Including Lipan Area – Portions of Erath, Palo Pinto, and Parker Counties

ABBOTT, Waddy ThompsonConfederate Veteran
ABERNATHY, MollieRancher & Businesswoman
ADDISON, N. C.Farmer
ALLARD, Aaron H.A Freighter Headquartered in Granbury
ALLEN, John H.County Commissioner
ALLISON, John CarltonActon Farmer & Stockman
ALLISON, Willis (Lyhugh) FamilyFrom Camden County, Missouri
ANDERSON, Aaron BenjamineFarmer & Stockraiser
ANDREWS, W.A.Brazos Valley Farmer
ANGLIN, ValentineBy Twyla Gill Wright
ARCHER, Bill, ReverendPastor of Southside Baptist Church in Granbury in 1960’s
ARCHER, Joel C.Teacher & Justice of the Peace
ARRINGTON, Joseph EdmondFarmer & Stockraiser
ASTON, Andy C.Saloon Owner
ATOR, HenryATOR, Carl Dean1906 Letter to Arkansas NewspaperEducator from Lipan
BAKER, BobOil Developer
BAKER, Ed C.Realtor Educated in Granbury in 1880’s
BAKER, Ellis J.Confederate Veteran
BAKER, Jess AlexanderMerchant, Sheriff, Banker & State Legislator Introduced Woman Suffrage Bill
BAKER, John HarrisonMoved to Hood County in 1893
BAKER, Oran ChristopherSheriff Who Befriended Jesse James
BAKER, W.W., ReverendPastor of Granbury First Baptist Church in 1950’s
BARBEE, EliasPaluxy Farmer
BARKER, WilsonBy Vircenoy B. Macatee
BARLOW, Thomas J.By Lena Ratliff
BARNARDCharles E. Barnard
Trading Posts
George Barnard
Josephine Cavasas Barnard
Marie Thomassa Barnard Page
BERRY, Francis MarionBegan Farming in Hood County in 1877
BERRY, Hugh ThomasTeacher and Public Servant
BIRD, McLin (Maclin)Early Settler
BISHOP, Sallie Francis Landers1873 – 1947
BLACK STARA Comanche Woman
BLACKWELL, LetaGrew up in Lipan
BLANTON, Elisha, ReverendBaptist Pastor at Paluxy in 1882
BOBO, Andrew GreenOrganized Cresson U.C.V.
BOLTON, J.W.Paluxy Farmer
BOND, AmonCame to Texas in Early 1850’s
BONE, B.F. Jr.
BONE, Jim Kinder
Cresson CattlemanWorld War II Hero from Cresson
BOSTICK, J.T.1860 Letter – “Mother I don’t frollick now”
BOWERS, Adam PierceBy Harvey H. Bowers
BOWERS, Lillian Lloyd HockersmithThe Life of a Remarkable Woman
BOYD, Elsie Edora Duckworth1878 – 1963
BOYD, SamNFL Player & Baylor Coach
BRADLEY, T. J.Civil War Soldier’s Letter to His Father
BRANTS, CynthiaGranbury Artist
BRAZELL, William MonroeCivil War Veteran Comes to Tolar in 1880
BRISBY, Doyle C., ReverendLipan Baptist Pastor in 1950’s
BROCK, George FranklinBegan Farming in Hood County in 1874
BROOKS, J.V.Hood County Farmer
BROOKS, William LeslieShot Down Over Laos in 1970
BROOKS, ZachariahPaluxy Settler in 1860
BROTHERS, Thos. Lawrence
BROTHERS, Mildred Slocum
Cresson FarmerA Prairie BluebloodSurvived 1946 Airplane Crash in Cresson
BROWN, Cora Mae TrimbleCandy Kitchen Owner on the Granbury Square
BROWN, Jefferson DavisPresident of City National Bank
BROWN, JoeCounty Commissioner for 16 Years
BURNS, Parthania Cauthron1868 Letter to Her Brother
BURNS, Thomas A.Founder of Lipan Obituary
BURNS, Thomas LoveCircuit Riding Preacher From Mambrino
CAMPBELL, John G.Lived in Kristenstad & Granbury
