“N-O” GROOMS, Hood County Marriages 1875-1900

GROOM                 BRIDE                DATE BK. / PAGE     By*
NALL, J. F.          Whitely, Alice        29Aug.1889 C/224  (275)
NALL, John           McAphe(McAfee) E. M.   8June1882 B/239  (037)
NAPIER, Charles T.   Pitman, Willie E.      8Jan.1899 D/356  (276)
NASH, J. J.          Segars, Ada Cordelia  25Spt.1895 D/168 (098)
NASH, R, L.          Seagan, Lillie         16Aug.1896 D/242 (005)
NAYLOR, B. G.        Morris, Teresa        16DEc.188~ C/136 (104)
NAYLOR, S. D,        Fowler, Mollie E.     15Nov.1888 C/195 (041)
NEELY, B, L.         Weeks, Ella            7Oct,1896 D/246 (277)
NEELY, C, M,         Mullins Bessie         4Oct.1892 D/064 (064)
NEELY, R. A.         Row, N. J.            10Spt.1876 A/11O (263)
NEELY, R. B,         Huffstuttler, Mollie  26Dec.1889 C/236 (021)
NELSON, A. L.        Zachary, Emma         27Ap1.1893 D/089 (009)
NELSON, J. G.        Morris, Mary          24Oct.1882 B/264 (141)
NELSON, J. S.        Doss (Goss?)Tokin     20July1882 B/247 (013)
NEWMAN, H. N.        Murray, M. L.         25Spt.1892 D/064 (027)
NEWMAN, J. C.        Holmes, Marther       13Aug.1876 A/104 (052)
NEWBERRY, J. D.      Beatty, Minnie        17Dec.1895 D/211 (016)
NEWSOM, D. L.        Person, Armentry      24Oct.1875 A/041 (280)
NEWSOM               McPherson, Roxie C.   llNov.1880 B/114 (NR)**
NEVE, Francis        Bass,(Mrs) Mary A.    29Nov.1885 C/094 (279)
NEVE, O. B.          Deering, Monte Roy    20Ap1.1892 D/046 (059)
NIBLETT, J. M. T.    Denton, Belle         21Ap1.1898 D/320 (038)
NIGH, T, R.          Ford, S. A.           10Jan.1878 A/214 (024)
NIPPER, W, R.        Chambers, Nellie G.    3Aug.1884 C/045 (012)
NISBETT, J. A.       Jacobs,(Mrs) Ida      llSpt.1883 C/018 (084)
NOGGLE, F. M.        Taylor,(Mrs) Fannie   19Jan.1884 C/029 (281)
NORBECK, G. A.       Foster, Minnie        28Feb.1889 C/205 (021)
NORRIS, V. W.        Armstrong, M. A.      20Aug.1899 D/378 (229)
NORRIS, W. S.        McKerley, M. F.       17Aug.1877 A/182 (024)
NORTONIJ. H.         Clark, Rosa            1Oct.1893 D/111 (060)
NUNN, J.  H.         Adkins, H. A.         29NOv.1877 A/206 (024)
NUTT, H.  J.         Blackburn,(Mrs) E. L. 28Dec.1893 D/123 (012)
NUTT, J.  F.         Hopping, Flora         4Dec.1895 D/211 (282)
O'NEAL, Alex. T.     Hay, Dora              8Jan.1880 B/066 (031)
ODOM, M. V.          Ingram, Ellen          2June1881 B/066 (013)
OLDHAM, William T.   RAsh, Cynthia A.      16Mar.1876 A/090 (024)
OLIVER, H. E.        Bull, Julie           22Aug.1897 D/286 (283)
OLIVER, John         Turner, G. A.          4July1893 D/095 (009)
OLIVER, W. A.        Smith, Lizzie         15Oct.1893 D/109 (001)
O'NEILL, D. F.       Green, Harriet T.     28JUly1875 A/026 (169)
ORNDOFF, J. W. J.    Martin, Minnie M.      2July1895 D/184 (289)
OSBORNE, W. O.       Jones, Naoma           7June1896 D/227 (112)
OTT, Aloise          McMahan, Doris        28Aug.1881 B/185 (290)
OTTINGER, D. F.      Herring, Almarie      18Mar.1881 B/157 (207)
OWEN, W. B.          Morrison, Laura F.    23Jan.1896 D/199 (060)
OWENS, Charles       Rucker, Della         18Dec.1890 C/278 (059)
OWENS, Charley       Jackson, Annie        21Mar.1887 C/145 (NR)**
OXFORD, James R.     Kyle, Mary C.         18Feb.1880 B/072 (214)

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license was issued but there is no record of marriage being performed.