“P-Q” GROOMS, Hood County Marriages 1875-1900

GROOM                 BRIDE                DATE BK. / PAGE     By*

PAGE, Charley        McCreary(Mrs) Dona     2Spt.1897 D/288 (291)
PAGE, James          Moore, Evie            5July1891 D/009 (060)
PAIR, Charley        Brooks, Leticia        9July1891 D/O11 (158)
PARIS, W. R.         Cobb, Maggie L.        1Jan.1899 D/354 (069)
PARKER, C. J.        Johnson(Mrs) S. A.    19Aug.1888 C/186 (119)
PARKER, Frank        Holley, May           23Nov.1899 D/395 (204!
PARKER, Henry        Quarles,(Mrs)Elizabeth 5May 1877 A/167 (020)
PARKINSON, J. D.     McWhorter, M. J.      16Feb.1882 B/219  (bOl)
PARKINSON, Joe       Kelley, Lou            6Spt.1899 D/381   (292)
PARKINSON, R. G.     McWhorter, Addie      31DEc.1896 D/260  (253)
PARKS, W. B.         Wade, Martha          12June1893 D/092  (003)
PARROTT, B. J.       Shannon, Mannie        3July1895 D/185 (019)
PARSLEY, Lee         Ming, Cynthia H,      17FEb.1897 D/266 (168)
PARLEY, Willie       Purselley, OlliePearl 25Ap1.1897 D/272 (168)
PARSONS, C. A.       Purcelly, S. L,       26Mar.1899 D/365  (148)
PATE, E. C.          Tinnin, Lela          28July1897 D/283  (069)
PATE, G. L.          Holman, Alah          16July1893 D/097  (012)
PATE, J. J.          Tidwell, Maggie       25Oct.1893 D/11O  (051)
PARKER, Monroe       Goodwinl Laura        13FEb.1890 C/242  (059)
PATILLO, Robert      STewart, A.           20Jan.1886 C/141  (141)
PATRICK, J. W.       Carnes, Serepta       16Ap1.1884 C/035  (012)
PATTERSON, R. L.     Giles, Lenna          25Ap1.1897 D/272  (293)
PATTERSON, W. R,     Giles, Rebecca         3Nov.1895 D/216  (021)
PATTON, Allen        Godfrey, Allis         1Feb.1894 D/131  (041)
PATTON, G. W.        WArren, Mary          28DEc.1891 D/034 (001)
PATTON, H. J.        Valina,(Mrs) Dora     31oct.1886 C/129 (001)
PATTON, J. E.        Atkins, A. V.         22Oct.1882 B/263 (128)
PAYNE, A. P.         Jeffress, Louisa      17Nov.1886 C/132 (108)
PEARCE, Jacob        Huffstutler, Mary     16Dec.1894 D/159 (084)
PEARSON, W. A.       Abel, Nancy           13Ap1.1875 A/009 (056)
PELTS, W. F.         Fowler, Ellis          2Dec.1885 C/098 (046)
PENN, C. M.          McGee, A. L.          llAp1.1897 D/271 (096)
PENN, J. M.          Line~erryl Roella      6Spt.1891 D/019 (155)
PENN, T.  D.         Nix, Fannie            2Ap1.1882 B/227 (087)
PERKINS,  Geo. W.    Peters, Annie         24Dec.1890 C/281 (012)
PERKINS,  M. C.      Peters, F. M.          1Dec.1881 B/202 (012)
PERKINS, W. F.       Bowers, Nora E.        4Jan.1899 D/355 (019)
PERRY, A. B.         Thrower, Lillie        2Feb.1896 D/198 (112)
PERRY, W. P.         Nesbitt, E. D.        17Oct.1895 D/208 (084)
PERRY, W. T.         Linthicum, Leanna     26Ap1.1888 C/180 (092)
PETEET, Jno R.       Mitchell, Grace R.     9Mar.1899 D/365 (012)
PETERS, A. C.        Wright, Bettie        20Mar.1879 B/003  (020)
PETERS, J. T.        Wilson, L. E.         15June1899 D/371  (028)
PETTY, A. J.         Hudgins, Mollie        5Oct.1899 D/385  (148)
PETTY, J. T.         Wharton, H. H.         3July1881 B/174 (145)
PEVELER, B. H.       Clark, Belle           2Mar.1880 B/074 (039)
PHARR, J. A.         Phenix, HarYiet L.    21Mar.1880 B/075 (022)
PHENIX, W. P.        Moore, M, L.          28JUly1881 B/178 (105)
PHINX, F. L.         Meridith, H. B.       25Oct.1882 B/265 (105)
