Frank Gaston, Editor & Proprietor


Zack Steele is on the sick list this week.

Uncle Jake Nutt is over from Paluxy on a visit.

Major T. T. Ewell is confined to his room by sickness this week.

We are glad to learn that Dr. Hanna was much better yesterday.

Dr. J. P. Holmes now has his office over Hannaford’s Drug Store.

Charley Hightower has been spending a week or more with home folks.

Mr. O. H. Baker was over from Rio Vista this week to see his girl — and boy friends.

A marriage license was issued last Saturday for George L. McLemore and Miss Ida Fortner.

Mr. J. L. Davidson is now with the Mercantile Co., Mr. Shepperd going to his old home in eastern Texas to spend the summer.

Mr. J. E. Holmes was a close second in authorizing his announcement in The News this week. He is a candidate for Tax Assessor subject to the Democratic primaries.

Joe Kerr has been on the limp this week, caused by his horse creating a tear-up while out riding last Sunday. No serious damage, and the little folks who were in the hack escaped unhurt.

Last Friday, May 4th, was the regular quarterly pension proving day, and County Clerk Jackson was kept busy filling out papers. From his office we have secured the following list of those drawing pensions in this county, together with the war in which they (or their husbands) served, and the amounts drawn each month:


Martha A. West$ 8.00 per month
W. G. W. Powell$ 8.00 per month
Martha Cherry$ 8.00 per month


T. J. Abercrombie$ 8.00 per month
Richard Blevins$ 12.00 per month
Milton Parks$ 8.00 per month
Sarah J. Askins$ 8.00 per month
Eliza Thomason$ 8.00 per month
Martha A. Hyde$ 8.00 per month
Jno. Thomason$ 8.00 per month
T. H. Robertson$ 8.00 per month
W. A. Green$ 8.00 per month
Alvin Cassity$ 8.00 per month


E. Barbee$72.00 per month
Mrs. Charlotte Newsom12.00 ” “
Floyd Thomas24.00 ” “
C. L. Edwards12.00 ” “
Fritz Ahrens6.00 ” “
Patrick Lake8.00 ” “
A. A. McCreery12.00 ” “
M. A. Nunley8.00 ” “
David B. Wells12.00 ” “
A. M. Meeker6.00 ” “

There are known to be others, whose papers have not been presented this month.


Last Sunday was Children’s Day at Long Creek Church. At nine o’clock Fair View school met at Mr. W. T. Abbot’s. With our Supt. Mr. B. A. Barton, at the head of the procession, we started for Long Creek Church, arriving at 9:30. Mr. W. A. Massie, Supt. of that Sunday school called the house to order. At 11:30 Bro. Curry preached to the children from the Ten Commandments. After lunch under the trees a program of songs, recitations, and speeches was enjoyed. Miss Lela Martin, secretary of the Long Creek Sunday school, superintended the program of the day.

The above newspaper items were extracted from newspaper microfilm by Merle McNeese, Granbury, Texas, and first appeared in Hood County Genealogical Society Newsletters