Updated 1993

Name of DeceasedDate of BirthDate of DeathLot Number
Caddell, Betty Dois07/21/193505/07/1972SN-096
Cain, Virginia N.18831971046
Caldwell, Alison18381901165
Callaham, Jesse J.Daddy09/09/190006/25/1987N-194
Callaham, Mary E.Mamma01/20/188209/05/1973N-194
Calvert, Mary AliceMother04/16/186704/01/1929247
Calvert, Pearl Lovena04/29/190201/26/1921247
Cameron, Ruth01/22/189302/14/1972160
Campbell, Al D.18681951N-023
Campbell, AliceNo marker-information taken from funeral home records12/29/188006/05/1945
Campbell, Chester M.Daddy11/29/192304/30/1971SN-053
Campbell, Florence M.18841963N-023
Campbell, John DelaineTEXAS MOMM 2 USNR WW II09/14/190710/02/1959N-162
Campbell, Johnny Kay Darden10/06/196210/29/1989N-094
Campbell, Linda FayeForever in our hearts07/16/196104/08/1987450
Campbell, VetaWife01/10/190803/23/1967N-094
Campbell, W. Virgil19081985N-094
Carmichael, Charlie A.TEXAS Mus 2 Cl HQ Co 132 Fld Arty WW I01/31/189405/01/1964450
Carmichael, Dr. Archibald10/28/185912/22/1940450
Carmichael, Glendora10/04/186903/10/1958450
Carmichael, InfantSon of Dr. & Mrs. A. Carmichael12/23/190912/23/1909450
Carmichael, Jesse George09/19/189802/07/1969450
Carmichael, Maymie11/14/189904/21/1971450
Carmichael, Pome RoyTEXAS Pvt Co B 343 Mg Bn 90 Div WW I05/26/189606/08/1952450
Carmichael, Winnie18941982N-092
Carpenter, A.W.FLT emblem18651963424
Carpenter, JosephineDaughter of A.W. & Venie Carpenter08/24/190009/09/1904424
Carpenter, Miss MayNo marker-information taken from funeral home records07/17/187602/16/1946
Carpenter, Mrs. Lou Venie18671942424
Carpenter, William SanfordUCV(iron & wire fence around lot-7 or 8 graves with rocks)05/12/183308/08/1903542
Carson, Lucy A.Wife of T.E. CarsonAged 54 yrs.09/04/1891048
Carter, Amelia SarahMissionaries – Educators – Jesus Only08/30/189202/11/1971N-070
Carter, Calvin GuyMissionaries – Educators – Jesus Only09/08/189205/30/1982N-070
Carter, FrancesMother10/07/1907N-101
Carter, Hallie Lucy06/13/190304/27/1962N-172
Carter, Horace B.Masonic emblemRemember friends as you pass by, As you are now, so once was I. As I am now, you soon shall be. So prepare for God and follow me.06/13/188905/07/1975483
Carter, Ila B.Life is changed not taken away08/15/189009/05/1966483
Carter, Philip C.07/13/189812/09/1986N-172
Carter, WinfordFather07/27/190307/17/1969N-101
Caskey, A.M. (Jack)Masonic emblem08/20/191003/04/1976447
Caskey, Juanita LeaEastern Star emblem09/11/191103/12/1982447
Cason, Nelle05/13/1990SN-019
Cason, Ralph Roy09/20/189809/01/1970SN-019
Cassity, Charles Alvin04/07/189512/07/1972N-164
Cassity, Nancy Ann08/21/189312/14/1982N-164
Cassity, Nettie D.18791967223
Casstevens, Trice B.11/11/190201/24/1959N-158
Castillo, Concercon18751961N-082
Castillo, Frank12/03/191904/17/1977N-082
Castillo, Justin BreenOur Baby03/21/198403/31/1984N-082
Cathey, Julie KayDaughter of Ray & Eva Cathey08/06/195209/27/1966N-190
Catts, Cogdell M.Husband18931962206
Catts, Jeffie B.Wife of Cogdell Catts18951974206
Catts, William H.01/17/184503/21/1923206
Catts, William H.Son of Cogdell & Jeffie Catts09/26/191501/19/1939206
Caulder, Edward M.08/27/186907/19/1951133
Caulder, Rev. W.W.Age 61 yr 9 mo01/20/1883133
