From “Hood County 2000: Men Who Made Hood County”

Hood County News – January 1, 2000

James Hogan Doyle
Photo Contributed by 
Katherine Lemaster Dendy

James H. Doyle was born in South Carolina in 1846. During the Civil War he served in the South Carolina Volunteers in the army of northern Virginia. He was wounded in 1864 at the battle of Cold Harbor. Doyle arrived in Texas in 1870, joining two of his brothers who settled in Hood County. He bought out John Baker in 1899. Doyle sold his building in 1908 to City National Bank of Granbury and was located in this building until it closed in 1928. The building is now used as office space.

James Hogan Doyle was born in 1846 and died in 1933. He was buried in the Granbury Cemetery in Hood County, Texas.