January 31, 1870

Presented by Mr. Sinclair of Galveston

To the Hon the members of the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Texas in general Assembly convened.

We the undersigned citizens of the County of Hood & State of Texas would most respectfully represent to your Hon body that the Town of Granbury the County Seat of the said County of Hood is located upon one of the County School land Leagues located by the County of Milam – that owing to some informality or delay in returning the Field Notes of same league of School lands, said land appeared upon the map & was considered to be a part of the Public Domain of the State and as such was preempted & settled by actual and Bona fide settlers who still retain popepino there of. The County of Milam having brought suit against the settlers on said land the District Court of Johnson county gave judgment in favor of said settlers and Milam county appealed which is still pending & undecided. The settlers & holders of the land on which said County seat is located have made a donation to Hood County of 80 acres of land for County seat purposes. Considering the premises and that the value of said school land has been very much enhanced & increased by the location of our County seat thereon, we must respectfully petition that a donation of 160 acres of said school land to include the present donation from the settlers be made by your Hon body in such terms, and at such prices as you may in your wisdom deem just—and equitable unto and in favor of the said County of Hood for County seat purposes.

Accompanying this Petition we send a certified copy of the Report of the Commipimeas chosen by our Police Court (as disinterested parties to finally locate the said County seat. Likewise a copy of the order of the court appointing said Commiformers and giving them the power to locate The uncertainty of the title to the donation, and the danger of investing on such uncertainties is operating as a great disadvantage to the growth of our County Town and the settlement of the County generally. Trusting that our humble petition will meet your most favorable considerations, and that you have the power you will alleive us in this matter. We as in duty bound will ever pray.

