“F” BRIDES, Hood County Marriages 1875-1900

GROOM                 BRIDE                DATE BK. / PAGE     By*

GATEWOOD, J.W.	FAirchild, Sarah	23Dec.1875 A/055 (024)
WALLACE,E. H.	Faiuman, M. E.	10Ap1.1888 C/179 (023)
CAUDLE, J.F.	Fanning,(Mrs) Sarah	5July1883 C/009 (084)
POWELL, W. R.	Farmer, Birdie	10Nov.1897 D/297 (056)
SHERRILL, J. S.	Farr, Kate C.	12June1883 C/005 (315)
McPHERSON, J. A.	Farris, Mahaley	29Oct.1879 B/049 (037)
CHUK, Samuel J.	Farris, Manerva	llFeb.1881 B/151 (037)
PORTER, S. R.	Faucett, Ellin	16Feb.1879 A/299 (299)
KEY, James	FAvors, FAnnie	31July1884 C/044 (087)
RAGSDALE, James W.	Fayan, Maggie	5Mar.1887 C/144 (104)
ASTON, A.C.	Ficklin, Dollie L.	30Jan.1896 D/200 (40)
HOLLY, T. D.	Finderwood, M. E.	14Aug.1879 B/033 (105)
THOMAS, M. M.	Fine, Ophelia	25Dec.1894 D/172 (115)
ROMINE, G. D.	Finley, M. E.	8Spt.1894 D/147 (147)
DAVIS, Spence	Fisher, Willie	22Oct.1894 D/150 (016)
CALDWELL, J.W.	Fitzgerald, Eve	19Aug.1892 D/061 (012)
WALKER, W. S.	Fitzhugh, Eunice Earl 	3Nov.1895 D/216 (019)
LEE, W. A.	Fitzhugh, Georger	13Dec.1896 D/253 (019)
ALLISON, Wade H.	Flake, Vannie S. 	9Aug,1896 D/241 (23)
ANDERSON, B.	Fleming, Lee	25Dec.1899 D/405 (28)
CARTER, B.E.	Fleming, M.E. 	12Nov.1893 D/114 (131)
BERRY, H.E.	Fleming, Maggie	9Feb.1892 D/040 (12)
WOODS, J. H.	Fletcher, Emma	20Dec.1896 1)/255 (066)
TIDWELL, J. W.	Fletcher, Lee	27FEb.1898 D/315 (064)
DUCKETT, J.A.	Fletcher, Mary 	25July1897 D/282 (175)
ELLIOTT, W.A.	Fletcher,(Mrs)M.A.L. 	16Jan.1890 C/240 (038)
RAY, Len	Flowers, Elizabeth	21Ap1.1882 B/234 (013)
ROBINSON, A. D.	Flowers,(Mrs) M. E.	18July1899 D/373 (148)
PURSELLEY, R. R.	Ford, Dora	llAp1.1896 D/224 (016)
KINES, R. E.	Ford, Ellen	12Aug.1892 D/285 (152)
GREEN, Barney	Ford, M. E,	7June1846 D/230 (204)
CASEY, W.E.	Ford, M.A.E,	22July1877 A/177 (037)
NIGH, T, R.	Ford, S. A.	10Jan.1878 A/214 (024)
HENDERSON, B. F.	Formwalt, Ada	28Spt.1876 A/115 (220)
ALLEN, W.E.	Formwalt, Helen	25Apr11883 C/003 (12)
McLEMORE, Geo. L.	Fortner, Ida	1OMay 1894 D/140 (084)
HOOD, M. B.	Foster, Buddie	6Ap1.1897 D/270 (224)
WHITE,Berry	Foster, Georgie	24July1893 D/106 (271)
McCRAW, Jim	Foster, Hettie	23June1895 D/183 (012)
BLACKWELL, J.W.	Foster, Mattie	13Mar.1890 C/244 (58)
NORBECK, G. A.	Foster, Minnie	28Feb.1889 C/205 (021)
QUEEN, W. H.	Foster, Willie	29Oct.1890 C/271 (305)
PELTS, W. F.	Fowler, Ellis	2Dec.1885 C/098 (046)
ROBERSON, L. F.	Fowler, Mollie	14Jan.1883 B/283 (005)
NAYLOR, S. D,	Fowler, Mollie E.	15Nov.1888 C/195 (041)
McCLISH, J. L.	FowleY, Armilla	21DEc.1882 B/274 (005)
ADAMS, F.M.	Freeman, J.D.	7Sept1879 B/041 (10)
FOWLER, E.L.	Freeman, Norah	5Feb.1899 D/360 (191)
 HUGGINS, J. W.	Fritz, Georgia	8May 1898 D/321 (230)
SCUDDER, A. E.	Fuller, Russy	4Oct.1877 A/196 (020)
 IHUFFSTETTLER,H. T.	Funderburk, S. C.	3July1898 D/325 (228)
ROBINSON, S. W.	Furlow, Lizzie	17Dec.1884 C/065 (199)
LANE, V. R.	Furlow, M. O.	15Feb.1886 C/105 (249)
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