1875 to ~1930

The Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church of Christ was organized June 2, 1875, by Elders J.N. Chandler, J. McD. Harris and J.F. Howell (or Harrell), with 12 charter members. The church affiliated with the Bosque River Association that year. Membership had increased to 18. The Bosque River Association met with the church in 1880 and at that time the church withdrew to go into the organization of Paluxy Association. With 72 members in 1880 Mt. Pleasant was the largest church in the new association. Information about the original building is not available. This building stood until about 1917 when it was destroyed by fire. Another building was soon constructed on the same ground, and the church continued to meet there until about 1928 when the building was moved to the Glen Rose-Tolar Road, about two miles west. The church continued for a few years at the new location and then dissolved, the members going into other churches.

Paluxy Baptist Association Centennial Story
1880 – 1980