Given to Will Thomason ~1960 by Mrs. Estell Williams of Rutledge, Tennessee Contributed by Joanna Thomason Holmes


We have no record of who was his father, or where he was born and reared.

John Tyre Curl was born Dec. 12th, 1781, died Dec. 8, 1858.

Married Susannah Hightower, Sept. 1st, 1803, who was born May 25th 1785; died January 1st, 1861.


– William Henry Curl, Born Aug. 16, 1804, Death unknown. Tradition is that he moved up north.

– Elnora Curl, born May 5th, 1806. Death unknown.

– Elizabeth Ann Curl, May 15th, 1808. Married a man by the name of Easley; had a son John; he died and she married James Duff. Had two sons and two daughters, namely William Henry; Patrick; Amanda and Mary.

– Susanah Ayers, July 9th, 1810.

– Joshua Devrix, Aug. 9th 1812, died Oct. 11, 1882.

– Sarah Jane, March 24th, 1815.

– Mary, Oct. 15, 1817, died March 6th, 1855.

– Tabitha, June 25th, 1820, died Aug. 8th, 1901; who married Patrick Allen Shirley. Two of their children lived to be grown and reared families. George Allen Shirley, and Cordelia Virginia Shirley, who intermarried with Pryor F. Ellis, and two of their sons own a portion of the John Tyre Curl home, including the Mansion House, L.M. Ellis and Charles K. Ellis.

– Eliza Curl, born Sept. 28th, 1822. Died March 25th, 1837.

John Tyre Curl was a prominent farmer, owned a large farm, was elected several times Justice of the Peace, and quite a competent Surveyor, and surveyed many tracts of land in the County, when parties obtained a Grant therefor, from the State.

Tennessee was the first Territory owned by the United States, which was ceded to the General Government by the State of North Carolina in 1790, and became a State of the Union June 1896. The ceding included the State of Kentucky, and was known as the Southwest Territory, or the Territory south of the Ohio River.


Joshua Devrix Curl, born Aug. 9th, 1812, died Oct. 11, 1882. He intermarried with Martha Elizabeth Cuse. Married March 8th, 1842, to which union 14 children was born, to-wit:

– Louis Orlena Curl, born June 10th, 1844, died April 23, 1849.

– Leroy Curl, May 8th, 1846, died in Texas at advanced age.

– Laura Porter Curl, March 13, 1848, February 21, 1919.

– Martha Evaline, June 15th 1850, Oct. 20th 185?.

– John William, Oct. 29th, 1851, Oct 16, 1856.

– Johannah Cunningham, Oct. 29, 1855. Married Mike Thomason, moved to Texas near Tolar. Heirs there.

– Louvina, Feby. 15, 1857. Married James Tally, lived here.

– Alice Amelia, Nov. 9, 1858, Dec. 1st, 1933. Married James Brown, 6 children, three boys and three girls, lived here.

– Eliza Frances, March 9, 1860, June 26, 1940. Left family.

– Darthula, Nov. 25, 1861. Married Cal Davis, lived here.

– Theodore Temple, Oct. 30, 1863. Moved to Tolar, Texas.

– Walter Bruce, Sept. 23, 1867. Moved to Tolar, Texas.

– An infant born, it and the mother died at child birth, 1869.

Second wife of Joshua Devrix Curl, Jane Adeline West, Born June 14, 1853, died July 12, 1928, Grainger County, Tenn.

– Sarah Elizabeth Love Curl, July 1, 1871, Jan. 4, 1912.

– Susan Marissa, March 21, 1874, Sept. 2nd, 1895.

– Maggie Bell, June 6th 1875, Nov. 1st 1931.

– John Tyre, Feby. 19, 1877, Apr. 29, 1945. Large family, 3 boys and 6 girls, one of whom is this correspondent. Mrs. Estell Williams of Rutledge, Tennessee.

– Nancy D. Curl, July 27, 1879, last heard from in California.

– Alexander Benjamin, Jan. 5, 1882, June 23, 1950. Named for Maternal Grandfather and Benjamin Curl, the last tradition.

Following is information given verbally to Joanna Thomason Holmes by her Uncle Will Thomason in August 1959. The information is just as he gave it to her at that time.

Children and Grandchildren of Joshua Devrix Curl

– Leroy (Uncle Bose)

Evie (Wood) – two children, Drama and Lois

Mattie (Simmans) – daughter, Grace


Nellie (Powell)


Myrtle (Campbell)


Clay – one son, Sam

Flora (Campbell, then Tidwell)

– Laura Porter Curl Shaver




Jake (Maud)

Bertha (C.K. Ellis)

Susie (Susan)


– Johanna Cunningham [Curl Thomason]

Ballard – died 1903

Charlton Deverix – died 1893

William Rollin – born March 14, 1877

Samuel Edgar – born July 11, 1880; died May 28, 1957

Effie Lou – born March 30, 1882

Temple Oscar – born Feb. 25, 1885

Ida Minerva – born June 3, 1887

Joseph B. – born Aug. 8, 1891

Lorena Pearl – born Sept. 26, 1898

Michael Bruce – born Nov. 9, 1900