022
Parker, Donard W.12/04/188402/20/1945N-022
Parker, Elsie W.1925N-122
Parker, Frank07/04/187504/01/1942A-531
Parker, Frank M. TEXAS Tec 5 Co B 1878 Engr AVN Bn WWII (2 markers)12/24/190610/15/1965N-122
Parker, Hattie04/04/187904/09/1966A-531
Parker, Henry02/12/191402/11/1958A-531
Parker, Jim Father Married Dec. 25, 193401/10/190703/05/1981503
Parker, Josie Mother Married Dec. 25, 193412/24/191804/08/1986503
Parker, Roy08/15/193601/10/1937503
Parker, Tessie04/03/191809/24/1940A-531
Parker, Wyman Wayne “Butch”09/04/194004/10/1979N-022
Parkinson, Archie Mack Daddy Married May 28, 193010/122/1904N-161
Parkinson, Doye Winston US Navy Korea02/14/193211/22/1975N-161
Parkinson, Ida Lee Mother Married May 28, 193011/30/1911N-161
Parkinson, Lavern11/07/1908N-187
Parkinson, Richard A. U.S. World War II Army (2 markers)08/21/190904/01/1993
Parkinson, Richard Gideon (Dick) I will be waiting02/03/194805/30/1983N-187
Parks, D.C.08/22/186811/09/1940426
Parks, Martha09/05/184210/26/1914426
Parks, Milton01/04/182311/18/1905426
Parks, Ray R.03/31/188203/22/1945426
Parks, Ruby Davis McQueen No marker-information from funeral home records11/20/192109/21/1963
Parks, Rufus A.18771927426
Parks, Susie Hassler Aunt Susie Eastern Star emblem01/24/187501/30/1961446
Parks, Will W.18701937426
Parks, Winnie Bupp18801914426
Paschall, Charles A. Co G 4 TEXAS Inf Sp Am War266
Pate, Alah Holman Wife of G.L. Pate Faithful to her trust even unto death02/15/187212/10/1924535
Pate, G.L. How desolate our home bereft of thee03/18/186602/25/1923535
Patillo, Roy Son of A. Patillo08/15/188808/29/1902255
Patton, Elmo149
Payne, Alice Dee Eastern Star emblem18711948458
Payne, C.A.G. Masonic emblem01/09/184304/16/1908458
Payne, Fannie18431932458
Payne, H.D. Masonic emblem18691947458
Payne, J. Cecil01/31/190212/03/1968458
Payton, James I. Married June 16, 192103/31/188711/03/1968419
Payton, Mag Joe (Kerr) Married June 16, 192103/25/189412/08/1984419
Peak, Willis18701929490
Pearlee, Anamarie Grandmother To Thy cross I cling18191889390
Peavy, Bessie Daniel DAR emblem08/13/189310/06/1982187
Peavy, John H.04/08/188907/26/1962187
Perkins, Alvin Ray Baby04/01/192904/01/1929525
Perkins, Anderson18511930091
Perkins, Annie E. Mother18681937525
Perkins, Baby091
Perkins, Claudie091
Perkins, Conciola Moughon Wife of G.A. Perkins19021941525
Perkins, Dorothy Nell Baby12/24/192512/24/1925525
Perkins, Etta091
Perkins, Fannie M.11/186109/1941240
Perkins, G. Alvin TEXAS PFC Co D 5 Engineers 7 Div WW I11/13/189110/16/1952525
Perkins, George W. Father18541941525
Perkins, Laura18611910091
Perkins, Marion C.10/185811/1934240
Perkins, Marion Floyd18881953240
Perkins, Milton D. Sacred be the memory of the one we all loved11/29/185807/31/1919240
Perkins, Thelma091
Perkins, Turner091
Perkins, W.E.02/12/181907/25/1885091
Perry, David R. (double stone reads: Perry Boys)09/28/196312/19/1963N-199
Perry, George Buck Dad Married 1940 TEXAS Pfc Inf WW II (reverse side of marker lists children) Roland Ray Perry 07/25/1941 11/09/1941 George David Perry 09/27/1943 Johnny Dewayne Perry 12/06/195404/20/192004/13/1969N-012
Perry, Jerry W. PERRY BOYS03/03/196103/03/1961N-199
Perry, Myrtle07/09/189208/27/1979N-236
Perry, Rhoda B.18561941033
Perry, Roland Ray07/25/194111/09/1941N-012
Perry, Virgil L.09/02/189203/13/1964N-236
Pertillo, Elizabeth I fought the good fight and finished my course09/01/186410/17/1954255
Peters, Amon L. Masonic emblem09/11/1842442
Peters, Amon L.06/06/191510/02/1987N-197
Peters, Annie E. Wife of J.M. Peters04/11/183508/18/1926204
Peters, Beulah Lester10/08/193108/04/1989015
Peters, Burl C.12/11/188809/25/1969N-197
Peters, Chester W.09/03/189506/09/1981442
Peters, Dollie Dau of J.H. & S.E. Peters04/14/189610/21/1912017
Peters, Edd A. Married July 28, 192910/23/188906/01/1955N-179
Peters, Ella Mae Married July 28, 192911/14/188706/21/1974N-179
Peters, Hettie03/12/189104/13/1984N-197
Peters, Infant Son of J.H. & S.E. Peters06/07/189106/07/1891017
Peters, J.M.07/25/182506/11/1891204
Peters, James G.03/09/189109/18/1973442
Peters, James H.11/03/184508/26/1925016
Peters, Lana Daughter of J.H. & S.M. Peters06/26/188004/30/1899017
Peters, Mary E.06/25/185201/22/1899017
Peters, Ola Healer09/10/190306/18/1981017
Peters, Ples08/28/185510/08/1918017
Peters, R.G.08/15/181812/20/1884017
Peters, R.G. TEXAS Cook 633 Aero Sq WW I01/06/189307/20/1969016
Peters, S.E. Wife of J.H. Peters05/03/185901/03/1918017
Peters, Sallie R. Mother09/18/186504/23/1957442
Peters, Sarah Daughter of Elizabeth & R.G. Peters (mummy stone)02/21/184103/14/1873017
Peters, Sarah M. Wife of J.H. Peters08/26/185212/24/185017
Peterson, Helen Evans Daughter of Anna Walkup & Ashley Crockett)09/14/191208/20/1970054
Peveler, Annie Lee07/21/188701/26/1978N-026
Peveler, Aunt Sallie (second stone at grave – Daughter of Confederacy)18511934551
Peveler, Chas. F.18721947403
Peveler, J. Hollis06/04/190206/20/1918470
Peveler, L. Alford Daddy18721959470
Peveler, Mary Kerr18781962470
Peveler, Ollie (Mrs. Charles) No marker-information from funeral home records08/04/187907/30/1954
Peveler, Ted Austin09/28/188007/21/1948N-026
Peveler, Uncle France (F.M.) TEXAS State Troops CSA (2 markers)18431936551
Pewitt, Mable Clara Mother04/13/189512/24/1972SN-054
Pewitt, Mattie Marie Mama Her strength made us strong01/27/193505/28/1987SN-054
