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A LUCKY GRANBURYITE . . . At the semi-annual drawing of the Louisiana State Lottery on Tuesday last, ticket No. 4726 drew the third prize of $20,000; sold in Boston, Detroit, Mound City, Ill. and Granbury, Texas. Mr. W. J. Robertson, of this place, held one tenth of this ticket, which brings him the smug sum of $2,000. Bill will contribute one-half of this to the railroad scheme, and start a goose ranch with the remainder.

SOCIAL SOIREE . . . A grand ball will be given at Gordon’s Hall on Monday night, June 22, in honor of the closing of the skating rink. The public generally are invited to attend, as a good time is anticipated. R. Alford and J. T. Wright, Managers, admission free.

Daily Mail Line to Cleburne! The public are hereby notified that the service on the Granbury and Cleburne mail route has been increased to daily, and hacks now leave both places every morning, except Sunday, at 9:30 a.m. and arrive at 5:30 p.m. I am prepared to accommodate passengers and express traffic at reasonable rates. A. L. Peters, Contractor.

MRS. E. COOKE, Milliner and Dressmaker, Granbury, Texas, keeps on hand an elegant assortment of Millinery Goods, and Dress Trimmings, hats, bonnets, hoods, caps, fichus, collars, ruching, ribbons, laces, velvets, silks, satins, fur trimmings, plumes, tips, birds, flowers, crape, widow’s ruching. Also hoop skirts, corsets and bustles. Ladie’s and children’s dresses cut and fitted. Coats, pants, and vests cut by measure.

Capt. Traylor will invest in some fine Holstein cattle at an early day.

Mr. H. E. Richmond had a finger cut off this week while “monkeying” with a reaper sickle.

Mr. J. D. Brown and lady are absent in Eastland County, on a visit to relatives of Mrs. Brown.

Mr. Milton Parks has been confined to his bed for two weeks, having been bitten on the arm by a poisonous insect.

A railroad to Granbury means the concentration of the entire trade of the county at this place, an increase of 100 percent in population, and an advance of more than 100 percent in real estate. A railroad is worth striving for.

The scholastic census just taken shows 291 white and 30 colored children in District No. 1 (Granbury), a total of 327 [should be 321]. Total number of white children in the county of scholastic age, 1883; total number colored, 66; total white and colored, 1949.

10,000 pounds of Broom Corn wanted at J & J.W. Pee’s.

Our young friend, Mr. S. Z. Williams, leaves in a few days for his home out west, his apprenticeship in Dr. Hannaford’s Drug Store having expired. Sam is a good boy and we regret to lose him.