“C” GROOMS, Hood County Marriages 1875-1900

GROOM                 BRIDE                DATE BK. / PAGE     By*
CALDWELL, J.W.       Fitzgerald, Eve       19Aug.1892 D/061 (012)
CALVIN, Stephen      Maxwell, Lidia        14Dec.1876 A/131 (020)
CALDWELL, A.B.       Walters, Ella          4Jan.1891 C/284 (022)
CALDWELL, James      White, Sallie         26Dec.1895 D/209 (040)
CALLAHAN, A.J.       Smith, Josie          6Aug.1899 D/376 (155)
CAMP, H.D.           Bills, M.E.           21Feb,1889 C/204 (126)
CAMPBELL, D.W.       Rinhardt, Bill        16Mar.1883 B/294 (093)
CAMPBELL, E.C.       Bowden, Zoe           380ct.1899 D/389 (019)
CAMPBELL, J.P.       Green, (Mrs)May        7NOv.1899 D/392 (019)
CANNON, Daniel       Buunett, Annle         3Ap1.1889 C/210 (127)
CANTRELL, W.W.       Branch, Susan          5July1883 C/009 (128)
CARAWAY, Arch E.     Wood, M.J.R,           8Ap1.1880 B/077 (129)
CARLILE, L.E.        ClaYk, R.A.           20Dec.1893 D/124 (098)
CARLISLE, J.E.       Warner, Edith M.      13Nov.1897 D/299 ('121)
CARMICHAEL, G.W.     Cash, Easia           10Mar.1892 D/043 (023)
CARMICHAEL, J.G.     Rhodes, Nannie R,     18Mar.1890 C/247 (023)
CARMICHAEL, P.R.     Cash, Maggie          26Nov.1891 D/026 (023)
CARMICHAEL, W.M.     Hudgins, R.R.P.        7Dec.1876 A/130 (024)
CARPENTER, A.W.      Hill, Vena             9June1889 C/215 (130)
CARSWELL, W,C        Brown, Emma J.         1Feb.1893 D/081 (038)
CARTER, B.E.         Fleming, M.E.         12Nov.1893 D/114 (131)
CARTER, C.P.         Woods, Effie           2July1899 D/371 (132)
CARTER, F.B.         McWhorter             15Jan.1893 D/080 (131)
CARTER, Henry B.     Walkup, Mae E.        12Jan.1897 D/262 (133)
CARTER, T.F.         Smith, J.I,           llJuly1886 C/116 (023)
CARTER, Thomas       ButleY, Emma          21Spt.1889 C/225 (NR)**
CARTER, Thos.        Cheek, Jewel           2Spt.1894 D/146 (134)
CASE, J;H.           Russel, M.E.          27Dec.1887 C/170 (135)
CASEY, D.R.          Larsen, M.L.          21June1879 B/020 (007)
CASEY, Geo. W.,Jr.   Grice, Bettie         28NOv.1883 C/023 (136!
CASEY, W.E.          Ford, M.A.E,          22July1877 A/177 (037)
CASH, G.W.           Williamson, Sudie     26July1896 D/238 (132)
CASITY, J,H.         Hastings, Eva         23Dec.1883 C/026 (031)
CASSITY, A.L.        Hethington, Eva       300ct.1890 C/272 (059)
CASSLE, J.B.         Martin, Sarah L.      110ct.1877 A/199 (137)
CASTLEBERRY, J.J.    Norton, Eliza         20July1880 B/090 (036)
CATTS, Wm.H.         Ennis, Iona E.         2June1890 C/254 (056)
CAUDLE, J.F.         Fanning,(Mrs) Sarah    5July1883 C/009 (084)
CAUSAS, A.M.         Clauk, A.A.           18Aug.1889 C/222 (113)
CHADWICK, J.M.       Oslin, Ida C.         19June1883 C/008 (010)
CHADWICK, W,H,       Wilson, Lizzie        21July1899 D/374 (138)
CHAMBERS, John       Edwards, Alice        28Mar.1876 A/069 (007)
CHANDLER, F.H.       Clark, Annie           70Ct,1896 D/247 (139)
CHANDLER, J.M.       Winston,(Mrs.) Fine   130ct.1890 C/268 (140)
CHANDLER, J.T.       Osborn, Sarah          8Dec.1895 D/212 (038)
I3HAPMAN, W. W.      Hastings, Middie      23Dec.1897 D/309 (116)