Pewitt, Roy Otto Father08/18/189409/07/1970SN-054
Phillips, Bill Daddy19021964N-121
Phillips, Festus Clay Married Sept. 14, 193307/14/190711/28/1974470
Phillips, Infant Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. F.C. Phillips, Sr.06/01/194406/01/1944470
Phillips, Kate1912N-121
Phillips, Margaret P. Married Sept. 14, 193304/19/1905470
Pierce, A.J. Husband of M.J. Pierce08/07/184702/17/1899237
Pinkerton, Claudie10/06/189610/26/1973N-057
Pinkerton, Jessie May11/26/190305/29/1973N-057
Pitcock, Leona V.12/08/190206/07/1977043
Pool, Mattie Robertson18691957128
Porter, Albert11/1993
Porter, Albert10/25/1894SN-050
Porter, Amanda Mother07/16/187605/17/1954507
Porter, Earl E. Masonic emblem In Memoriam – Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle03/13/190101/03/1985N-005
Porter, Elizabeth J. His Wife (W.A. Porter) Woodmen of the World Memorial06/30/185110/11/1935522
Porter, Eula02/10/189810/15/1966SN-050
Porter, Floyd R.02/10/191603/05/1935507
Porter, Glenn Edwin Our Baby03/10/193502/12/1938N-005
Porter, Herman Leon Asleep in Jesus10/22/194201/27/1943N-005
Porter, I. Esther Eastern Star emblem05/23/190011/23/1974N-005
Porter, I.E. (Ivy) In part: Erected by Conductors & Motormen of the Street Railway Co., San Francisco, Calif18801909522
Porter, Ira Glenn Daddy Married Nov. 19, 192703/17/190405/28/1983N-143
Porter, J.J.11/18/181801/21/1886030
Porter, James C.01/11/191204/09/1966507
Porter, John E.12/02/188808/14/1962N-067
Porter, Joy19381985N-003
Porter, Luther P. Father04/04/187304/26/1934507
Porter, Maggie Odessa Mother Married Nov. 19, 192704/14/1904N-143
Porter, Stella (Dooley) Married Oct. 29, 192407/29/190511/13/1966267
Porter, Tom Watson Married Oct. 29, 192409/24/189608/24/1973267
Porter, W.A. WOW Memorial10/04/184912/09/1917522
Porter, Will S.03/02/187808/16/1906030
Porter, Willie M. Wells04/02/188504/22/1969N-067
Powell, Joel J.02/07/188105/06/1934461
Powell, Minnie B. (Saul)02/28/187901/02/1957461
Powell, Robert Lee PFC US Army05/24/189006/16/1979SN-002
Powell, Sadie Magdlene08/28/190010/10/1989SN-002
Powell, Scott08/22/190001/23/1940200
Powell, Sid02/27/187508/09/1934200
Powell, Stella05/07/187801/14/1944200
Powell, Wynne08/02/189808/31/1911200
Power, Melody Dawn11/21/195707/02/1958110
Prescott, Kate Dawson08/06/189001/21/1980223
Price, Annie Belle Daughter05/04/188602/05/1954014
Price, Avis N. (Carter) In loving memory06/15/190006/16/1981N-210
Price, Bruce Virgil05/18/190704/18/1987130
Price, Chas. E.18691946554
Price, Flora Nell04/01/190509/03/1986130
Price, H.G., Sr. Father In loving memory19011957N-210
Price, Ollie12/15/188305/21/1960N-185
Price, William B.01/07/187203/29/1952N-185
Pruitt, Violet (stone broken)157
Purselley, Clara Mom01/21/189501/11/1979N-154
Purselley, John H. Dad12/02/188709/26/1959N-154
Purselley, Mrs. J.C. (photo on marker)18851959558
Purselley, Wade Lynn04/29/197104/29/1971532
Quarles, Ralph B.18541895010
Quarles, W.T. Son of P.L. & M. Quarles (stone broken)12/13/185605/25/1880010
Raburn, J.R. Age 20 yrs 3 mo 10 days09/26/1890087
Raburn, Wm. B. Aged 39 yrs 1 mo 1 da Masonic emblem03/08/183902/09/1879087
Radney, Robert Son of J.R. & H.A. Radney12/26/190511/30/1907074
Raiza, William J. Father05/23/184409/04/1919460
Ramos, David18851964N-090
Ramos, Paula L.18981966N-090
Randle, Keith09/02/188905/11/1964A-539
Randle, Minnie Grissom02/15/189605/13/1952A-539
Randolph, Mrs. L.J.18311914546
Randolph, Phelan B.01/22/189012/26/1979N-138
Rankin, Troy Allen (Bill T.)03/14/190903/18/1989N-112
Rasco, James Emmit Married Oct. 28, 192207/13/190305/03/1983N-089
Rasco, Ramey Jewell Married Oct. 28, 192208/19/1908N-089
Rash, Mary A.12/04/186702/01/1946544
Rash, Sam A.02/13/186001/03/1943544
Ratliff, Ada O.18751944548
Ratliff, Allen P.18931945548
Ratliff, J.N.18721953548
Ratliff, J.P. (lot enclosed by iron fence)05/28/185001/29/1914548
Ratliff, Mrs. M.J.04/01/185006/02/1919548
Raupe, Buell Craig Red and yellow, Black and white. They were precious in his sight.09/19/192510/14/1988N-228
Raupe, Carl B. Masonic emblem07/13/189605/13/1963N-228
Raupe, Harold Wayne Father05/07/190211/21/1986N-225
Raupe, Hugh Morris19221993N-228
Raupe, Joyce1921N-228
Raupe, Joyce Adkins Beloved Wife, Mother and Dear Friend03/09/192807/27/1983N-228
Raupe, Lottie M. Eastern Star emblem10/06/189310/17/1979N-228
Rawls, Daisy Lee10/15/189702/14/1985N-144
Rawls, Dr. Robert Nathan, Jr.10/21/191806/01/1981N-144
Rawls, Geraldine Shannon09/14/1921N-144
Rawls, Robert Nathan KANSAS Pvt Medical Department WW I09/10/189412/08/1962N-144
Ray, David B.18991899097
Ray, Donald C.19031908097
Ray, Ella Mae Mother05/01/1939N-156
Ray, Isaac H. (Ike) Daddy11/03/193807/10/1964N-156
Ray, Truman D.19051905097
Ray, Wilbur U.05/21/193403/11/1989N-105
Reece, Judge Farewell my wife and child. Your father Christ doth call.186905/07/1897273
Reed, Flora R.06/12/1917N-164
Reed, Gordon B.08/11/191408/03/1961N-164
Reed, Infant Child of J.F. & G. Reed01/12/187407/01/1875027
Reeder, J.W.11/25/186308/13/1896177
Reese, Beulah18931983N-163
Reese, Clarence B.18841971N-163
Reese, Justine L. (Daniels) Daughter11/06/193309/09/1965275
Reeves, Murrell A.11/23/190004/03/1948N-063
Reeves, Willa03/29/189705/23/1968N-063
Reeves, Willie Mae07/23/1898N-037
Reveles, Guadalupe Villegas12/28/196005/16/1983253
Rhea, Charlie Son of G.W. & E.S. Rhea12/24/188412/29/1884118
