Best Original Composition

A Gold Medal, $10, will be awarded to the young lady in the Junior or the Senior class who reads the best original composition in the most elocutionary manner.  This medal was founded by the Faculty in 1877.

A competent committee shall be appointed, and criticize [sic] the fol. points:

1.     The subject matter and count 50 or less.

2.     The mechanical execution, including penmanship, paragraphing, punctuation, capitals, syntax, and general neatness.  Count 50 or less.

Awarded to –

1878Miss Florence Ambercrombieof Hood County
1879Miss Lizzie Daltonof Jack County
1880Miss Edna Brousof Stephens County
1881Miss Ida Lemonsof Parker County
1882Miss Ronda Caulderof Hood County
1883Miss Fannie Trammellof Coryell County
1884Miss Bettie Robertsonof Limestone County
1885Miss Mollie Critesof Hood County
1886Miss Fannie Stoneof Hood County
1887Miss Laura Lyleof Hood County
1888Miss Ruth Dysartof Bosque County
1889Miss Florence Farrof Bosque County
1890Miss Florence Farrof Hood County