CHAPPELL, Mark       DeaveY, Annie          3July1890 C/257 (059)
CHEEK, J. T.         Laxton, C. I.         12Mar,1887 C/150 (023)
CHERRY, Z. A,        Deering, Viola         6Nov.1898 D/342 (016)
CHILIS, William L.   Richardson, Ella E.   28Aug.1880 B/096 (NR)**
CHOATE, Jno. D.      Choate,(Mrs) F. N.     2Dec.1884 C/062      (NR)**
CHRISTIAN, T. W.     Bean, Mannie          10Spt.1899 D/382  (084)
CHUK, Samuel J.      Farris, Manerva       llFeb.1881 B/151  (037)
CLARK, B. F.         Rawlings, Attie V.     2Nov.1884 C/059 (003)
CLARK, Joseph        Scott, M. L.          19Jan.1879 A/293 (013)
CLAYPOOL, D, C.      Twining, Mary E.       20ct.1898 D/335 (023)
CLEVELAND, F, M.     Gregory,(Mrs) Corda   31Jan.1895 D/173 (023)
CLEVELAND, J. F,     Terrell, Lizzie S.     7Feb.1884 C/031 (012)
CLEVELAND, J. F.     Randle, Maggie K.     23Dec.1888 C/199 (092)
CLEVELAND, W. H.     Tarrant, Minnie       10Mar.1897 D/269 (115)
CLEVELAND, W. W.     Clifton, Ophelia      23Mar.1882 B/225 (013)
CLIFTON, Ben         Stribling, Maude      llJuly1895 D/190 (023)
CLIFTON, J. E.       Cleveland, Essie      23Dec.1894 D/161 (023)
COCH, Wm. S.         Real, Darcus          27Nov.1879 B/055 (141)
COGDILL, D. O.       Massey, Jennie 3Jan. 1892 D/037 (007)
COGDILL, J, A,       Brazella, Savannah    20Aug.1895 D/201 (094)
COGDILL, J, V.       Hall, Rena            22Dec.1895 D/206 (039)
COGDILL, R. C.       Huffstutler, Maud     30Aug.1896 D/244 (027)
COGDILL, T. N.       Martin, Florence      15Mar.1892 D/004 (130)
COGDILL, W. P.       Owens, C. M.          19NOv.1883 C/022 (093)
COLEMAN, Henry       Russell, Martha        1Ap1.1879 B/008 (024)
COLEMAN, J. C.       Mobley, Sallie M.     28Jan.1881 B/146 (142)
COLEMAN, J. L.       Rylee, Tennessee B.   10Feb.1881 B/152 (102)
COLLINGS, B. A.      Brooks, Martha A.     24Dec,1877 A/234 (
COLLINGS, B. J.      Boyt, M. A.           26Mar.1888 C/177 (135)
COLLINGS, M. F.      Goss, Mary A.         280ct.1888 C/248 (119)
COLLINS, N, R.       Hicks, Sarah E.       16June1880 B/086 (143)
COLLINS, W. B.       Willmarh, C. E.        7Ap1.1884 C/035 (003)
COLLINS, W. T.       Brazzle, Sallie        1June1896 D/230 (051)
COLLIPS, J. T.       Smith, R. C.          24July1892 D/057 (144)
COLLSEN, W. J.       Ellis, A. J,          23Dec.1880 B/126 (145)
COLUMBIA, John L.    Roberts, Martha Jane   4Aug,1876 A/103 (146)
COMPTON, J. R.       Gifford, Mary         17Ap1.1890 C/250 (147)
COOK, F. A.          Green, Martha          2Mar.1882 D/127 (003)
COOK, J. M.          Hodge, OLivie          2Mar.1882 B/223 (087)
COOK, J. W.          Blevins, Callie       21Aug.1879 B/036 (022)
COOK, J. W.          Tidwell, Caroline     29Aug.1897 D/288 (029)
COOK, M. D.          Miles, Alice           7Dec.1886 C/135 (093)
COOK, S. B,          Holley, Dovie         6June 1882 D/050 (148)
COOK, W. R,          Hill, Hannah          13Nov.1881 B/200 (013)
COOKE, J. A.         Atkins, Rosalie E.    18Mar.1876 A/088 (020)
COOLIDGE, Cyrus B.   Jameson, Temperance    9Jan.1881 B/135 (003)
COONEY, J. H.        Allison, V. R,        24Nov,1892 D/070 (149)
