Updated 1993

Name of DeceasedDate of BirthDate of DeathLot Number
Eades, Mary L.Wife of T.C. Eades05/30/188401/22/1913127
Eaker, Lillie18781967046
Eaton, Berta V.His WifeMomN-058
Eaton, John H.Dad12/26/188412/07/1953N-058
Eccles, Teresa12/24/196810/04/1993SN-28E
Echols, G.T.04/09/184712/26/1925444
Echols, Mrs. S.E.02/01/185112/04/1923444
Eden, BartTaken from our home but not our hearts12//190011/1973N-106
Eden, Wm. LaFetteNo marker-information from funeral home records08/26/186309/08/1951
Edens, Ada MayMother01/18/187512/01/1956N-056
Edens, GlenMarried Sept. 22, 194210/13/190902/27/1983N-163
Edens, Mary AliceMarried Sept. 22, 194212/15/191407/12/1989N-163
Edens, William L.Father08/26/186309/08/1951N-056
Edge, Mostyn Nelson01/28/189003/08/1977N-134
Edmundson, A.J.Aged 49 yrs, 2 mo., 26 da’s06/15/184509/11/1892205
Edmundson, Mrs. S.E.02/26/184504/18/1906205
Edwards, Cyrus L.CRA emblemHusband of Lucinda B. Edwards(metal fence on lot)06/05/183706/10/1912220
Edwards, InfantInfant of M.M. & S.T. Edwards(infant mummy stone)003
Edwards, John(mummy stone grave cover)11/01/179009/18/1853003
Edwards, Laura P.Daughter of H. & E. Edwards Aged 20 years?02/03/1879003
Edwards, Little Billy12/25/191306/04/1918210
Edwards, Louis (W.L.G.)(may be Gardner)210
Edwards, Mrs. C.L.02/10/185208/06/1944220
Edwards, Narcissa M.01/24/185605/11/1931021
Edwards, Willis G.18841957210
Elizondo, Cruz G.05/03/189509/27/1972N-081
Elizondo, Mary (Anita)10/26/190211/08/1985N-081
Elizondo, Roberto19351963N-081
Elliot, Ann494
Elliott, Addie Sue10/18/189711/08/1971514
Elliott, Alta BakerSister03/31/189707/21/1950492
Elliott, Betty MaloyIce Capades 1949-51Wife of Bill J. Elliott?11/15/1975514
Elliott, E.W.Brother18791934514
Elliott, George W.Father11/28/188504/24/1944492
Elliott, H.A.Mother18551912514
Elliott, JackBaby19191920514
Elliott, Mary B.18951896127
Elliott, Murray R.18921952N-170
Elliott, Olelia Walton03/07/1883494
Elliott, Oliver Bunyan08/22/188306/11/1965514
Elliott, S.S.Father18561935515
Elliott, Sarah E.18651948494
Ellis, Charles S.18751909528
Ellis, Charles W.In Loving Memory of Father (Pop)18881964445
Ellis, Esthe M. Ray18941916097
Elrod, James S.12/24/196812/24/1968516
Endsley, Arthur09/08/189102/26/1966N-016
Endsley, Bennie03/15/189410/14/1976N-016
Endsley, Bobbie Dee19301965N-016
Endsley, Horace C.19121982N-122
Endsley, Loverna Browning07/08/189802/25/1965N-122
Ennis, Delia A.18731951425
Ennis, Edward M.18681950425
Ennis, Harry G.Born at Buchanan, Johnson Co., TexasDied at Morgan, Texas by R.R. Accident02/17/187903/31/1902035
Ensminger, Anna MayDau. of D.L. & E.P. Ensminger04/29/187810/08/1880019
Ensminger, E.D.Son of D.L. & E.P. Ensminger10/31/188007/18/1888019
Estell, Mattie18721955093
Estes, BenMasonic emblem18961982N-036
Estes, Bevly MemphisMasonic emblem06/09/185311/01/1938042
Estes, Dr. J.H.11/23/182307/19/1900042
Estes, John PattonMasonic emblem06/17/185005/01/1890042
Estes, Kate Blair09/22/185503/31/1926042