Rhea, Emma Robertson18601953118
Rhea, G.W.06/23/185312/16/1890118
Rhea, Infant Son of T.B. & M.F. Rhea189210/1892114
Rhea, Rebecca Kindness18551947434
Rhea, T.B.01/18/185002/26/1893114
Rich, P.M.11/16/184110/31/1882121
Richardson, Ada Memories Linger01/11/188902/18/1989N-203
Richardson, Hiram Memories Linger01/15/188107/19/1956N-203
Richmond, Audie Inez09/08/190710/01/1978543
Richmond, B. Frank07/13/186007/15/1914543
Richmond, Benjamin Jewel02/10/190006/08/1965543
Richmond, Mamie Dau of B.F. & M.D. Richmond09/27/189405/07/1905061
Ricks, Doyle W. Skipper04/07/194009/25/1985N-157
Ricks, Homer V. Pop05/22/188611/07/1965N-131
Ricks, Joe Wesley07/08/195012/02/1990N-131
Ricks, Margaret Beloved Mother12/30/192104/23/1959N-157
Ricks, Vonnie Mom06/18/189807/20/1976N-131
Riddle, A.Z.04/19/191006/13/1972N-215
Riddle, Harl B. Son of G.W. & Rosa Riddle Woodmen of World marker with marble cradle07/30/188607/18/1892235
Riddle, Novella03/23/191402/06/1976N-215
Riddle, Viola Pauline Wife of Lee Riddle She was beauties’ model. She was Love’s ideal. And her life was pure and gentle. While she sleeps, Sorrow keeps watch.08/31/187406/29/1900235
Ridgway, Annie E.09/17/184702/22/1930173
Riedrich, O.C.10/20/187802/28/1934450
Riedrich, Ruth C.02/12/189201/30/1979450
Rigsby, Arvil09/19/189611/16/1984N-063
Rigsby, Ethel Mom08/06/189503/18/1981N-063
Riley, Blan Russell1919N-046
Riley, Dorothy Oleta06/05/194412/18/1944N-014
Riley, Ethel Wife of W.M. Riley18791962149
Riley, F.S. (Pete)03/25/191208/30/1979SN-096
Riley, H.A. (Tom)08/22/191402/19/1964N-014
Riley, Isaac W.12/29/187804/29/1950N-014
Riley, James C. Pvt US Army03/21/192108/31/1974N-014
Riley, Loyd L. TEXAS Sgt H&S Co 24 Tank Bn Korea03/07/193008/31/1974N-014
Riley, Manassah Edward TEXAS M Sgt US Army WW II19191978N-046
Riley, Mary Lee06/02/188711/06/1979N-014
Riley, Nannie01/12/191211/04/1979SN-096
Riley, Travis19031904150
Riley, W.M. Dad Riley18681944149
Ritchie, Aubra B. Married Oct. 14, 192807/13/1910N-108
Ritchie, M. Veatrus Married Oct. 14, 192810/11/1911N-108
Roach, Amanda Pearl10/21/187809/25/1969SN-019
Roberson, Clyde W. Married Dec. 12, 1929 Pfc 61st Engineers US Army WW II11/27/1908SN-103
Roberson, Emma Stephen Married Dec. 12, 1929 Teacher 45 years02/25/190609/09/1990SN-103
Roberts, Alethea Mary Isabel Daughter of Rev. & Mrs. R.A. Roberts11/30/189401/08/1895094
Roberts, Bertha B. In loving memory01/01/1893N-207
Roberts, Carl A. Masonic emblem19141950N-074
Roberts, Dee Andrew12/13/187210/16/1921257
Roberts, Emma Louise04/15/1915N-134
Roberts, Frank K. In loving memory02/25/188607/24/1957N-207
Roberts, Frank O. IOOF FLT emblems02/26/191203/22/1962N-073
Roberts, Herbert E. TEXAS Pvt 132 Field Artillery WW II02/21/191808/19/1941257
Roberts, Herman L. TEXAS Tec 5 494 Engr Hs Co WW II04/28/190705/15/1971N-074
Roberts, Katherine01/31/188511/01/1951257
Roberts, Lively I.03/17/189410/13/1950N-055
Roberts, Nellie L.10/06/190103/06/1990257
Roberts, Raymond R.12/13/191504/27/1990257
Roberts, Roy Cabell Masonic emblem TEXAS Sgt Army Air Forces WW II (2 markers)09/08/190301/21/1972N-134
Roberts, V. Kindness1916N-074
Robertson, Alice Morris Daughter of Minda Robertson08/03/187609/29/1885126
Robertson, Arminda10/11/185807/13/1957126
Robertson, Bert Masonic emblem03/18/188108/08/1958126
Robertson, Bertha Oleta Mother09/04/191102/01/1987N-154
Robertson, Bettie F.18651946128
Robertson, Carl03/18/188711/29/1976N-175
Robertson, Catherine J. Wife of J.W. Robertson01/15/182704/24/1892126
Robertson, Jesse PCLK US Navy WW I04/20/188501/14/1954126
Robertson, Jos W.08/03/181906/30/1902126
Robertson, Julia A.E.08/21/183701/24/1899128
Robertson, Lewis Clyde Father02/13/190705/10/1968N-154
Robertson, Lewis Wayne07/28/193012/08/1993N-154
Robertson, Minnie12/29/189612/15/1988N-175
Robertson, Nellie G. Eastern Star emblem02/28/189405/20/1955126
Robertson, Nora07/12/187107/07/1900128
Robertson, T.H.01/03/181503/03/1897128
Robertson, Tom Pvt US Army WW I08/26/189004/11/1969126
Robertson, William J. Co A 12 TENN CAV CSA126
Robinett, Addie Bell18661925441
Robinett, B. Adeline18431920441
Robinett, Rev. Mace Martin18621948441
Robinett, W.H.10/23/184204/30/1906441
Robinson, Bertha Ethel Dau of W.E. & A.A. Robinson04/16/189002/12/1894224
Robinson, Edward Wilburn Son of Rev. William David Robinson & wife, Elizabeth Adeline Farrar01/16/188512/03/1886128
Robinson, Infant Child of Walter F. Robinson No marker-info from funeral home records05/17/194005/17/1940
Robinson, Mrs. Sarah E. Aged 64 yrs 4 mos & 27 d’s01/30/182805/27/1892224
Rockwell, Eppie Estella Mom02/05/189808/16/1987N-103
Rockwell, Herman R. (Buck) Dad08/11/189607/31/1978N-103
Rockwell, Lelu Mother01/21/187309/08/1955483
Rockwell, Will R. Father01/24/188102/04/1942483
Rodgers, Arthur L.06/08/189710/03/1964N-121
Rodgers, Josh V. Married Dec. 27, 1941 If love could have saved him, he would never have died11/21/188902/01/1961N-213
Rodgers, Martha A. Wife of G.F. Rodgers03/19/184007/12/1891171
Rodgers, Trudy V. Married Dec. 27, 1941N-213
Rodriguez, Jesse19701970N-087
Rodriguez, Jesus TEXAS Pfc Hq Btry 295 AAA Slt Bn WW II11/16/191401/05/1966N-087
Rodriguez, Jose, Sr.18891964N-087
Rodriquez, Betty Lou10/25/1932
Rodriquez, Jesus, Jr.10/20/1946
Roe, Carl C.01/15/190201/26/1951N-162
Roe, Malinda261
Roe, Prince261
Rogers, Grace Inez12/13/191506/04/1987SN-043
