1867 – 1874 MARRIAGES HOOD COUNTY, TEXAS (Sorted by Bride)

Sorted by Bride

Compiled by James T. Sears

These marriage dates were collected from a variety of sources.  Some marriages were taken from family tree records, some were from biographies, and others were from various genealogical records.  I am unable to verify the authenticity of these records because of the courthouse fire in 1875.

Sorted by GroomSorted by Date
Archer, Joel C.Arrington, Nancy ElizabethDecember 24, 1874
Rose, John HickmanBell, NancyJanuary 31, 1867
Kirk, Fredrick A.Blair, Mary F.April 9, 1871
Dennis, John GranvilleBlevins, Isabelle1872
Wright, Andrew JacksonBond, MarthaApril 15, 1871
Landers, Abel WrightChandler, Frances HarriettJuly 14, 1868
Guiles, George StephenCovington, SallieOctober 29, 1874
Middleton, John WashingtonCummins, Jane1873
Fine, John StephenDavis, Julia A.1872
Yeats, Henry ColemanDolson, MissouriDecember 6, 1874
Cogdell, Daniel CalhounDuke, Lucy NorfleetFebruary 19, 1873
Sexton, Robert GrayDunagan, Missouri Ann CliffordOctober 8, 1874
Rhea, John DeskinEdens, Mary JaneJuly 16, 1871
Littlepage, Thomas AndrewEdwards, Martha Ann1869
Turner, Samuel W.Fannin, Sally Delphia AnnJune 2, 1870
Harbin, Andrew PickensFincher, Lucinda Jane1873
Maxwell, JamesGafford, Martha EllenJanuary 3, 1873
Thorp, James GoodhopeGarland, Melissa VirginiaApril 3, 1867
Nutt, David LeeGarland, Susan ArvillaFebruary 28, 1872
McPherson, Joseph MarionGlenn, Frances ParileeSeptember 1, 1872
Nash, Columbus FranklinGreen, Mary Jane1874
Strain, DavidGrundy, AdelineMarch 5, 1873
Blevins, RichardHerring, AdelineApril 20, 1873
Barker, Napoleon P.Howard, Sarah AdaApril 8, 1871
Martin, J. D.Howeth, Mary Ann1873
Lusk, William G.Hutcheson, MargaretJuly 6, 1873
Lindsey, Charles WilliamLewis, Harriett ElizabethJanuary 11, 1872
Henslee, MaxfieldMatlock, LucindaMarch 24, 1869
Tankersley, David FountainMay, Nancy AngelineJuly 24, 1867
Tingley, John E.McPherson, Lee AnnaApril 30, 1867
Ethridge, William SpencerMeek, Margaret JaneApril 12, 1871
Gibson, WilliamNolen, Martha Ellen1867
Kerr, Henry JacksonNutt, AbigailApril 9, 1871
Hopping, WrayNutt, Susan AnnMay 26, 1870
Nelson, Tandy JamesPhenix, Mary FrancesMay 1, 1871
Walters, George TaylorPruitt, Mary Elizabeth1874
Helms, William JacobRozell, Missouri CatherineDecember 24, 1873
Nutt, AbelRylee, Indiana1869
Aiken, EdwardRylee, Narcissus M.1874
Adams, Stephen ThomasTobey, Ruth1867
Meredith, June NewtonWhitlock, Antha AnnMay 20, 1873
Dunagan, EzekialWood, Dovie JaneOctober 15, 1874
Peters, James H.Wright, Sarah M.1869
Huffstutler, John HenryYeats, Margaret JaneDecember 18, 1871
Stavenhagen, LeopoldYeats, Sarah ElizabethJanuary 29, 1874