Best Declaimer in Freshman and Sophomore Class

A Gold Medal, $10, will be awarded to the best declaimer in the Freshman and Sophomore classes.  Founded in 1877 by Fac. [Faculty]

A competent committee shall be appointed to decide the question, who shall take into consideration Gesticulation, Articulation, Modulation, Pronunciation, etc.

This medal was awarded to –

1878F. P. Morganof Hood County
1879T. D. Lemonsof Parker County
1880S. J. Vaughanof Hill County
1881C. B. Smithof Johnson County
1882L. A. Trimbleof Bosque County
1883P. B. Wardof Bosque County
1884Jno. B. Keithof Hood County
1885S. W. Thomasof Tarrant County
1886K. H. Faulknerof Mo. [Missouri]
1887T. F. Templeof Somervell County
1888Abner Keithof Hood County
1889Mark Robertsof Tarrant County
1890J. J. Hinerof Hood County
1891L. E. Richof Hood County
1892M. P. Mortonof Erath County
1893O. P. Kikerof Erath County
1894Bascom L. Nanceof Arkansas
1897James L. Wohlford
1898Joe Shirley Moore
1899Sam’l L. Smith
1900Marvin West

Note: The school was suspended for the term 1894 – 1895.