Rogers, Huston T.04/07/1915SN-043
Rohde, Chas. G.18701949N-061
Rohde, Mrs. Lillian Louise18761942N-061
Rollins, J.F.184512/01/1931252
Rollins, Jess05/23/187405/25/1955251
Rothell, Betty Angelina Mother10/09/187708/01/1942535
Rothell, Gladys18971908535
Rothell, Henry Claiborne10/17/187112/31/1951535
Royal, W.M. Son of B.W. & J.A. Morris (rock tomb above the ground)11/12/187910/10/1880055
Royalty, Dorothy E.12/09/192906/03/1985215
Royalty, Gary Ray Our Baby03/20/194811/21/1949215
Royalty, Willie B. TEXAS Pvt Co B 111 Engineers WW I03/20/189612/12/1971N-011
Ruff, F.J. Husband18791892077
Russell, Ada Lou12/01/188402/23/1952458
Russell, Amelia V.06/14/191403/05/1978N-043
Russell, Charlie L.18721946N-043
Russell, Charlie L., Jr.05/15/190911/09/1971N-043
Russell, Claud01/28/188505/16/1945458
Russell, Claudia L.19091913458
Russell, Eula B.19161940458
Russell, French S.03/03/188301/18/1948N-046
Russell, James11/21/185901/17/1930458
Russell, Lola Mae06/11/189601/01/1961463
Russell, Mary A.18731957N-043
Russell, Mary B.18611942458
Russell, Nora N.06/01/188410/17/1948N-046
Russell, Walter19121993N-046
Rylee, Baby Infant of Mr. & Mrs. A.C. Rylee06/22/191406/23/1914389
Rylee, Carl M. Son of Ivy & Ida Rylee19081934022
Rylee, Dr. J.D.1860191722
Rylee, Floy04/01/188304/06/1968389
Rylee, Helen Johnson02/09/190912/12/1938021
Rylee, Ida Baker Wife of Ivy Rylee18841964021
Rylee, Ivy A.18841964021
Rylee, J.A.10/17/184702/15/1880021
Rylee, J.F. (infant mummy stone – dates not legible)06/10/——10/—–/—–021
Rylee, John E. Masonic emblem Son of Jeff & Sadie Rylee18861916022
Rylee, Kittie Wife of M. Rylee10/02/186301/03/1892173
Rylee, Lola Only daughter of Jeff & Sadie18821907022
Rylee, Madison Bud Rylee18591918389
Rylee, Mary P. Wife of Y.J. Rylee10/17/182505/01/1888021
Rylee, Minnie10/19/187911/16/1879021
Rylee, Sadie McDonald18581944022
Rylee, Y.J. Born in Jackson Co., Ga. Married to Mary P. Bell in Hall Co., Ga. 12/19/184205/31/181203/02/1876021

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S – Z

Name of DeceasedDate of BirthDate of DeathLot Number
Salis, Monsi Marin19611975243
Sallie, ______ (stone broken) Dau of J.H. & P.A. Sallie09/14/188611/29/1887055
Salmon, Jennie E.05/23/184408/03/1902064
Salmon, Theyva19031970064
Samford, William Carpenter UCV (lot enclosed with iron fence – many graves marked with rocks)05/12/183308/08/1909542
Sanchez, Frank M.03/17/194209/03/1988253
Sanchez, Leonard M.02/20/192011/14/1990253
Sandlin, Margaret12/12/190712/13/1907241
Sandlin, Maybel03/27/190203/31/1902241
Sargent, Alice Johnston08/30/186705/21/1948N-044
Sargent, Howard Henry11/14/190810/25/1989N-171
Sargent, Inez Dixon At Rest in Heaven07/09/188310/10/1969N-183
Sargent, John E.18691942546
Sargent, Martha K.18661940546
Sargent, Thomas Andrew At Rest in Heaven08/02/188103/24/1970N-183
Saul, Chas. Mancil Masonic emblem01/14/185701/19/1932461
Saul, Frances Married Aug. 2, 191409/29/1898N-067
Saul, Mary Ann11/24/186007/15/1933461
Saul, Mrs. M.E. Wife of J.G. Saul Her happy soul has winged its way to one sure bright eternal day03/22/186409/13/1905420
Saul, Obed K. Married Aug. 2, 191407/10/189310/17/1964N-067
Sauls, Flora L. Eastern Star emblem06/25/185903/10/1950N-002
Sauls, Samuel A. Masonic emblem12/24/186003/01/1949N-002
Savage, Emma G.18781956154
Savage, Wilson P. Husband18641933154
Schelling, Jaymie No marker-information from funeral home records07/23/188110/27/1941
Schroder, Andrew L.18821967N-155
Schroder, Anna Lee07/07/193407/20/1978N-155
Schroder, W.A. Andy09/07/191605/29/1977N-155
Schulte, John I.18691936487
Schulte, Mrs. John (Rosena Idella Bombard)18691936487
Sellars, Sarah L. Ingle Wife of W.T. Sellars03/14/184601/15/1900397
Sellars, Thomas H. (Boy)07/07/188404/23/1904397
Sellars, William Thomas04/09/184105/16/1905397
Sessions, H.R. Father18751945N-035
Seymour, Amanda Ann Infant dau of Monty & Patsy01/08/197801/09/1978N-229
Seymour, Ronnie J.10/09/194809/30/1967N-229
Seymour, Thea Jo10/23/195009/30/1967N-229
Shade, Jacqueline I.19241984488
Shade, Joseph C.19241974488
Shaffer, Leta Mae10/27/191007/12/1971A-532
Shands, B.A.12/04/184206/24/1882028
Shands, Jinnie04/23/187504/23/1875028
Shands, Oran Children of B.A. & A.A. Shands04/24/187909/24/1880028
Shaw, Jesse E. TEXAS Pvt Co 2 134 Infantry WW I11/25/188601/06/1968231
Shaw, May18861957231
Sherman, Rachel Tempest10/16/198412/16/1986431
Shipman, Infants Three infants of J.L. & Sara H. Shipman18761878191
Shipman, John L.03/10/181803/14/1904191
Shirley, Infant Son of W.A. & Pinkie Shirley19071907539
Shoemaker, Emily Doyle Married June 14, 191606/05/189410/26/1960390
Shoemaker, Infant Son of S.D. & Perlee Shoemaker01/18/190301/18/1903390
Shoemaker, John Dean11/03/192610/12/1993390
Shoemaker, Louis D. Married June 14, 191608/27/189109/26/1976390
Shoemaker, Silas D. Son of S.D. & Perlee Shoemaker10/27/189806/06/1899390
Sikes, M.L. Son of M.L. & & S.S. Sikes07/13/188411/29/1886077
Sirkel, D.W.04/11/186601/15/1933485
Skipper, E.E. Father18331891164
Skipper, Elizabeth A. Mother18541920154
Skipper, George Baby02/10/190302/13/1903154
Skipper, Jeffie Brother18791890154
Skipper, Joseph E.07/22/186308/20/1937154
Skipper, Lucile Daughter of J.E. & M.J. Skipper09/18/189111/12/1897154
Skipper, Martha Ann Mother183504/29/1931164
Skipper, Mary (Mollie) Wife of Joseph Skipper08/14/186304/19/1907154