Caulder, Ronda06/28/186607/28/1893133
Chandler, Albert EdNo marker-information taken from funeral home records06/30/188401/16/1967
Chandler, Ann Hasseltine Judson Cole18531917189
Chandler, Dott S.18981955474
Chandler, John T.18751942474
Chandler, Rev. Josephine NewtonThat Flower of Day18281920189
Chandler, Sarah C.18661943474
Chandler, Susan Madora11/18/187003/25/1952189
Chapman, Ardella Bell07/29/188110/24/1969454
Chapman, Arthur04/27/188312/01/1965454
Chapman, Clarence C.Our Son19041915454
Chapman, FredTEXAS Sgt 91 AAF Recon Sq WW II06/08/191505/26/1950N-049
Chapman, Geo. W.Woodmen of the World memorial05/05/188603/30/1916454
Chapman, George W.Co B 1 ALA Arty CSA454
Chapman, Julia AnnMother18751919454
Chapman, Lela Mae Hamm07/09/191605/26/1950N-049
Chapman, Loyd C.Woodmen of the World memorial08/20/188904/07/1919454
Chapman, Neal18961953N-182
Chapman, Ola1901N-182
Chapman, Raymond L.TEXAS Pfc Btry C 752 AAA Gun Bn WW II10/08/191711/18/1969N-035
Chapman, Ruby MayDaughter19121921454
Chapman, Sidney Wayne10/07/194905/26/1950N-049
Cherry, Don C.08/12/190205/15/1967519
Cherry, Harley D.05/09/190902/19/1974520
Cherry, Leta B.12/07/190601/04/1991519
Cherry, Mildred M.06/20/190909/28/1973520
Cherry, Sallie Maude08/02/188101/28/1919519
Cherry, Wm. Harley12/31/187804/24/1958519
Childress, Nelle Hiner18971981456
Childress, Othella Raymond18921962456
Childress, Pearl Casey03/09/1899SN-041
Childress, Roy Edward05/16/189511/07/1968SN-041
Clark, Grady S.Married Aug. 17, 192402/05/190301/18/1966N-098
Clark, Mary EllaMarried Aug. 17, 192401/15/190404/30/1989N-098
Clark, Rachel Parlee18571900202
Clark, Willie Anna18811900202
Clements, Judy06/17/191808/15/1970SN-005
Cleveland, EleanorWife of Sam Cleveland10/27/190912/03/1937448
Clonch, Ruth Floyd18981918196
Clyatt, Annie188405/04/1960245
Clyatt, Lee18771959245
Coffman, Walter18871975243
Cogdell, AlmerDaughter of D.C. & L.N. Cogdell03/11/187910/30/1881045
Cogdell, Buster H., Sr.08/20/188907/26/1976579
Cogdell, Dan, Jr.Son of Mrs. & Mrs. B.H. Cogdell01/15/191601/15/1916045
Cogdell, Daniel Crandeall18491945579
Cogdell, Duke Cabell06/18/190104/05/1955575
Cogdell, EarlFather – Dan C.Mother – Lucy09/15/188004/28/1965575
Cogdell, Gaston06/14/187412/12/1916579
Cogdell, Gertrude IreneWife, Sweetheart & Pal of Earl Cogdell01/29/188110/17/1956575
Cogdell, Jefferson McLeanSon of Earl & Gertrude CogdellHusband of Thelma Griffin03/17/190707/27/1925575
Cogdell, Mrs. Lucy N.18581924579
Cogdell, Susan Dabney11/06/188904/02/1987574
Cogdill, Joe01/04/187406/23/1967464
Cogdill, Nellie05/28/189209/21/1964464
Colbert, Violet PearlDaughter of Mr. & Mrs. L.W. Colbert19021902096
Cole, Beulah E.Married Dec. 4, 191004/20/189209/21/1969559
Cole, C.M.10/17/1989N-222
Cole, Calvin A.Married Dec. 4, 191010/24/188301/11/1959N-220
Cole, Charlie A.Son07/22/190503/07/1961N-220
Cole, Finis W.Daddy19111954451
Cole, Jackie DouglasIn Memory of Baby05/02/193403/19/1935559
Cole, John A.Son08/12/191012/31/1985N-220
Cole, John Curtis18881940A-532
Cole, John D.MSGT US Army03/12/191409/13/1974559
Cole, Johnson Curtis09/22/184910/04/1930533
Cole, Judge E.Married Dec. 4, 191002/05/189203/10/1968559
Cole, Lolla A.04/08/191804/19/1958451
