Samuel Patrick Mullins,
1873 – 1964

SAMUEL PATRICK MULLINS was born into the home of Thomas P. and Nannie E. Mullins, April 8, 1873, in Granbury, Texas.  Sam attended school in Granbury.  He was a quiet, thoughtful child, who went quietly about, faithfully doing the tasks he was engaged in doing.  Sam loved cattle and it was not strange that he worked for the Kell Brothers as a cowboy.  Later he joined some large outfits in Texas, such as the Matador Ranch and the Goodnight Ranch.

For some years Sam worked for C.W. Post, who founded the town of Post, Texas, in Garza County.  This town had been named after its founder, C.W. Post.  Mr. Post at one time had been a patient at the famous Battle Creek Sanitarium, Battle Creek, Michigan.  The Sanitarium had developed a number of different kinds of breakfast foods made of cereals such as wheat, corn, oats and barley.  Mr. Post developed several breakfast foods made from corn and wheat.  Some of these, such as POST TOASTIES, Postum, and wheat and corn mixtures.  Some of these are still popular breakfast foods and breakfast drinks, such as Postum.

Sam Mullins also became a self-trained veterinarian.  When he returned to Granbury to live he quietly followed this work, and was called upon by many to help them out when their livestock needed the attention of a veterinarian. He helped many farmers with their livestock.

Nora Riley Mullins

Sam Mullins married Nora Riley, December 5, 1907.  She was the daughter of Bud Riley, a brother of Jeff Riley, and Mrs. Ed Aiken.  Nora was a sister of Alvin, Floy and Charles and Claud Riley.

Nora Riley Mullins died December 21, 1910 after a brief married life of approximately three years.  During that time Sam and Nora’s home was blessed by the birth of a little daughter, whom they named Alleene, born November 5, 1908.  Alleene was only two years old when her mother died.  She was cared for by her Grandmother Nannie Mullins.  After finishing her schooling in the Granbury public school, Alleene became a successful sales lady. For some years she has been with the William[s] Dry Goods store in Granbury, serving the customers silently and pleasing them with her pleasant personality.

Alleene N. Mullins, 1908 – 1997

Alleene has been interested in family history, and through the years she has kept a wonderful set of scrap books that are filled with notes and clippings pertaining to relatives and friends.

Sam Mullins retired from active Service after long and active service.  He was admitted as the first patient to live in the Valley View Rest Home.  He died there October 1, 1964, at the ripe old age of ninety-one years, highly respected and loved by all who knew him.