Contributed by John R. Stevens

Lorenzo Dow St. Clair, my great-great-grandfather, moved to the Lipan area between April 1880 and 1882 with his wife, Mary Elizabeth Camp, both from Johnson County, Texas.

My great-great-grandfather had two brothers that lived not far from Lipan in Palo Pinto County named William Lawrence St. Clair and John W. St. Clair. John W. St. Clair was buried in the Bishop Cemetery in Erath County. John William St. Clair married his older brother’s widow, Belle. They lived close by until 1951. They are both buried in the Bishop Cemetery. John was known as “Willie.”

William Lawrence was buried in the Landreth Cemetery in Palo Pinto County.

After Lorenzo moved to Lipan he had three more children named:

 Lorenzo Dow born January 1, 1882.

 Hughie Clinton born 1884.

 Thomas Albert born June 15, 1886.

By 1890 Lorenzo died in Palo Pinto County.

Lorenzo had 10 children. One married and stayed in the area.

 Mary St. Clair married Lee Roy Queen.

 Martha St. Clair married George B. Rogers in Johnson County.

 Winnie Almeda St. Clair married William Lawrence and moved away.

There are lots of cousins around the Lipan area because Lorenzo had ten children, William had 15, and John had 14.