Skipper, Nonnie B.05/12/189405/27/1965154
Skipper, W.R. Father18541922154
Sledge, Glenda Ann Mother07/06/194000N-104
Sledge, Robert Aaron Father Pop12/17/194004/21/1986N-104
Small, Margaret Thrash10/26/187904/17/1906049
Smith, Alice Marie19251926098
Smith, Allie Parks01/26/187412/15/1947426
Smith, Beulah Galloway08/26/189712/23/1983SN-040
Smith, Delphia N. Cox12/19/1949046
Smith, Donald W. My darling baby12/11/194105/19/1944482
Smith, Fannie04/12/191202/25/1971N-188
Smith, Grace E. Dau of S.E. & A.E. Smith09/189009/1890080
Smith, John05/11/191004/28/1982N-188
Smith, John W. Father18791953409
Smith, Lela Lambert18921974426
Smith, Marlin R. Dad01/27/191305/22/1968409
Smith, Nellie A. Mother11/11/188802/20/1986409
Smith, Nellie E. Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C.W. Glenn03/05/190002/23/1932112
Smith, Teretha K.02/02/195403/20/1988120
Smith, Vernon01/13/191006/13/1978409
Smithson, James L.10/16/190204/08/1959N-155
Smoot, Sallie J. Wife of B.F. Smoot10/26/184008/12/1873078
Snelson, Elizabeth S.08/23/184002/09/1902250
Snelson, William Emmett07/31/188510/15/1904250
Snoddy, Mary Kate04/14/190409/12/1971071
Snoddy, Ted R. Masonic emblem07/19/190403/07/1972071
Snow, Marion Mathew05/15/190701/25/1943N-084
Snow, Pearl02/22/188804/26/1966N-084
Solis, Monsi Maria03/20/196112/24/1975253
Sparkman, Emma E.18681956A-540
Sparkman, Glenn Married Dec. 21, 196808/19/1927
Sparkman, James R. Masonic emblem18651946A-540
Sparkman, Nadine Married Dec. 21, 196805/03/1924
Sparkman, Sarah Effie07/09/188702/04/1974N-006
Sparkman, William Thomas Masonic emblem12/04/188804/09/1965N-006
Spears, Eliza18191907025
Speed, Joseph R. TEXAS Pvt 3 Cav WW I06/23/188906/19/1949A-524
Spoon, Curtis Lee Sgt 12 Cav WW II02/12/192002/13/1945N-075
Spoon, Fred S.03/31/189208/03/1966N-075
Spoon, Stella F.11/24/1902N-075
Stacy, Barnie H. TEXAS Cpl Hq Co 142 Infantry WW I03/01/189312/17/1969188
Stalcup, Elizabeth Rest Mother, rest in quiet sleep While friends in sorrow o’er thee weep08/29/181211/11/1892236
Stalcup, John P. Farewell my wife and children all. From you a father – Christ doth call.05/10/185411/04/1892236
Stanaford, Daisey Nelson08/27/1989N-207
Stapp, Lucy L.18531927497
Stapp, V.R. Woodmen of the World emblem02/10/184902/15/1917497
Statham, Annie Carrie03/07/188408/07/1907537
Statham, Mary Jane07/18/185211/04/1938537
Statham, William D.05/02/184901/26/1928537
Steele, Edgar Lee11/12/191108/12/1987094
Stembridge, Floyd Earl01/14/195703/11/1988278
Stembridge, Modell19151970SN-097
Stephens, Vonda O’Neal Committed Christian Loving Wife & Mother10/05/193608/27/1985N-234
Stephenson, Rhonda Irene Daughter of W.R. & R.E. Stephenson02/07/189807/25/1898094
Stevens, Marguerite (Bretts)19091966136
Stewart, Dora B.05/01/188712/12/1871N-152
Stewart, Juddie Asleep in Jesus18261914265
Stewart, Merritt R.08/17/187310/06/1959N-152
Stewart, Wm. Asleep in Jesus18301914265
Stinnett, Carroll Don Beloved Son & Brother12/05/193903/26/1960N-147
Stokes, Bee Wife of Cecil18961978160
Stokes, Elizabeth Sister of Cecil18971971160
Stokes, W. Cecil18941961160
Stone, Roy Taylor TEXAS Pvt 165 Depot Brigade WW I07/29/189311/15/1949120
Strain, Berta Faye Lanham09/28/192512/02/1983N-028
Strain, E. Pauline1918N-107
Strain, James Paul TEXAS Pfc US Army Vietnam PH (2 markers)12/18/194602/09/1968N-107
Strain, Janie Haruyo Cpl US Army Korea08/23/193201/04/1981N-029
Strain, Mamie01/25/189402/23/1964N-028
Strain, Michael Frank His years with us were few, But his memory will never perish.11/10/195305/18/1974N-028
Strain, Sidney W. Pvt US Army WW II (2 markers)02/20/191311/10/1975N-107
Strain, T.J.19221983N-028
Strain, W.S. We shall find our loved ones in our Father’s Mansion fair10/11/189009/27/1944N-028
Strause, Ida B.18671957553
Stringfellow, Alma S.18751957164
Stringfellow, Edward M.18641944164
Stringfellow, Mary Mother18721929071
Stringfellow, R.W. Father18591936071
Stripling, David E.09/16/195904/08/1979153
Stroud, Albert, Jr.19281977N-199
Stroud, Jack E. Father Married July 28, 194802/28/191609/14/1984N-050
Stroud, Jackie Lee Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Jack Stroud12/12/194812/12/1948N-050
Stroud, James A.10/06/1907N-199
Stroud, Jill Mother Married July 28, 191810/26/191810/17/1986N-050
Stroud, Lillie P.03/13/1912N-199
Stroud, Paula Kay Our Baby11/05/197006/04/1971N-085
Stroup, Charles Berton07/10/190305/13/1980SN-097
Stroup, Seva Ann09/12/190901/04/1970SN-097
Styron, Loyd06/07/1912N-170
Styron, Mollie02/11/191508/01/1972N-170
Sullivan, Anna Mae Ganky10/25/189703/08/1974SN-074
Sullivan, Carl Emerson Daddy09/27/189306/29/1957SN-074
Sullivan, George T.05/23/187211/04/1957130
Sullivan, Gladys06/29/190011/25/1970130
Sullivan, Mary E. Rowan Mother18651935570
Summers, Charlie L.18921955532
Summers, Daisy W.19241924461
Summers, Mary J.19181918461
Summers, Virgie L.18901929532
Swain, Jessie Mae Mama02/28/189907/18/1973524
Swain, Nome M. Papa11/10/189306/21/1965524
Swindle, George Lonzo03/11/189108/28/1970N-087
Swofford, J.G.12/27/187003/16/1909049
Swope, William F.19061971SN-072
Tabor, Gertrude Riley18981978149
Tarrant, James E. Age 13 mo & 22 days03/22/189205/16/1893227
Taylor, Agnes May12/20/186903/30/1954A-530
Taylor, Jim05/10/186610/01/1953A-530
Taylor, Mrs. W.H.18571919463
Taylor, Rev. R.D.02/12/186301/08/1918273
