Since 1857

The Paluxy Baptist Church was organized May 2, 1857 by William M. (Choctaw Bill) Robinson with eight charter members. Paluxy was one of the churches organizing the Brazos River Association in October 1858. The church was represented by the pastor, William Robinson, G. Mills, and W.E. Shelby. It seems to have cooperated with this association until 1869, when the Bosque River Association was organized on Saturday before the second Sabbath in November at Paluxy. Eight churches from Bosque, Erath, Comanche, Hamilton, and Hood Counties were represented in this organization. Paluxy was represented by W.H. Pate, J.F. Wood, and W. Gunnels.

There was a great spirit of revival at the Sunday services, and all expected a great meeting of this first session of the new association. But that night Indians raided within a mile of the church and drove off a good many horses. Messengers appeared at the church on Monday morning with guns. Necessary business was quickly attended to, committees were instructed to report at the next annual meeting, the meeting was adjourned, and messengers hastened to their homes to protect their loved ones.

Paluxy was not represented at the organization of Paluxy Association in 1880, but messengers from Paluxy were received at the meeting at Shady Grove [Mambrino] in 1882. Elder E. Blanton was pastor. Other messengers were W.H Pate, E. Flinn, E. Barbee, and William King.

The early meeting places were the school house and brush arbors. The first church house was built in 1900 on land donated by Mr. W.S. Ethridge, a merchant in the village. The lumber was hauled from Bluff Dale by Mr. Frank McBrayer and Mr. W.S. Wilson. A very attractive building was constructed and served for many years. This building finally burned, and a white masonry building followed. About 1958 or 1959 a frame building was purchased from the Antioch Church and moved to the church grounds. These two buildings now serve as auditorium, educational building, and pastor’s home combined. In recent years the majority of the pastors have been students in Southwestern Seminary. Rev. Ross Woodbury is the present faithful pastor.

Paluxy Baptist Association Centennial Story
1880 – 1980