Contribution by Virginia Lynn Allen

John Phillip Stalcup was born in Missouri and was a saddlemaker and also worked with other leather goods. John died unexpectedly, after moving heavy furniture. Apparently, he had a rupture in his stomach and bled to death. He was buried in Granbury Cemetery in Hood County at the age of 38. John’s mother, Elizabeth Saviah Bradley Stalcup, 1812-1892, was buried next to him. She died exactly one week after her son, on November 11, 1892, at the age of 80.Lydia Ann Flanery Stalcup, wife of John Phillip Stalcup, was born in Collin County, Texas. The date of the picture is unknown. However, Lydia probably was not married or had any children at the time of this picture because she obviously spent a lot of time on her hair. Notice all the braids, ribbons, and long earrings. After becoming a widow, she eventually remarried a fellow by the name of T. John Cooper on July 13, 1896, in Hood County. This marriage did not last, and Lydia lived with her family in later years. She died in Depew, Oklahoma.
Children of John Phillip Stalcup & Lydia Ann FlaneryStalcup

PRUDENCE “PRUDIE” SOPHIE9 STALCUP, b. May 29, 1878, Texas; d. March 21, 1959, Depew, Oklahoma.

NORA LEE STALCUP, b. January 05, 1881, Alvord, Wise County, Texas; d. July 11, 1958, Walnut, California.

CARRIE MAE STALCUP, b. March 28, 1882.

LUTHER STALCUP, b. March 07, 1885, Texas; d. July 05, 1955, Perkins, Oklahoma.

JOHN WESLEY STALCUP, b. March 25, 1887, Alvord, Texas; d. March 26, 1962, Kilgore, Texas.

LONZO S. “LONNIE OR SHORTY” STALCUP, b. October 02, 1889, Alvord, Wise County, Texas; d. May 30, 1946, Inola, Oklahoma.

COMELETE “COMMIE” ALICE STALCUP, b. April 11, 1892, Texas; d. May 19, 1966, Depew, Oklahoma.

John Wesley Stalcup & Family ~ 1915