Cole, Louis B.Father08/02/188010/05/1955533
Cole, Mary F.08/08/185107/29/1915533
Cole, Mattie Mae18911982A-532
Cole, Viola M.Mother07/17/188506/18/1967N-220
Collier, Clara M.MotherMarried Dec. 23, 192711/02/190905/30/1984N-191
Collier, Glenn W.Husband19471983N-191
Collier, John W.FatherMarried Dec. 23, 192701/07/190110/09/1976N-191
Collier, Mary GilleyMother10/28/190301/11/1989N-019
Collier, Robert LeeFather03/18/189812/31/1944N-019
Collier, Thomas A.Son19341953N-191
Collier, William H.FatherHe gave his life for his country11/06/189111/13/1928277
Collins, Frankie Jane18701962503
Collins, James E.18681938503
Collins, Jessie V.09/07/189610/14/1987503
Collins, Myrl11/25/190902/03/1938503
Collins, Vance P.Reverse side of double marker [Jessie V.] lists children:Allene Collins 04/18/1920Doyle Collins 08/29/1921J.B. Collins 11/26/1924Faye Lynn Collins 09/23/1929Archie Collins 07/16/193701/29/189704/24/1977503
Colvin, Charles Steven01/02/189106/26/1962N-172
Colvin, F. Worth01/06/191205/30/1988014
Colvin, Ida Mae10/10/191308/16/1982N-172
Colvin, InfantDaughter of S.C. & Lyddia [sic] Colvin09/20/187709/20/1877014
Colvin, Lydia N.11/11/185805/03/1927014
Colvin, Nugent M.12/17/189211/19/1918014
Colvin, Ruben R.Son of S.C. & Lyddia [sic] Colvin09/20/188003/18/1883014
Colvin, Steve C.09/01/185306/11/1917014
Cook, ElizaWife of O. Cook(marker broken)12/07/182204/06/1879055
Cook, Eliza18741958
Cook, Hester L.O.05/08/186307/16/1881044
Cook, John W.Our beloved brother09/02/189202/23/1946482
Cook, Juda E.(8 or more graves on lot marked with fieldstones)01/03/182101/16/1883044
Cook, LizzieDaughter of O. & E. Cook(marker broken)055
Cooper Hugh H.05/31/187206/14/1952025
Cooper, Charles LewisOur Babies10/11/190112/21/1901025
Cooper, Dora BessOur Babies10/08/189801/28/1899025
Cooper, Elizabeth HightowerWife of Hugh Cooper10/09/187206/16/1952026
Cooper, George LewisSon of N.L. & S.A. Cooper03/26/186802/28/1874025
Cooper, Mrs. N.L.18411927026
Cooper, N.L.07/15/183610/12/1901025
Cooper, Nan UleneShe was the sunshine of our home10/21/187810/04/1900025
Cortez, Albert AlfredUS Army Korea12/18/193611/30/1984N-087
Cotten, A.J.11/27/187602/28/1934508
Cotten, Betty JoBeloved DaughterLoved by all who knew her08/31/196004/07/1976508
Cotten, DoraMarried July 16, 191106/16/1894409
Cotten, Doyle W.19161937508
Cotten, LovettaDaughter of Jacob B. Cotten & Matilda C. Smith11/08/189102/06/1970175
Couch, Leona E.02/09/1921N-131
Couch, Thurston Wade02/11/191211/05/1981N-131
Coulston, Annie J.12/05/186702/12/1945501
Coulston, Eva B.01/07/189606/18/1986501
Coulston, Harry11/26/189507/04/1987501
Coulston, Jack R.05/02/192407/11/1935501
Coulston, John01/01/190306/27/1966501
Counts, Lucy A.18731955152
Cox, Geneva Pearl19011984N-077
Cox, Jesse AvingtonTEXAS Pvt Co D 104 Inf 26 Div WW I10/12/189212/11/1958N-077
Craig, Ellen18741940239
Craig, Jim1941239
Crawford, Aubrey B.WYOMING Pvt Co D 308 Infantry WW I PH06/12/189410/16/1956N-032
Crawford, Frances Ruth03/18/192303/08/1963466
Crawford, Norma Kelly07/31/190203/26/1991N-032
Crear, David EarlTEXAS STM 1 US Navy WW II02/12/192607/01/1970N-232
Creech, Alvin B.DaddyMarried Oct. 6, 190708/04/188704/03/1972N-129