COOPER, C. R.        West, Ida             16Nov.1893 D/126 (118)
COOPER, H. H.        Hightower, Bessie     16Jan.1898 D/312 (019)
COOPER, T. J.        Stalcey,(Mrs) L. A.   13July1896 D/237 (029)
COORE, W. B.         Ring, Lou             6Spt.1882 B/256 (013)
COORE, W. B.         Cook, Ida             24July1890 C/259 (012)
COPELAND, J. P.      Shelton, A. E.        15Jan.1881 B/136 (001)
CORNELL, Robt.       Smith, Nancy          220ct.1879 B/048 (043)
COUNCIL, B. F.       Ingram, Alpha Ann      3Nov.1881 B/198 (095)
COUNTS, Anderson     Kennon, LUcy A.        2June1897 D/278 (012)
COURSON, J. S.       Bobo, Anna             4Feb.1892 D/040 (012)
COX, F. M.           Maberry, Sarah        14Dec.1884 C/064 (023)
COX, T. A.           Nunley, Delpha        28Dec.1898 D/354 (116)
CRAIG, W. H.         Williams, Sallie      15Nov.1886 C/133 (085)
CRANSKAW, Willie     Barnard,(Mrs) Linda   26Dec.1899 D/406 (016)
CRASTIN, J. J        Creles, E. E.        14 0ct.1880 B/106 (NR)**
CREECH, J. W.        Tidwell, Matilda      17Mar.1876 A/087 (020)
CRIM, A. E.          Hays, Adeline          9June1889 C/214 (135)
CRIM, A. E.          Hays, Martha           2Aug.1885 C/082 (151)
CRIM, A. L.          Lee, Callie M.        12Jan.1884 C/028 (151)
CRIM, L. M.          Hays, Angelihe Celia   2Aug.1885 C/083 (151)
CRIM, L. M.          Hays, Mary E.         12Spt.1897 D/290 (152)
CRISP, D. R.         Osborne, Margaret     15Spt.1890 C/264 (038)
CRITES, A. B.        Jackson, Susan M.     210ct.1875 A/040 (052)
CRITES, D. C.        Mabry, Sarah A.       llJuly1875 A/021 (154)
CRITES, E. B.        Lomax, Rose            7NOv,1897 D/297 (012)
CRITES, G. P.        Mosley, Dona            Nov.1893 D/114 (040)
CRITES, J. C.        Maberry, B. B.         6Jan.1889 C/202 (069)
CRITES, J. F.        McDonald,(Mrs)E. E.   23Mar.1897 D/270 (016)
CRITES, W. H.        Beatie, L. B.         21Nov.1885 C/092 (012)
CROCKETT, Ashley W.  Haynes, O. R.          5Nov.1876 A/120 (020)
CROCKETT, B. A.      Dillard, Maggie       10Aug.1887 C/156 (104)
CROCKETT, R. P.      Corley, Lydia         23Juli1889 C/221 (012)
CROSS, James D.      Woodburn, Rosa Lee    230ct.1892 D/067 (155)
CROSS, W. R.         Cochran, Sallie E.     7June1877 A/169 (053)
CRUM, George         Walker, S. a.         14Spt.1876 A/112 (156)
CRUMP, A. J.         Rozell, Lizzie        20Dec.1896 D/256 (157)
CUMMINGS, J. H.      Doss, Annie            2Mar.1884 C/034 (059)
CUMMINGS, J. W.      Adams, L. T.          18Dec,1887 C/167 (069)
CUMMINGS, L. F.      Brown, M. E.          10Jan.1897 D/261 (023)
CUMMINGS, T. H.      Miller, V. L,         25Aug.1883 C/017 (038)
CUMMINS, John B.     Carnes, Lillie        16Jan.1899 D/359 (116)
CUNNINGHAM, F. M.    Brazell, Samantha F.  28Jan.1883 B/284 (083)
CURL, T. T.          Stokes, Helen         20May 1891 D/005 (158)
CURL, Walter         Adams, Belle          26June1892 D/052 (051)
CURRIN, Ed           Smith, Allie          10Mar.1898 D/316 (159)
CURTIS, G. B.        Nutt, Josie           19Mar.1889 C/209 (059)
CUSTER, S. E.        Cayle, Anna            90ct.1884 C/054 (012)

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