Granbury Hood County Texas Jan 31st AD 1870

1W. H. Kingsbery
2J. M. Hornsley
3J. F. Nutt
4Jacob Nutt
5Wm. R. Brown
6Peter Garland
7N. P. Hobron
8J. C. Whitener
9Ed Walls
10D.C. Bills
11Edmund Carter
12Dr. K. Turner
13Dr. A. Kerr
14E. Queen
15R. O. Blevins
16C. E. Movie
17N. C. Peters
18T. P. Mooer
19J. R. Rylee
20J. Wray
21W. Lambert
22I. F. Howell
23L. L. Bowden
24A. Huffstutler
25A. V. Shropshire
26C. L. Landers
27A. Nutt
28M. T. Kerr
29F. M. Peveler
30L. G. Peveler
31Jas. M. Peveler
32W. H. Millwee
33Thos. Lambert
34D. G. Lambert
35J. D. Burson
36I. T. Lambert
37Willy Lambert
38David Nutt
39A. I. Hood
40J. A. Formwalt
41Wm. M. Formwalt
42J. M. Formwalt
43J. A. Chandler
44C. H. Eaggers
45John Bryan
46H. W. Taylor
47Thomas Parvin
48J. M. Bateman
49A. Lamar
50C. Huffstutler
51Levi Huffstutler
52Malichi Hufstutler [sic]
53A. B. Park
54J. M. Park
55J. Park
56P. V. Rhea
57Thos. B. Rhea
58Theo Penn
59John Muse
60Robt. Keath
61Jeff Walter
62Simon Hightower
63A. Hightower
64Jos. Hightower
65Wash Edwards
66Houry Lambert
67J. Green
68S. M. Orbison
69W. L. Rippetoe
70Wm. Corn
71Wm. Lyle
72Jas. Gibson
73H. A. Gibson
74Wm. Gibson
75Wesley Gibson
76M. Henry
77G. Henry
78J. S. Winter
79H. Oteel
80G. W. Fincher
81E. P. Anderson
82Richard Tankersley
83R. P. Tankersley
84W. G. W. Powell
85R. Powell
86Jas. Powell
87Jackson Powell
88J. W. Parker
89Bill West
90J. W. White
91A. Jackson
92George Jackson
93Jerry Jackson
94A. J. Clark
95M. Gregory
96Huff Gregory
97Jack Gregory
98J. Dennis
99Hilly Dennis
100Johnathan Dennis
101Edby Dennis
102W. M. Welden
103Jacob Weldon
104G. T. Loftin
105Wm. M. Hightower
106A. J. Holt
107Chamele Hightower
108G. Hill
109C. Hightower
110Seborn Russell
111J. W. Mitchell
112Jake Harris
113Andy Harris
114J. Kelleon
115J. D. McKimsey
116George Hill
117Joshua Hightower
118K. S. Cook
119W. R. Cook
120F. P. Cogdell
121J. Helm
122Jas. Haley
123W. Rayborn
124Robt. Rayborn
125Henry Huffstutler
126Josiah Washburn
127M. Herron
128J. M. Parnell
129S. T. Busby
130J. J. Daws
131W. M. Clark
132Wm. W. Clark
133John Clark
134T. A. Littlepaige
135T. J. Scott
136W. A. Scott
137I. Moore
138B. N. Russell
139M. Self
140G. A. Allen
141Saml. Allen
142Fred Pointer
143Jourdan Watts
144J. H. Williamson
145A. Deaver
146J. J. Sparks
147Robt. Crockett
148D. Crockett
149E. Burson
150Austin Yates
151A. S. McCamant
152W. G. McCamant
153R. E. McCamant
154J. D. McCamant
155Wray Hopins
156B. H. Magnep
157John Bell
158James Henry
159J. W. White
160J. G. Hill
161J. C. Hightower
162Laird Gihauley
163J. W. Gihauley
164Henry Lambert
165D. S. Mileteero
* 170W. M. Dennis
171B. H. Dennis
172A. M. Martin
173J. W. Long
174A. B. Long
175D. Crockett
176John Middleton
177M. Grigery
178F. S. Carroll
179E. Chambess
180R. Williams
181P. A. Ledbtter [sic]
182W. E. Chamblass
183C. H. Ledbetter
184A. Williams
185W. J. Gregory
186S. Shelton
187R. Tankersley
188G. H. Harvard
189L. Tankersley
190W. Tankersley
191A. J. Howard
192D. McCord
193G. Crum
194N. Neealey
* 194A. P. Ledbetter
195Rich. Tankersley
196W. E. Doyle
197J. N. Doyle
198H. C. Johnson
199J. C. Gardner
200W. G. Gardner
201C. Gardner
202Jas. Sheffield
203H. T. Thorp
204Elish Brisco
205Wm. Brisco
206S. T. Busby
207W. Camel
208J. P. Wray
209R. W. Trammel
210B. D. Austin
211Gideon Mills
212Albert Mills
213H. A. P. Berry
214R. S. Proffitt
215M. Walker
216W. R. Drum
217Stephen Sheton
218W. J. Gregory
219Leander Painter
220David P. McWhorter
221William S. Henry
222S. L. Parnell
223W. Jarvis
224Rolan Tankersley
225J. H. Montgomery
226W. A. McDonaldson
227J. M. Truitt
228P. M. Truitt
229W. W. Green
230S. H. Truitt
231Joseph Robinson
232W. H. Barker
233T. J. Scott
234J. E. Arrington
235M. T. Kerr
236Wm. Matlock
237James Haley
238W. B. Gaford
239L. W. Howard
240James Mackfeel
241W. M. Howard
242J. M. James
243W. H. Pate
244W. Hopping
245G. M. Wright
246J. M. Murchison
247S. T. Field
* 247Robt. Harrison
248James Roxburgh
249Jno. Edwards
250R. L. Rayburn
251R. W. Sneed
252F. Covington
253Z. Brooks
254John Jimersoson
255W. A. Landers
256Wiling Song
257J. J. Edwards
258W. W. Tannehite
259J. F. Kerr
260S. T. Edward
261W. T. Bomer
262James Hickey
263J. Kermith
264W. A. Anderson
265H. J. Kerr
266R. C. Halford
267D. C. Halford
268M. T. Halford
269J. C. Halford
270A. G. Dodson
271J. A. Brooks
272J. V. Powell
273Harlsbon Howard
274M. H. Karnes
275A. T. Hutcheson
276A. R. Landers
277W. J. King
278W. Owens
279S. B. Wasburn
280J. Gifford
281Houstice Brook
282J. Havins
283H. C. Walters Jr.
284B. L. Pate

~ Document located in the Texas State Archives ~

The Hood County Courthouse burned March 5, 1875 destroying all documents from the formation of the county in 1866 until that time.