Creech, Birdie A.MamaMarried Oct. 6, 190704/30/188810/11/1970N-129
Crites, Jessie DuVall05/08/187909/11/1943034
Crites, Lige18721950174
Crites, Oscar Preston11/11/189212/11/1977SN-075
Crites, Richard BakerSon of J.E. & J. Crites12/31/188806/04/1890174
Crites, Rose18751950174
Crites, Sarah Lee12/14/189303/18/1972SN-075
Crockett, Ada Clare10/28/188507/27/1887054
Crockett, Anna M. WalkupWife of Ashley W. Crockett18711935054
Crockett, Ashley Wilson08/06/185705/31/1954054
Crockett, Harold AshleySon of Anna Walkup & Ashley Crockett11/27/189411/12/1916054
Crockett, Ilva Maureen04/29/189610/12/1896054
Cross, Arminta18251916033
Cross, Jeff Davis18641950033
Cross, R.K.18621874033
Cruce, John A.01/02/188601/28/1977N-109
Cruce, William Tom09/05/187811/13/1878051
Cummings, BenjaminInfant son of L.W. & F.H. Cummings09/05/187811/13/1878051
Cummings, LoreneMother07/14/1912N-104
Cummings, Uel T.Father06/12/190610/02/1971N-104
Curtis, Gust. B.Age 26 yr 11 months 3 days03/23/1889181
Curtis, John18881940533
Curtis, Mattie Mae189119??533
Dabney, Albert G., Jr.02/29/187603/28/1904538
Dabney, C.I. (Ike)07/29/189708/21/1950498
Dabney, Couch18831963498
Dabney, E.M.Father06/29/185809/21/1936498
Dabney, Edwin CharlesTEXAS Pfc Co E Inf 78 Div WWI08/26/189507/09/1964493
Dabney, Ethel Bird18951932498
Dabney, Ida L. Kiblinger18661911574
Dabney, Jessie07/28/189306/24/1959181
Dabney, Kathryn Lawhon18861957574
Dabney, Maggie08/16/187311/17/1959N-010
Dabney, Mattie E. MillerMotherWife of E.M. Dabney06/18/186206/16/1952498
Dabney, Movene181
Dabney, Royden Keith03/17/188612/05/1918538
Dabney, Samuel WyattTEXAS Wagoner 133 Field Arty WW I09/28/188905/27/1961181
Dabney, Thomas Henry, M.D.18601960574
Dabney, Walter E.03/18/187309/22/1946N-010
Dabney, Winston C.05/01/189911/12/1923574
Dabney, Wyatt09/28/188905/27/1961181
Dabney, WynelleDaughter of Wyatt & Jessie05/11/192705/13/1927181
Dailey, James H.18371912444
Daniel, Arthur OgdenSon of W.V. & L.E. Daniel04/24/189112/23/1894136
Daniel, Ida L. (Gordon)18691949245
Daniel, Lucinda E.Wife of W.B. Daniel18631922136
Daniel, Martha J.18341886136
Daniel, Otis AllenSon of W.B. & L.E. Daniel11 months, 2 days10/07/1887136
Daniel, Robert C.18321895136
Daniel, W.B.18571940136
Daniels, Justine L. Reese11/06/193309/09/1965275
Daniels, Raymond F.02/20/1920N-218
Daniels, Ruby M.03/29/191411/26/1980N-218
Darden, Johnny ClayTEXAS Pfc US Marine Corps07/12/193508/25/1962N-094
Darnaby, Joe Lester01/18/188806/13/1978383
Daugherty, Elizabeth Josephine StemlerDaughter of John & Anna Maria LaPayne Stemmler [sic]Wife of Capt Matt Daugherty01/31/184702/22/1883053
Daugherty, Susan ChristinaDaughter of Elizabeth & Matt03/02/188009/16/1880053
Davidson, MaryMother18781947N-053
Davidson, Sue E. (nee Humphreys)In memory of our sister09/11/184602/21/1883005
Davidson, T.A., Sr.Father18741938N-053
Davis, Anna C.Wife of H.A. Davis10/16/186408/09/1920127
Davis, Charles Franklin19411966N-088
Davis, Elmer HenryFather05/23/190611/16/1963N-088
Davis, Harvey A.I have fought the good fight. I have run the course. I have kept the faith.09/23/186409/26/1937127
Davis, Henry AlexanderSGT US Army WW I11/15/189111/01/1976127
Davis, Joseph Monroe06/27/189602/15/1981N-126