Estes, MaryWife of Dr. J.H. Estes09/06/182904/03/1901042
Estes, Mary E.Daughter of B.M. & Kate Estes02/10/188105/09/1882042
Estes, PhebeEastern Star emblem18961962N-036
Estes, Roy E.08/05/188503/21/1965N-091
Estes, Roy E.S Sgt US Army10/30/191707/21/1974N-091
Estes, Sam L.02/20/187903/13/1956042
Estes, StellaMother09/25/188803/29/1975N-091
Estill, D.C.18681940093
Evans, Amos Kendall09/09/187803/18/1895061
Evans, David Blake06/27/187906/27/1879024
Evans, Henry Harrell02/20/187702/11/1895061
Evans, Jeanetta Abbott04/23/192601/09/1990527
Evans, Lucy Kate09/06/188408/11/1885024
Evans, Mary Blake05/23/187711/24/1878024
Evans, Mrs. M.F.Born in Blandville, Ky.Died in Quanah, Tex.03/16/184404/06/1917024
Evans, Thos. J.Born in Brooklyn, L.I.Died in Quanah, Tex.10/07/184312/04/1895024
Evans, Walter Everett07/08/187404/30/1895061
Everyt, Harper Forest08/20/186802/08/1951142
Ewell, Bettie03/11/184407/10/1906092
Ewell, Charles H.Son of T.T. & Bettie Ewell06/25/188010/29/1887092
Ewell, John D.Son of T.T. & Bettie Ewell08/08/187704/19/1879092
Ewell, Maggie L.02/08/187608/15/1901092
Ewell, Martha Eliza WordWife of C.T. Ewell01/20/185712/16/1904418
Ewell, Thomas T.02/08/184402/26/1897092
Fair, Margaret D.Wife of Richard Fair10/25/181010/27/1887148
Falen, IreneNo marker-information from funeral home records02/02/194810/14/1918
Fant, Addie R.10/31/188103/10/1966N-149
Fant, Agnes M.Wed Feb. 13, 1931We love and miss youLois, Fay, Shirley & Jo09/08/1914N-149
Fant, Charlie M.Father03/05/188302/16/1960N-149
Fant, Ewell M.Wed Feb. 13, 1931We love and miss youLois, Fay, Shirley & Jo04/14/190806/04/1991N-149
Fant, Joyce FayeMother03/12/194211/19/1975N-149
Fant, Mary PearlMarried Mar. 15, 193706/23/1921N-149
Fant, RochelleMarried Mar. 15, 193708/29/191212/18/1974N-149
Farmer, I.T.ElderBorn in Penn. – Died in Texas18631937401
Faulkner, Judge K.H.18631938174
Faulkner, Louis E.11/24/189511/12/1964174
Faulkner, Mollie Crites18681955174
Felan, Emila06/188602/14/1968N-095
Ferrell, Addie L.Wife of Fred Ferrell18631939129
Ferrell, Alberta HensellWife of S.B. Ferrell18641941129
Ferrell, Alex WesleyBorn in St. Chas. Co., Mo.Died in Granbury, Texas11/22/183508/17/1899129
Ferrell, Arthur L.12/09/188801/31/1920416
Ferrell, Bessie BryanBorn in Boone Co., Mo.Died in Granbury, Texas12/08/186007/04/1899129
Ferrell, Dorothy E.05/31/191708/20/1919416
Ferrell, F.S.Son of A.W. & L. Ferrell04/11/186108/14/1889129
Ferrell, Georgie A. CoxWife of S.B. FerrellAge 45Born in Bedford Co., Tenn.Died in Granbury, Texas02/03/1904129
Ferrell, InfantSon of S.E. & Bessie Ferrell04/30/188704/30/1887129
Ferrell, Louisa EppersonWife of A.W. FerrellBorn in Pike Co., Mo.Died in Granbury, Texas03/19/183401/17/1911129
Findley, Eula Aiken07/07/188912/03/1954004
Findley, Frances B.18881926238
Findley, Minnie Digges (Morgan)02/27/191609/01/1989238
Findley, Richard JamesUS Navy WW II12/18/191811/28/1982238
Findley, Richard R.18651937238
Fine, Julian B.TEXAS PFC 66 Regt Trans Corp WW I05/13/188902/19/1954584
