Bessie Mullins Neely, 1874 – 1910
Calvin Monroe Neely, 1868 – 1948

The second daughter of Thomas P. and Nannie E. Mullins, [Nancy Elizabeth (Bessie) Mullins]was born November 21, 1874, in Granbury, Texas. She attended school at the old Granbury College, but later entered the Granbury public school.  Early in life she became a member of the Methodist church.  Her father died June 3rd, 1892, and approximately four months later she married Monroe Neely, [1] October 4, 1892, when she was eighteen years of age.

John Ishmill Mitchell
with Ida, Attie Mae, Willie & Georgia. About 1900.

The Neelys were friends and neighbors of John Ishmill and Mary Ellen Mitchell, who were the parents of five children, four girls and one son.  On February 10, 1903 another baby girl, Mendozia, was born into the family.  Sad to relate the mother passed away shortly after the birth of this little daughter.

Mary Ellen Mitchell was buried next to
General Hiram Granbury
in Granbury Cemetery

The father, hard pressed and left alone with six children after the death of his wife, was urged by the Neelys to let them have this little one for their very own, as they did not have any children. The father gave his consent for her adoption by the Neelys.  The Neelys were so happy to have this little one come in and fill the void in their lives and home.  They adopted her on May 18th, 1903.

Bessie Mullins Neely
with little Mendozia

Bessie Mullins Neely led a busy life as housekeeper, dressmaker, and one who was always ready to help those in need.  As time passed she developed a sickness that became a long lingering illness from which she died on February 20, 1910.  Your author remembers, at the time of her death, going with his mother and grandmother, M. Hiner, to bring condolences and comfort to her in the loss of her loved one.

Mendozia Mitchell Neely Biggs, 1903 – 1997
Hershel Raborn Biggs, 1902 – 1984
Photo taken in 1926

Your author remembers the time of her death very well, but was not well enough acquainted with Mrs. Neely to remember her personality clearly to comment on it, but if we judged her disposition by that of her adopted daughter, Mendozia, then one could truly say that she had excellent qualities and a fine personality. Mendozia[2] later married Hershel Biggs. [3]  They livedin Granbury where both have taken an active part in the affairs of the community.  She was seven years old when her foster mother passed away.

Calvin Monroe Neely
Photo taken about 1945

Your author was very well acquainted with her (Bessie’s) husband, Monroe Neely. He was a good personal friend of my father.  Monroe later became a part time Methodist preacher, and when my father passed away, he was one of the ministers who took part in his funeral service.

[1] Calvin Monroe Neely was born February 22, 1868 and died November 18, 1948.

[2] Mendozia (Mitchell) Neely Biggs was born February 10, 1903 and died February 13, 1997.

[3] Hershel Raborn Biggs, was born July 10, 1902 and died January 26, 1984. Hershel and Mendozia married September 20, 1925.  Both spent most of their lives in Hood County and are buried in Granbury Cemetery.