Temple, Mrs. T.F. No marker-information from funeral home records07/03/186603/31/1941
Temptest, Bobbie Jean White08/30/193406/10/1990403
Terrell, Fannie18721967523
Terrell, J.A.18651925523
Terry, Albert M. TEC 4 US Army WW II07/13/190908/04/1987N-131
Terry, Eugene M. TEXAS U T 1 USNR WW II06/18/190705/06/1966N-131
Terry, Richard Grady07/16/191102/18/1978N-131
Thomas, Callie E.08/20/190807/22/1985N-021
Thomas, Cecil Allen Major US Army Air Corps WW II (2 markers)08/26/191606/19/1984N-028
Thomas, David L. Baby01/07/194501/07/1945N-028
Thomas, Emma Rose Mother02/05/188712/21/1977N-021
Thomas, June Strain12/11/1924N-028
Thomas, Katherine Lynn Gone from our hearts but not forgotten06/11/196409/08/1964N-120
Thomas, Leonard B. “Buzz” TEXAS L Cpl US Marine Corps (2 markers)04/05/194209/08/1964N-120
Thomas, Lola B.18941975N-209
Thomas, Roscoe19191967N-209
Thomas, Ruth Ann12/29/194309/08/1964N-120
Thomas, T.W. (Watsy) Father07/22/188106/25/1973N-021
Thomas, Theo R.18931957N-209
Thomason, Herman D.01/23/189706/13/1952SN-019
Thomason, Minnie O.02/07/190206/09/1968SN-019
Thompson, Annie Mae Holmes Mother01/23/189005/16/1978240
Thompson, Fred C. Daddy, We Miss You08/13/190812/19/1982N-080
Thompson, James B. Father10/08/188303/17/1971A-529
Thompson, Joanna Mother12/29/188402/08/1971A-529
Thompson, Myrle Abbott03/09/191911/07/1990N-008
Thompson, William Davis Father05/05/189610/29/1964N-142
Thompson, Winnie Walters Mother05/09/190106/20/1978N-142
Thornton, Evan Jones Son of E.F. & M.A. Thornton04/01/189010/21/1890147
Thornton, James William02/23/187402/07/1939179
Thornton, Laura Emma Dau of E.F. & M.A. Thornton11/13/188511/07/1886117
Thornton, Mattie A. Wife of E.F. Thornton11/08/186006/07/1890147
Thornton, Nellie Glenn11/16/187601/16/1919179
Thrash, Addie Dennis Wife of R.E. Thrash04/28/187103/24/1890093
Thrash, Capt. P.H. Masonic emblem04/15/183204/24/1921049
Thrash, Earl & Pearl Infants of R.E. & M. Thrash Born & died at birth049
Thrash, Geo. Lee Son12/20/184912/20/1929N-062
Thrash, Gertrude10/08/190601/24/1977N-062
Thrash, J.L. Born in N.C.12/13/184803/07/1895049
Thrash, Maude H. Daughter of P.H. & M.A. Thrash11/06/187311/22/1874049
Thrash, Mrs. Lavada Morgan Aged 43 yrs & 5 d’s Wife of J.L. Thrash11/29/184712/04/1892049
Thrash, Mrs. R.E. Mother18731941N-062
Thrash, Patrick H.07/28/190307/19/1975N-062
Thrash, R.E. Father18691958N-062
Thrash, Robert Edward05/29/190002/21/1961N-062
Thrash, Thelma Umphress03/29/190507/02/1987N-062
Thurman, B.A.04/08/187210/29/1946N-010
Thurman, Nannie E.10/21/188001/13/1981N-010
Tidwell, Bessie D. Together Forever02/12/1892N-215
Tidwell, Della A. Married April 29, 191805/22/1899266
Tidwell, J.V. (Mack) Married July 7, 1926 Daddy In His will is our peace18971963N-231
Tidwell, James Douglas S 1 US Navy WW II04/19/192707/31/1983N-231
Tidwell, John R. Father04/18/186502/12/1949N-067
Tidwell, Leona Married July 7, 1926 Mother In His will is our peace19061993N-231
Tidwell, Luther M. Father07/16/189308/06/1975N-201
Tidwell, Mary Edna04/13/187902/23/1938A-540
Tidwell, Melvin R. Married April 29, 191808/28/189905/03/1968266
Tidwell, Sarah E. Mother02/26/187711/22/1956N-067
Tidwell, Thomas L.08/02/188402/01/1958N-215
Tidwell, Thomas S.10/07/186103/31/1942A-540
Tiner, William Ernest Son of W.L. & F.M. Tiner03/04/188701/16/1903061
Tippett, Ross A.01/25/190212/13/1967N-106
Tippett, Sybil Morrow11/16/190103/10/1979N-106
Tittle, Alvin E. TEXAS Cpl 450 School SQ AAF WW II06/26/190811/25/1956486
Tittle, Annie M.06/13/188003/19/1963486
Tittle, Audra E.11/06/187709/22/1951486
Tittle, Joel Cleve TEXAS Sgt US Army WW II & Korea01/26/190606/07/1971486
Tittle, Robert W. Co H 3 TEXAS Cav CSA12/01/184608/06/1937486
Tittle, William B. Sgt US Army WW II19191978N-135
Tolleson, Sallie18921978169
Towson, Charles U. Cpl US Army WW II05/10/192303/31/1985277
Towson, Vana Mae06/22/193005/16/1988277
Traylor, Paul Son of J.H. & P. Traylor08/29/187010/23/1872047
Trotter, Christine Brewer02/29/192402/29/1988N-211
Trout, Nora Pearl19011985183
Trunce, Frank Francis Husband of Blanche Coulston Trunce05/04/191710/05/1989501
Turner, D.D.L.09/183705/1857002
Turner, Daphna Asleep in Jesus04/09/191107/07/1992N-006
Turner, Dr. D.K. Consort of Amanda L. Turner09/11/183105/06/1875002
Turner, Dr. John Shade18661936155
Turner, Dudley Scott06/05/189706/24/1900155
Turner, Infant Son of Amanda L. & Dr. D.K. Turner09/19/186709/19/1867002
Turner, Isaac Greene Son of Dr. J.S. & M.R. Turner08/14/189201/29/1894155
Turner, Mattie Rebecca18671945155
Ulmer, John W.18481928121
Umphress, Cecil Dick No marker-information from funeral home records05/25/190707/28/1951
Umphress, Ida Mama In loving memory09/26/188910/22/1956N-204
Umphress, Olan W. Papa In loving memory03/27/188511/25/1959N-204
Underwood, Bert02/07/189902/02/1963N-079
Underwood, Lona09/05/190309/25/1979N-079
Underwood, Thelbert Ray11/20/194910/05/1970N-079
Valdez, Rosa19711972SN-000
Valles, Padre Domingo Recuerdo de sus Hijos01/190311/18/1981253
Van Zandt, Ida Browining18731943077
Van Zandt, James Wray God is Love12/18/189408/06/1962N-231
Van Zandt, Jerry11/07/190101/21/1977560
Van Zandt, John Alfred18631933423
Van Zandt, Lena Evelyn God is Love07/20/190501/11/1975N-231
Van Zandt, Lovless Otto Father08/02/190601/23/1984560
Van Zandt, Lydia Viola Mother07/04/1911560
Van Zandt, Modena Mae07/27/193112/05/1933560