Fine, Mattie C.03/01/185502/28/1933584
Fine, Miriam C.07/23/189002/04/1954584
Fine, Myrtle A.10/22/188609/07/1969584
Fine, W.B.08/29/184805/12/1917584
Finley, Charley Edward09/09/191703/25/1991008
Finley, Nora Dealva Moore06/27/1920008
Fitzhugh, G.W.18501917188
Fitzhugh, Onoro18541944188
Florence, Laura Nell Wilson11/19/191703/09/1940469
Floyd, Mrs. Corilla E.18761942196
Fogle, Aunt SarahWife of George Fogle02/21/185301/29/1942440
Ford, Lou Emma18841971N-150
Ford, Maury13 yr. 5 mo. 19 days09/02/195802/21/1972N-150
Ford, Tessie May03/20/191910/14/1980N-057
Ford, Willie W.WW II03/02/192110/29/1988N-057
Foreman, Cristanner KellWife of J.T. Foreman06/08/186209/03/1911170
Foreman, Mrs. Glenn19051970A-532
Foreman, Mrs. Pearl18741939A-532
Foreman, Noel12/25/193609/13/1984A-532
Foreman, Warlick J.TEXAS Pvt US Army WW I03/02/189910/09/1964A-532
Foreman, Wilford HallA Humble Man06/01/189402/04/1964A-532
Formwalt, Annie J.2 years, 4 days02/04/1885068
Formwalt, Annie LacyOur Mother11/05/184402/10/1922068
Formwalt, Beulah04/22/187501/01/1930068
Formwalt, Courtney L.Consort of J.A. Formwalt05/11/182512/20/1880068
Formwalt, John M.10/23/184805/21/1928068
Formwalt, Maj. J.A.04/22/182001/08/1914068
Foster, Ida Theo(headstone broken)04/13/1879070
Foster, James D.09/12/183808/10/1896070
Foster, LottieDaughter of J.D. & M. FosterAged 11 mo. 15 d’s08/03/1878070
Foster, MelgenaWife of J.D. Foster01/16/185106/08/1888070
Foster, Sallie W.Wife of J.W. Foster10/29/180703/25/1881070
Fowler, Conde Movle05/03/190103/29/1949200
Fowler, Laverna Powell12/09/190211/27/1972200
Fox, John William, Jr.Married Jan. 7, 194211/27/192103/10/1979N-085
Fox, Josephine AliceMarried Jan. 7, 194204/11/1922N-085
Franklin, Charlie D. Sr.02/05/194012/13/1980432
Franklin, Lola Viola05/10/190710/10/1908080
Freeland, Dwight F.02/01/190200221
Freeland, George A.Son of M.B. & Willie Freeland10/25/188701/18/1888221
Freeland, InfantSon of M.B. & Willie Freeland03/03/189003/03/1890221
Freeland, Maude B.07/19/190005/25/1953221
Freeman, Ida May06/22/190503/12/1906428
Fulbright, Wm. S., Jr.03/01/195112/26/1967N-111
Fulkerson, Bessie LeeDaughter of B.H. & Vadie FulkersonAge 14 mo. 16 d’s06/04/189308/20/1894147
Fulkerson, Chatham L.TEXAS Sgt US Army WW I01/06/189507/14/1967441
Fulkerson, Virginia Pearl12/07/188301/05/1972441
Galaway, Joseph Bryant11/06/189508/25/1976SN-040
Gallaher, Tho. CliftonSon of Wm. & S.E. Gallaher12/03/187908/18/1885120
Gallegos, Mary19751975SN-000
Gardner, Baby19011901169
Gardner, EstelleDaughter of M.T. & M. Gardner10/19/189510/20/1895048
Gardner, FannieDaughter of M.T. & M. Gardner04/23/189708/26/1899048
Gardner, Lula Edwards18811983210
Gardner, Mattie Belle (Beaty)03/23/189403/22/1973462
Gardner, W.C.C. A 1 TEX SS CSA045
Gardner, Walter DennisVeteran of WW I05/26/189301/27/1967462
Garland, Henry L.Son of T.E. & Tammie Garland02/25/187411/03/1875026
Garland, Lilly E.Daughter of T.E. & Tammie Garland01/14/187702/19/1877026