PHILLIPS, F. R.      Wylie, Olive          10Spt.1890 C/264 (039)
PHILLIPS, W. R.      Smith, Elizabeth      26June1875 A/020 (295)
PHILLIPS, Willis     Blake, Emily          14Aug.1881 B/182 (294)
PIERCE, Frank        Booker, Maud          14Aug.1899 D/376 (229)
PILKINGTON, A. P     Huffstutler, Countes  22May 1898 D/322 (296)
PILKINGTON, J. D.    HUffstuttler, Louia   24Spt.1899 D/384 (125)
PINSON, J. C.        Waldrun, Rebecca       9Nov.1889 B/112 (NR)*'
PLEMINS, William     Hill,(Mrs) M. E.      13June1876 A/095 (007)
PLEMMONS, W. T.     Overmyer, Laura       23Ap1.1884 C/036 (023)
POE, D. L.          McCuan, (Mus) Lula    10Nov.1898 D/342 (297)
POE, J. W.          Brightl Emma V.       20June1888 C/183 (012)
POE, W. C.          Roach, A. A.          25Nov.1877 A/205 (298)
POLLARD, J. A.      Holden, Laura         21Mar.1875 A/O11 (022)
POPE, C. N.         Huffstuttle, Mary L.  12July1896 D/236 (027)
POPE, D. C.         Huffstutler, Ottie    25Dec.1895 D/217 !027)
PORTER, J. A.       James, Lula           24Dec,1891 D/032 (193)
PORTER, S. R.       Faucett, Ellin        16Feb.1879 A/299 (299)
PORTERFIELD, Howard Vaughan, Beta          4Oct.1899 D/385 (193)
POWELL, C. Y.       Pelts, C. C.           1Spt.1884 C/049 (031)
POWELL, G. W.       Daniel, M. C.         14Oct.1879 B/047 (020)
POWELL, L. S.       Donalson, Stella      14Oct.1897 D/293 (041)
POWELL, W. R.       Farmer, Birdie        10Nov.1897 D/297 (056)
POWELL, J. F.       Duckworth, Josie      17Nov.1895 D/217 (023)
POWELL, John R.     Perry, R. E.          22Feb.1891 D/014 (038)
POWELL, Joseph,     Brown, Elizabeth       1Dec.1885 C(095 (300)
POWELL, Samuel S.   Painter, Gertrude      9Oct.1887 C/162 (084)
POWELL, W. N.       Wiley, Sallie         29Aug.1895 D/192 (041)
POWERS, A, J.       Sandersl Elizabeth A.  4Feb.1875 A/001 (120)
PRESCOTT, G. W.     Powell,Mary GeYtrude  28Ap1.1892 D/049 (069)
PRESTIGE, George    Moore, Sallie         13Jan.1886 C/140 (041)
PRESTIGE, James     Kennedy, Carrie       14Spt.1890 C/265 (301)
PRICE, H. L.        Price, Lydia          30May 1886 C/11O (118)
PRICE, J. F.        Tidwell, Lizzie        4Nov.1888 C/194 (302)
PRICE, J. R.        Dutton, M. E.         15Jan.1882 B/216 (034!
PRICE, J. T.        Edens, Lizzie         25Nov.1886 C/134 (012)
PRICE, S. D.        McCommas, Kittie      28Feb.1894 D/132 (009)
PRICE, Thomas H.    Dutton, S. F.         18Spt.1881 B/188 (303)
PRICHARD, C. W.     McMillian, M. E.      10Spt.1884 C/050 (038)
PRICHARD, C. W.     Banks, Etta           llSpt.1887 C/161 (097)
PROFFIT, C. M.      TAnkersly, A. M.      18Dec.1877 A/269 (053)
PROFFIT, R. R.      McWhorter, M. A.       3Jan.1878 A/219 (053)
PUGH, W. C.         Reesel S. J.           6Feb.1879 A/298 (020)
PULATI, R. D.       Berry(Mrs) Bell        5June1884 C/040 (023)
PULATI, Ralph       Smith, Laurina         1Feb.1877 A/146 (024)
PULLY, H. D.        Moore, Almedia        29Nov.1883 C/024 (304)
PUMPHR~Y (?)Allen   Hargrove, Belle        5Spt.1897 D/289 (132)
PURSELLEY, C. L.    Coxl M. R.            20Aug.1893 D/102 (006)
PURSELLEY, R. R.    Ford, Dora            llAp1.1896 D/224 (016)

QUARLES, R. B.      Tipdon, Annie         20July1879 B/031  (020)
QUEEN, W. H.        Foster, Willie        29Oct.1890 C/271  (305)

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