Davis, Joshua M.Father01/13/185002/20/1910540
Davis, Margaret Crawford11/20/190112/31/1980N-126
Davis, Mary T.Mother01/25/185707/11/1910540
Davis, Mrs. Katie B.07/04/186804/06/1942280
Davis, Richard L.12/13/186206/24/1882
Davis, Ripley A.TEXAS PVT 37 Infantry WW I08/08/190212/31/1972127
Davis, Sallie ButlerEastern Star emblem06/19/188512/01/1965N-097
Davis, Sarah Lou08/22/186912/23/1941096
Davis, T.L.06/06/187601/11/1927280
Davis, Thelma IonaMother10/28/190902/02/1973N-088
Davis, Warren Ellis02/02/188809/20/1892127
Daws, Richard L.(old stone tomb above the ground)10/13/186206/21/1882111
Dawson, ClaraWife of P.H. Dawson09/04/185501/17/1894223
Dawson, Eli NathanielOur Beloved Father08/02/188508/05/1961223
Dawson, J. HallieEastern Star emblem12/04/187712/17/1971223
Dawson, Mattie Harris George11/07/188502/03/1964223
Dawson, P. Hiram18541939223
Dawson, P. Hiram, Jr.18921892223
Deaver, Mattie261
Deavor, A.B.Information taken from funeral home records11/24/1942261
Deering, Joseph LoweryFather05/16/187912/31/1958500
Deering, MyeraInfant of Mr. & Mrs. J.L. Deering08/21/192309/09/1923500
Deering, Trannie Key02/05/188405/01/1934500
Dennis, Barnett H.Masonic emblem10/14/183612/25/1906143
Dennis, Bessie M.Infant daughter of B.H. & S.W. Dennis01/19/188604/21/1886143
Dennis, Clarence A.Father08/09190806/30/1980471
Dennis, Clarence A.Son of Mr. & Mrs. C.A. Dennis11/01/193002/06/1939471
Dennis, Dick V.1 yr 7 mos 3 d’sSon of W.M. & E.J. Dennis06/28/1880093
Dennis, Flora K.Mother08/04/1905471
Dennis, George Barnett01/21/190208/02/1963143
Dennis, HelenMother04/01/187505/22/1964143
Dennis, Jim K.18761955143
Dennis, LeonaDau. of Mr. & Mrs. Will Dennis06/26/190202/07/1920471
Dennis, Minnie Lee03/06/1905143
Dennis, Richard M.Infant son of W.B. & H.M. Dennis06/02/190002/05/1901143
Dennis, Rose E.18851963143
Dennis, Sarah W.Eastern Star emblem08/19/184801/29/1885143
Dennis, Vivian Earl19061993471
Dennis, W.B.Father09/01/187203/26/1944143
Dennis, WillFather18761940471
Dennis, William M.Masonic emblemCo D 15 Tex Cav CSA08/25/184010/20/1924093
Dennis, WillieMother18801937471
Denson, H.D.188002/14/1921275
Denton, James TerryNo marker-information taken from funeral home records10/21/186102/02/1954
Dickson, J.BSmall metal marker beside large marble marker reads: Major John Bennett Dickson NS USD War of 181204/23/179311/01/1876038
Dill, Handy C.Married Jan. 6, 191106/25/188803/15/1983499
Dill, Willie B.Married Jan. 6, 191108/16/188807/26/1974499
Dillard, J. L.Masonic emblem07/28/188711/04/1955381
Dillard, Lewis BlairIn memory of our father01/31/183002/20/1912413
Dillard, Marie WarrenWife of J.L. Dillard08/10/189411/23/1936381
Dillard, Mrs. S.A.04/28/183907/26/1897413
Dobbins, Attalla H.10/07/185606/18/1927525
Dobbins, Dora E.08/03/187503/31/1962510
Dobbins, Minor12/29/185502/20/1928525
Dobbins, W.R.Woodmen of the World marker07/18/187308/23/1910510
Dodd, Bernard BufordUS Navy World War II09/25/192511/22/1978N-200
Dodd, Berta HartgravesBeloved Mother & Sister12/01/191208/16/1984N-013
Dodd, CloraMother – Sweet Memories02/28/188506/27/1957N-200
Dodd, GeorgeFather – Sweet Memories07/12/188506/02/1979N-200
Dodd, Ulen D.Brother12/03/191109/12/1975N-193
