“E” BRIDES, Hood County Marriages 1875-1900

GROOM                 BRIDE                DATE BK. / PAGE     By*

BROWNING, J.B.	Eaken, Lillie	4Aug.1895 D/189 (019)
WINSLETT, T. M.	Eams (?), S. J.	19FEb.1880 B/073 (105)
SADLER, W. C.	Earnest, Annie L.	15July1891 D/010 (012)
STANFORD, W. R.	Earp, Josephine	19Nov.1879 B/052 (071)
UNDERWOOD, J. E.	EArp, S. L.	1May 1884 C/037 (070)
GREGORY, J.H.	Eaten, M.A.	2May 1880 B/080 (013)
WILLIAMS, R. E.	Eaton, Louisa M.	28Oct.1875 A/070 (179)
FOSTER, E.B.	Ebberhart, M.L.	17Jan.1897 D/263 (069)
KELLY,G. S.	Eddleman, Julia	22Spt.1875 A/034 (053)
GARTNELL, D.D.	Eddleman, Laura J. 	9Nov.1890 C/276 (041)
KELLY,D,	Eddleman, S. E.	22FEb.1885 C/070 (041)
HOBSON, T. C.	Eddlman, M. H.	1Nov.1892 D/068 (041)
BURGESSIW.M.	Edens, Laura	29Jan.1882 B/217 (007)
PRICE, J. T.	Edens, Lizzie	25Nov.1886 C/134 (012)
JORDAN, Andrew	Edens,(Mrs) M. A.	16Spt.1888 C/188 (238)
LEE,G.V.	Edmonson, Sarah A.V.	20Mar.1883 C/001 (105)
SARGENT, Jno. E.	Edmundson, Nannie M,	1July1894 D/139 (159)
CHAMBERS, John	Edwards, Alice	28Mar.1876 A/069 (007)
THORP George	Edwards, Dollie	20June1893 D/094 (271)
BARRETT, J.N.	Edwards, Jenine	31July1899 D/375 (61)
RUCKER, Hays	Edwards, Lizzie	24June1897 D/280 (016)
KEITH, N. W.	Edwards, M. A.	16June1879 B/021 (010)
HIGHTOWER, Jack	Edwards, Sarah	24Dec.1894 D/162 (016)
BLACKWELL, A.B.	Elliott, Lula E. 	4June1885 C/076 (87)
COLLSEN, W. J.	Ellis, A. J,	23Dec.1880 B/126 (145)
HANLEY, J. F.	Endaly, Baram (?) 	18June1879 B/022 (214)
WILLIAMS,C. T.	Endsley, Effie	4Dec.1898 D/347 (067)
CATTS, Wm.H.	Ennis, Iona E.	2June1890 C/254 (056)
 HUNTER, T. L.	Ensininger, Lillie	22Oct.1893 D/125 (089)
MOODY, E. K.	Estes, Mary E.	26June1879 B/025 (007)
RENTFROW, B. W.	Estes, Mollie	10Dec.1890 C/275 (039)
TEMPLE, T. F.	Estes, SArah B.	14Dec.1899 D/401 (329)
MEADERS, A. N.	Ethridge, Eula L.	29Dec.1897 D/310 (039)
LOVELACE, W. C.	Ethridge, Hannah	llDec.1898 D/348 (066)
MULKEY, Richard C.	Ethridge, Maude	30July1898 D/100 (274)
MASSEY, J. W.	Everett, Minnie	23July1899 D/374 (204)
GREEN, A.	Everett, S,S.	14June1896 D/231 (204)
ROBINSON, H. K.	Everett,(Mrs) S. E.	14Nov.1897 D/300 (259)

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