Garland, T.L.02/21/183908/19/1883088
Gaston, Elise Dawson05/14/189708/13/1947186
Gaston, Frank18571930186
Gaston, Mollie B.18621946186
Gaston, Mrs. P.M.01/21/184008/12/1898186
Gaston, Rev. J.C.12/14/181612/10/1897186
Gates, Lola (colored)No marker-information from funeral home records08/25/188904/30/1941
Gearhart, Anna V.Wife of John Gearhart08/03/183110/20/1924259
Gee, BessieMarried July 28, 1912Mother12/17/189302/08/1969N-237
Gee, MackMarried July 28, 1912Daddy05/30/189105/26/1972N-237
George, Lora A.18851936260
George, Norman18771936260
George, Sarah JaneWife of Z.T. George01/25/185802/05/1910250
George, Zachary Taylor10/10/184708/18/1885250
Gholson, Laura V.Wife of Paul C. Gholson06/20/189408/24/1961250
Gibbs, J.W.Husband of Annie07/13/187008/28/1912131
Gibson, Edna B.04/10/186209/14/1902215
Gibson, James BoydTEXAS Tec 4 4000 Army SVC Unit WW II01/18/192808/08/1968520
Gibson, James Rob’t “Jim”Son of J.B. & Beverly Gibson03/13/195008/08/1956520
Gibson, Noah M.05/19/185912/23/1947215
Gibson, Regina11/11/188812/16/1963215
Gibson, RogerSon of N.M. & Edna Gibson04/25/188710/26/1891215
Giles, Forest Rose11/01/187609/23/1974502
Giles, J.P. (Jim)10/22/189509/06/1973502
Giles, Nancy LeeGrandmother01/06/185711/26/1937502
Giles, W.L. (Lewis), Sr.09/27/187304/02/1937502
Gillen, Lt. R.G.97th Fighter SquadronMissing in Action over Hungary12/14/192303/30/1945N-009
Gillen, Norman KentDaddyIn loving Memory19251956N-009
Gilliland, John T.Aged 56 yrs 2 mos 14 da07/10/182203/30/1878070
Ginn, Flora I.Mother03/21/187708/07/1944476
Ginn, Inda E.19061963476
Ginn, Lovelace S.Father10/17/187711/06/1944476
Ginn, Victor L.19021961476
Ginn, Wm. Thomas19191921476
Glenn, Arzelia18461921059
Glenn, C.B.Masonic emblem03/05/185203/27/1927179
Glenn, ChulaDaughter of D.K. & M.F. Glenn09/05/188806/16/1889112
Glenn, Clark W.01/24/186006/24/1938112
Glenn, Cora03/04/188806/11/1907524
Glenn, Dale C.Woodmen of the World marker18791936059
Glenn, Denis M.12/11/189802/13/1980112
Glenn, Felix Peter03/13/186012/19/1928
Glenn, Frank PierceUS Army WW II09/28/189706/08/1988529
Glenn, James M.18661941211
Glenn, Jefferson M.19051970211
Glenn, JimmieSon of D.K. & M.F. Glenn07/25/188607/21/1889112
Glenn, JosephTEXAS Pfc 43 Field Arty 15 Div WW I03/09/189404/05/1948524
Glenn, Linda LandersWife of J.L. Glenn06/07/186807/21/1906524
Glenn, Lucinda Dennis02/15/186810/05/1950112
Glenn, Marion E.07/25/190411/01/1969112
Glenn, Mary James04/16/186011/22/1933179
Glenn, Mollie E.18691969211
Glenn, Ollie S.Son of W.J. & Arzelia Glenn08/19/187606/19/1898059
Glenn, Ora A.04/21/188406/19/1982059
Glenn, W.J.Woodman of the World marker02/11/184810/07/1909059
Glenn, Winnie E.Dau of Mr. & Mrs. C.W. Glenn11/30/190405/05/1905112
Gober, Dovie Lee12/25/190801/12/1959N-202
Gober, Royce R.02/11/190412/19/1980N-202
Godwin, Ada Mae (Cotton)Married 06/02/1940Parents of Dr. T.L. & Sandra Lee Godwin09/25/191303/18/1991508
Godwin, Manuel L. (Tiny)Married 06/02/1940Parents of Dr. T.L. & Sandra Lee Godwin12/03/1909508
