1892 – 1982

Calvin Guy Carter, the second son of Deacon and Mrs. E.L. Carter, and grandson of Rev. B.J. Carter, was born in the Mt. Pleasant Community near Tolar, Texas, September 18, 1892. He was “born again” under a brush arbor at the Mt. Pleasant Church and was baptized by A.J. (Andy) Morgan in Squaw Creek September 1, 1905.

In the summer of 1911 he began the study of vocal music and continued that study for two years. His college work was done in Decatur Baptist College and Oklahoma Baptist University. He received his theological training in Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. On November 30, 1915, he was licensed to preach by the Big Valley Baptist Church, Buckner, Texas. On May 2, 1917, he and another fellow student in the Seminary were ordained in the First Baptist Church, Forth Worth, Texas.

In August 1917 he enlisted in the Medical Department of the U.S. Army and was sent to the Camp Hospital, Douglas, Arizona. Finding that no religious services were being conducted at the hospital, he began Sunday afternoon services for the convalescent patients and any others who wished to attend. In addition to the regular duties at the hospital, he continued these services until his discharge from the army in June 1919. While stationed at Douglas he began the study of the Spanish language.

On May 11, 1919, he married Miss Amelia Harris of Fort Worth. For nearly 52 years she was his companion and assistant in pastoral and mission work. She was an exceptional worker among younger teenage people. They had one son who passed away at the age of 50, leaving one daughter.

After six years of pastoral work in Oklahoma, the Carters sailed for Brazil in March 1924. Their companions in travel were Rev. and Mrs. R.S. Jones, who were returning to Brazil for their second tour of duty. With them was their young daughter, who is now Dr. Kathleen Jones, Medical Missionary to Indonesia. The Carters ascended the Amazon River to Iquitos, Peru, to work with Spanish-speaking people. Although a good work was going, they had to leave it to others after a little more than a year on the Amazon because of Mrs. Carter’s failing health. The next few years were spent in pastoral work in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas.

In 1936 they began work with Latin-Americans in South Texas and continued to work among them until retirement. He served as District Missionary in District Five and as Superintendent of City Missions in El Paso, Corpus Christi, and San Antonio. In May 1949 he was elected President of Mexican Baptist Bible Institute, which had been authorized by San Antonio Baptist Association. He took charge of the school when it was only a dream and left it eleven years later as a Bible School with international recognition, a member of the Association of Southern Baptist Colleges and Schools, with many new missions and churches having been established in the state, and with one-fourth of the Spanish speaking congregations in the State being led by pastors who had received their training in the Bible Institute.

He retired from the leadership of the school at the age of 68 and has made his home in Granbury since. He continues to be active in pulpit supply, interim pastorates, and Bible teaching in both English and Spanish. Mrs. Carter was called to her heavenly home on February 11, 1971.

On March 25, 1972, C.G. married Miss Gladys E. Hardy, who had spent 23 years teaching in the public schools. She had also been employed five summers by the Home Mission Board in the Summer Mission Program. She worked in Florida, Texas, Oregon, Alaska, New York, and New Jersey. She also continues to be active in Christian work.

Calvin Guy Carter died May 30, 1982 and was buried in the Granbury Cemetery in Hood County, Texas.

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