Van Zandt, Roy T. (3 or more graves on lot marked only with fieldstones)19051978423
Van Zandt, Thomas B. Father19041938560
Vance, Eunabeth Lewis04/10/190001/04/1975197
Vance, Rex B.06/17/188905/03/1968197
Vaughn, James Calvin Father11/14/187601/02/1956N-153
Vaughn, Johnnie Florence Mother01/11/189103/06/1978N-153
Vaughn, Lotho Don19081985N-153
Veatch, Eliza Brenton Born: Winchester, Va.02/23/182408/01/1898108
Venning, Laura Emma18851949043
Wade, William E.11/28/187203/13/1903440
Waldrip, James P. Masonic emblem06/06/18481014/1921435
Waldrip, Lucy Bell Wife of James P. Waldrip02/02/186107/29/1922435
Waldrup, J.B. Co D 2 Miss Inf CSA1936531
Waldrup, Joseph E.18781951014
Waldrup, Lillie L.18821954014
Waldrup, Mary Liza Wife of J.B. Waldrup07/10/185306/25/1930531
Walker, Dr. W.S.18651918188
Walker, Eunice Fitzhugh18731959188
Walker, Martha J. Mother09/28/183711/23/1928187
Walker, Robert R.19171988160
Wallace, Joe Charles Son of Charles & Carolyne10/23/195810/25/1958N-219
Walley, Betty Elizabeth Walters Mimi fell asleep in Christian faith and hope02/25/187807/31/1947229
Walley, Carroll Ray Son of W.G. & Bettie Walley01/25/190903/13/1909230
Walley, Flora B. Mother Woodmen of the World marker06/12/186101/24/1929230
Walley, Flora Fay Daughter of W.G. & Bettie Walley01/25/190903/12/1909230
Walley, Flora Jewel Daug of I.W. & F.B. Walley05/24/189701/20/1900230
Walley, Forrest H. An honest man is the noblest work of God10/07/188606/29/1966230
Walley, I.W. Father Woodmen of the World emblem03/08/185708/08/1911230
Walley, Irvin Conrad07/30/190008/08/1905230
Walters, Carroll06/03/191302/18/1965N-130
Walters, Charlie Earl03/16/192410/12/1984239
Walters, Earl19071971239
Walters, Eva P. Mother18811953229
Walters, George18841965239
Walters, George T. No pain, No grief, No anxious fear, Can reach the peaceful sleeper here12/13/185007/18/1907239
Walters, Harlie Earl19241984239
Walters, John Hensley04/18/187504/08/1951239
Walters, Kate V. Mother Eastern Star emblem01/26/189103/17/1959229
Walters, Lucy Earl Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord19071971239
Walters, Mary A. Mother11/05/184104/19/1936229
Walters, Mary Elizabeth01/02/185904/10/1938239
Walters, Mrs. Emiley Helon18811948N-050
Walters, Sam R. Father Masonic emblem18751953229
Walters, Valma11/24/1915N-130
Walters, W.C. Father04/22/183506/04/1904229
Walters, Will C. Daddy Masonic emblem02/25/187808/20/1961229
Walthall, Joe McBryde08/13/193109/07/1944N-020
Walthall, Mary07/26/189605/24/1977N-020
Walthall, Robert M. TEXAS PFC 629 Aero Sq WW I01/17/189403/21/1971N-020
Walton, Joseph T.12/23/184611/25/1888161
Walton, Minerva Kerr Wife of Joe Walton10/25/185701/08/1894161
Waltrip, James P. Masonic emblem The road to heaven is by way of the stars06/06/184810/14/1921435
Waltrip, Lucy Bell Wife of James P. Waltrip02/02/186107/29/1922435
Ward, Bruce S. Cpl US Army WW II03/26/192205/04/1981N-185
Ward, John Gilbert Asleep in Jesus11/22/194811/21/1952N-166
Ward, Mrs. Lula nee Glenn11/13/187807/24/1915179
Warren, Allie Father18691949381
Warren, Maggie J. Wife of W.R. Warren06/07/189004/03/1910444
Warren, Ora Mother18701950381
Warren, Wayne R. Daddy18781948444
Washburn, Joseph W.10/13/183203/28/1882052
Watkins, Nora Lee11/06/187611/22/1903425
Wear, Byrd18851968064
Weatherford, H.S.02/08/1873044
Weatherford, Infant Son of S.A.B. & B.B. Weatherford044
Weedon, Robert Milton Father Married Jan. 4, 193905/21/1916N-138
Weedon, Vivian Randolph Mother Married Jan. 4, 193912/17/1979N-138
Weekes, Dorothea D.05/01/1918N-151
Weekes, Roy L.05/02/190206/07/1989N-151
Whatley, Willie Mae Parker07/30/191204/27/1972A-518
Wheeler, M. Clayton Married Apr. 23, 191103/06/189010/28/1966N-103
Wheeler, Sarah L. Married Apr. 23, 191104/09/188910/18/1985N-103
Whitaker, Mrs. Matilda Ann18491932256
Whitaker, Rev. M.F.03/18/185108/23/1923256
White, Effie Martin04/20/187808/09/1955431
White, Fred S.12/25/188112/01/1918431
White, Hortense Marie08/03/190701/26/1913431
White, Mary Theresa Mother12/13/184812/03/1918431
White, Mildred M.02/08/191011/16/1973431
White, Wallace Dean04/14/191502/17/1917431
White, Wesley C.03/03/187103/12/1934431
White, William H. A loving husband, A father dear, A faithful friend lies buried here01/20/184402/12/1909431
Whitehead, C.J. (Bigon)04/23/190808/10/1978421
Whitehead, Doogin Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. R.M. Whitehead12/11/190511/26/1906421
Whitehead, Elizabeth Daughter of Confederacy Born Lynchburg, Tenn. Died Granbury, Texas18541938433
Whitehead, Jennie Mother04/15/188206/14/1970421
Whitehead, R.M. Father09/01/187612/23/1947421
Whitehead, Robert S. Co A 1 Ga Cav CSA Born: Pittsylvania Co., Virginia Died: Granbury, Texas18461931433
Whitehead, Rose12/29/188611/26/1956433
Wiggins, Charles R.V. (Vance) TEXAS TEC 5 Co G 833 Engr AVN Bn WW II (2 markers)02/02/191710/23/1969N-047
Wiggins, Fannie Bell Mother06/08/189204/29/1951N-047
Wiggins, J. Lawrence Daddy08/21/189512/16/1966N-047
Wiggins, William T. TEXAS Cpl Air Corps WW II09/19/192411/27/1947N-047
Wigley, Charles H. Chuck11/24/191306/23/1938N-223
Wigley, Lydia A.04/15/188810/08/1961N-233
Wigley, Robert L.07/26/188511/03/1985N-233
Williams, Annie Laura Wife of S.W. Williams10/23/187105/15/1960N-037
Williams, Bertha18831954141
Williams, Bertie02/29/188602/16/1963N-212
Williams, Bessie F.05/09/189112/21/1974414