Goffey, Mrs. Alva M.05/19/189002/02/1948143
Gomez, Pedro19181970SN-000
Gomos, Pomposo18871962
Goodwin, Frank E.12/25/185905/07/1910275
Goodwin, Georgia L.Mother04/25/188909/22/1972N-217
Goodwin, Henry A.Father09/07/188401/18/1959N-217
Goodwin, Lue VennieMama01/19/191702/27/1979N-044
Gordon, A.P.18471921064
Gordon, Ada Gertrude KarnesWife of Geo. W. Gordon10/16/1944536
Gordon, Arlena18591918245
Gordon, Audrey Maurine19021908064
Gordon, Blanche DabneyMarried Mar. 12, 191309/16/188812/19/1990N-166
Gordon, Charles W. (Bill)19101984064
Gordon, Edgar A.18911944064
Gordon, George W.No marker-information from funeral home records03/06/188205/20/1954
Gordon, JackMarried Mar. 12, 191310/27/188712/31/1954N-166
Gordon, Lana WrightWife of A.P. Gordon02/25/185704/08/1903064
Gordon, Mary E.Wife of Wm. Gordon10/21/181005/15/1879064
Gordon, Myrtle18811938245
Gordon, Ora Estes18791936064
Gordon, Orleno18591918245
Graham, ArchNo marker-information from funeral home records11/07/188206/17/1956
Graham, Sue18811953502
Granberry, Brigr. Genl. H.B.Confederate Army from TexasBorn in GeorgiaKilled at Franklin, Tenn.11/30/1864060
Gray, Brenda KayA Bud Born on Earth to Bloom in Heaven12/03/195103/22/1952N-015
Gray, Margaret BonellNellMarried Nov. 17, 192412/12/190609/25/1987N-015
Gray, Millard FillmoreBillMarried Nov. 17, 192411/23/190110/31/1984N-015
Greear, MintaDau of J.T. & M. Greear02/18/188706/30/1889183
Green, A.P.18441928393
Green, Alfred11/19/190904/02/1970SN-003
Green, Dr. S.T.R.18811933393
Green, GeraldInfant son of Heram F. Lively & wife1909393
Green, JakeFather03/02/188607/02/1948393
Green, Jennie Lewis18561927393
Green, Lewis18821918393
Green, Lois Floyd12/03/190103/01/1992196
Green, Lota VivianIn loving remembranceAs pure as snow01/188705/1901393
Green, Madeline S.18861968393
Green, Mildred JosephineMother05/30/192904/08/1956N-201
Green, Nell EstesMammy08/05/188706/17/1984393
Green, W.A. (Alvin)No marker-information from funeral home records10/06/189005/12/1947
Green, William JeffersonFather – Husband – SonBorn in Amarillo, TexasDied in Dallas, Texas10/08/192603/26/1983196
Griffin, Alpheous W.Father01/07/187104/02/1969N-177
Griffin, Martha E.Mother01/01/188204/24/1974N-177
Griffin, Odis R.Our Loved One09/15/190810/31/1956N-177
Griffin, Quincy W.Pvt US Army WW II08/19/191003/31/1977N-177
Griffin, ThelmaFormer wife of J.M. Cogdell03/06/190501/31/1952575
Griffith, H.H.18501928214
Grimes, Lela K. HoodMother07/28/188704/18/1968N-058
Groom, Frank E.05/20/188305/10/1967N-011
Groom, Lucy Lee09/28/189307/19/1967N-011
Groom, Pvt. Thurman F.US Air Corps(photo on marker)He is not dead. He is just away.19211943N-011
Guiles, SadieAge 72 yrs 5 mos01/14/1942104
Guinn, Vada Addison18971960N-155
Gunn, Allie CashMother12/22/189804/28/1988244
Gunn, Turner A.Daddy05/29/189802/12/1955244
Gunnells, Ella M.10/05/188309/01/1974469
Gunnells, Loyd G.TEXAS Pvt US Army WW II04/08/190604/03/1968469