Dodson, A.J.Lodge member #392 AF&M03/23/1899071
Dodson, Alta May12/31/190710/01/1972N-200
Dodson, Clabe1880008
Dodson, JuniusMasonic emblem04/04/190710/27/1978N-200
Dodson, Nora Moore1880008
Dodson, Sara C.Wife of A.J. Dodson10/01/1878071
Dooley, ElizabethMother03/08/188501/09/1940267
Dooley, Wilber W.FatherFLT emblem08/15/186105/04/1923267
Dosher, Nora LoweMother01/30/188411/14/1962N-145
Douglas, Earl CliftonOur Son11/23/190506/23/1945255
Douglass, Veneta J. DanielWife of W.E. Douglass18901936136
Douglass, William Edwards18751968136
Doyle, Alice WilsonWife of J.N. Doyle18591944166
Doyle, Bess Jowers18811967166
Doyle, CorinneDaughter of Bess & Ed Doyle19061934166
Doyle, J.N., Dr.(lot enclosed by iron fence)11/27/183910/01/1895166
Doyle, James H.Masonic emblemSeventh S.C. Regiment UCV18461933178
Doyle, LucyDaughter of J.N. & Alice Doyle06/19/189001/13/1895166
Doyle, Mary Kate StringfellowWife of James H. Doyle18611942178
Doyle, Robert Edward18701944166
Doyle, Trenholm18891977166
Doyle, William EarleHeavenly Father Care for our Boy12/14/188201/16/1916178
Driskell, Luther W.Married Dec. 7, 192810/16/190201/07/1971N-192
Driskell, Vada (Kimmel)Married Dec. 7, 192804/08/1912N-192
Drought, George W.08/15/189811/14/1956N-202
Duke, Annie18871955016
Duke, Annie DykesMother of Harry Edward Duke18791909430
Duke, Annie May18751934430
Duke, Earl11/20/188305/23/1911020
Duke, Edna04/18/188111/26/1907020
Duke, Edward A.18691941430
Duke, Harry E.01/12/190912/22/1980430
Duke, Harry Thomas18841945430
Duke, Herman H.Son of T.J. & Phoebe E. Duke05/09/187411/08/1877020
Duke, Hettie ButlerDuchessEastern Star emblemAuntie06/01/188812/25/1967N-067
Duke, Katherine Lane18811933430
Duke, Maj. A.A.Masonic emblem12/20/1905430
Duke, Phoebe E.02/02/14711/29/1939020
Duke, Sophronia A.Wife of Maj. W.A. Duke?12/22/1911430
Duke, T.J.183609/06/1886020
Dumas, Bertha M.MomMarried Nov. 11, 192211/04/1902267
Dumas, Ernest E.DadMarried Nov. 11, 192203/09/189903/27/1986267
Duncan, A. Judson03/14/188203/15/1959N-059
Duncan, Charlie M.01/26/187912/13/1957N-059
Duncan, Emma W.10/01/188404/25/1969N-059
Duncan, Little CharlieN-059
Dunn, AnnieMother03/01/188704/24/1955N-016
Dunn, William E.Father01/18/187910/17/1958N-016
Durant, Bona H.My Darling08/15/190212/10/1971N-041
Durant, George W.09/24/187412/01/1956N-041
Durant, Nora E.01/26/188312/11/1967N-041
Durant, William TrumanUS Navy WW II01/24/192004/12/1982N-041
Durham, Ernest E.01/07/190206/01/1968N-198
Durham, Lorene L.Brobra01/26/190706/06/1983N-198
Durham, R.E.Masonic & Shrine emblems06/27/192502/02/1974N-198
Durham, Randle E.Loved by All Who Knew Him03/29/194709/30/1967185
DuVal, Bessie B.18891967185
DuVal, Josephine08/30/190404/11/1945145
DuVal, OscarSon of W.J.W. & S.B. DuVal17 years07/12/1901185
DuVal, Roger D.18871951185
DuVal, Sophie B.07/20/184811/10/1912185
DuVal, William J.W.08/25/183003/08/1911185
Duvall, JuanitaDAR emblem02/24/189606/20/1970034
Duvall, M.E.02/04/185503/28/1925034
Duvall, W.H.04/24/184006/12/1913034
Dykies, James BeebeTEXAS Pvt 144 Inf Headquarters Co 36 DivPeace to his slumbering spirit & a memory to his worth06/22/1936504
Dysart, S.J.Wife of T.J. Dysart10/27/183006/09/1922132
T.J. Dysart04/22/183112/12/1888132