Williams, Bobbie (Atwood)489
Williams, Cathy Cathy was the sunshine of our home05/20/192207/18/1958N-212
Williams, Claudia G.12/25/191804/03/1986489
Williams, Cora In Loving Memory18801938489
Williams, Cuthbert02/12/190308/25/1903414
Williams, Dee In Loving Memory18751945489
Williams, E.G. (Pig)07/31/1909N-037
Williams, Earby Jewell02/11/189810/30/1981414
Williams, Eldridge W.18571920141
Williams, Fern Mizell1906N-037
Williams, Gaylord TEXAS Pfc Co A 360 Inf 90 Div WW I03/12/189612/05/1953414
Williams, George11/25/187408/07/1958N-212
Williams, Hubert C.11/09/191103/15/1969N-212
Williams, Hugh18921907141
Williams, Infants (2)141
Williams, J.L. (Bud) Darling, We Miss You04/16/190602/12/1966N-228
Williams, Jessie09/24/191303/22/1951414
Williams, Laura10/186410/1915439
Williams, Lillian G.12/12/189504/14/1984525
Williams, Lindsey A. TEXAS Pvt 1CL 126 Field Arty 34 Div WW I03/16/189308/18/1945525
Williams, Lucy P. Mother07/02/187307/17/1940414
Williams, Luella Parker07/12/190411/18/1972A-518
Williams, Luther G.02/04/190008/05/1963414
Williams, Maria E.18571914141
Williams, Martha Elizabeth Wife of E.G. Williams12/20/191910/20/1980N-037
Williams, Mary Ann Daughter of E.G. & Martha Williams07/27/194707/27/1947N-037
Williams, Mary E. Mother09/09/187909/15/1972N-184
Williams, Odell11/22/191503/17/1987N-212
Williams, Roger Louis Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Lindsey Williams19331933525
Williams, S.W.11/28/186001/27/1947N-037
Williams, Sallie Marie Beloved Wife11/28/190104/15/1987N-037
Williams, Solomon Age 21 Yrs 11 Mo 4 days08/23/185207/27/1873036
Williams, T. Virgil19001961N-232
Williams, T.C.02/20/189302/25/1949414
Williams, T.J. Father10/18/186012/18/1920414
Williams, Tom10/185902/09/1908439
Williams, William A. Dad10/07/187110/22/1953N-184
Williams, William Presley US Army WW II03/21/189603/11/1979N-037
Williamson, Susie In Loving Memory11/18/189201/05/1978N-129
Williamson, W. Emmett TEXAS Pvt Co D 5 Engineers WW I02/24/188803/15/1964N-129
Willis, A.W. (Woody)05/08/191309/06/1980N-127
Wilmoth, Varena Ayer03/13/188608/12/1965256
Wilson, A.J. Wife of W.S. Wilson02/14/185306/10/1919432
Wilson, Andrew (2 other stone-covered raised graves on lot – no markings)18511889083
Wilson, Ben F.12/19/188507/06/1968432
Wilson, Billy G.08/06/193205/24/1975469
Wilson, C. Paul19101935469
Wilson, Catherine N.18691957046
Wilson, Charlotte A.04/09/182402/08/1907432
Wilson, Doris Carlile01/14/1916506
Wilson, Ellen Married May 29, 194706/06/1919432
Wilson, Genia McBrayer02/12/188010/31/1967469
Wilson, Grace D.08/03/189003/21/1971506
Wilson, Infant19351935506
Wilson, Infant Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. B.F. Wilson506
Wilson, J.B.11/28/185503/31/1930128
Wilson, Jim Doyle Father12/07/188803/31/1974506
Wilson, John R.07/22/187811/29/1970469
Wilson, Mary E. Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle on marker06/03/188104/28/1942148
Wilson, May E. Robertson Wife of J.B. Wilson08/14/185912/20/1901128
Wilson, Meddie10/14/188205/23/1974432
Wilson, Raymond Doyle Masonic emblem11/17/191308/05/1967506
Wilson, Roger Scott Infant son of Chunk & Ellen Wilson10/18/194710/19/1947432
Wilson, Seth Infant son of Mr. & Mrs J.B. Wilson01/20/189606/11/1896128
Wilson, W.S. Our Father18541947432
Wilson, W.S. (Chunk) Married May 29, 194704/27/191207/01/1975432
Wilson, Walter James11/19/191503/05/1935506
Winsett, Nettie L.19001971N-013
Winsett, T.C.19251943N-013
Wolford, B. Frank18791969381
Wolford, Flossie18821966381
Wolford, Lola Lourie19101964381
Wommack, J.D.12/13/1916N-063
Wommack, Mary Ellen03/18/191909/15/1973N-063
Woods, Lawrence (Deck)12/18/190012/10/1971SN-011
Woods, Lula J.04/27/1906SN-011
Woolard, Charles W. Son of I.M. & C.A. Wollard12/15/188610/30/1891225
Woolard, Cora Bell Daughter of I.M. & C.A. Woolard21/06/187603/26/1886077
Woolard, Velma E.09/25/189806/03/1942014
Wooley, Baarbie A.19171972N-150
Wooley, Dora J.07/05/188604/05/1971N-150
Wooley, Florine A.19191980N-150
Woolsey, S.M.06/07/183712/05/1909094
Wooten, W.L.18751942554
Wray, Frank H.18801963186
Wray, Lucile G.18841966186
Wright, A.J.08/04/181901/25/1883066
Wright, Amy04/12/185904/15/1935017
Wright, Geo. M.18581924152
Wright, Henry L.02/17/185906/14/1926017
Wright, Martha18371917152
Wright, Mrs. Elizabeth P. Wife of A.J. Wright. Her little infant lies on the right.08/11/182712/25/1867066
Yancy, Julia Ann Mother Aged 84 yrs.03/13/1913096
Yancy, Samuel D. He was an affectionate husband, a kind father and a friend to all10/29/187209/23/1916437
Yancy, Willie E. Wife of S.D. Yancy09/09/187610/23/1921437
Yantis, Birdie A.11/12/187305/31/1902139
Yantis, Ernest M. TEXAS 1st Lt 363 Infantry WW I DSC-PH06/06/187912/15/1953139
Yantis, Ivan Son of J.W. & M. Yantis07/02/188810/21/1888139
Yantis, J.W. Masonic emblem18991956139
Yantis, John Worth An honest man is the noblest work of God04/23/184809/02/1898139
Yantis, Maria Q. Murry Wife of John W. Yantis18481921139
Yates, Annie Lee19121939273
Yates, Lola Reese Dau Mother18891941273
Zweifel, Henry10/12/188308/31/1970N-040
Zweifel, Johnnye Josephine Townsend01/11/188209/19/1950N-040

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© 1989, 2000 Compiled by MARY KATE DURHAM

Permission granted by Mary Kate Durham to the Hood County Texas Genealogical Society
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