CAMPBELL, William M.Baptist Minister in Tolar
Paluxy Valley Farmer & StockraiserCounty Judge & Confederate Veteran
CARLILE, Lewis EdmondLived in Tolar in 1890’s
CARLTON, George WashingtonDrove Freight Wagons in 1800’s
CARMICHAEL, Arch, Major“Oldest Texas-Made Mason”
CARTER, Benjamin John, Rev. CARTER, Calvin Guy, Rev.Moved to Hood County in 1875Grandson of Rev. B.J. Carter
CARTER, Forrest BlandGranbury Teacher & Principal 1954-1976
CARTER, William Lewis, Rev.At Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church ~1888
CASH, Charles D.Spur Maker in Paluxy
CHANDLER, E.H.Deputy Sheriff in 1881
CHANDLER, Joseph Newton, ReverendState Legislator & Baptist Minister
A Second Biography
CHANDLER, Susan MadoraProfessor of Music
CHERRY, EstelleTeacher at Rocky Point & Granbury
CHRISTENSEN, John B.Founder of Kristenstad
CLARK, Addison
CLARK Brothers, Addison & Randolph
CLARK, Joseph Addison “Joe”
CLARK, Joseph Lynn
CLARK, Randolph
CLARK, Randolph Lee
CLARK, Thomas Marshall
Minister & Founder of Add-Ran College
Book Review of “Reminiscences” by Randolph Clark
Minister & Family Patriarch
A Second Biography
Teacher, Administrator & Author
Minister & Educator
Teacher & School Administrator
Educator & College Administrator
CLEMENTS, JimGranbury Restaurant Owner
CLEMMONS, Howard“Mister Granbury”
CLEVELAND, Frederick Moss
CLEVELAND, Samuel Larking
A Prosperous FarmerCommunity Leader in ActonCounty Attorney
COGDELL, Daniel CalhounEarly Hood County Businessman
The Houses That Dan Built
Historic Cogdell House
COGDELL, Gertrude IreneAided Texas Indians in 1920’s
COGDILL, William
COGDILL, F. Patton
From Scotland to TexasConfederate Veteran
COLEMAN, Jim & NormaTolar Educators
COLLINGS (Collins) FamilyStopped at Pulltight in 1875 and Stayed
CONWAY, JohnCounty Commissioner from Canada
COOKE, Jesse G., ReverendPastor of Granbury First Baptist Church in 1930’s
COUNTS FamilyOriginally from Erath County
COVINGTON, JosiahEarly Pioneer
COWAN, Isaac F.In 1859 called Hood County “the land of fritter trees and honey ponds”
COWAN, Mary Lou Mamie AdalineVinegar Hill Pioneer
COX, Alfred1833 – 1866
CRESSON, JohnFounder of Cresson
CROCKETT, Ashley Wilson
Remember the Crocketts
Newspaper Editor & Publisher
CROCKETT, Elizabeth PattonSecond Wife of Davy CrockettPhoto of Elizabeth Crockett’s Monument
Texas State Historic Site, Acton, Texas

David Crockett at The Alamo
Elizabeth Crockett’s Biographical Notes
Republic of Texas Public Debt Claim
CROOK, Wiley MitchamFirst Store Owner in Cresson
CROSS, Arthur/Andrew BuckHill City Teacher, Farmer & Merchant
CRUCE, Ben H.“At The Breakfast Table”
CUNNINGHAM, Sarah JaneOf Tolar
CURL Genealogy
Tolar FamilyCollege Dean of Agriculture
DABNEY Genealogy
DABNEY, Thomas Henry, Dr.
DABNEY, Thomas Henry, Dr.
GORDON, Blanche Dabney
DENDY, Julian Texas, LTC
Eleven Generations
Beloved Hood County Physician
Pioneer Doctor
Performed at the Granbury Opera House
Grandson of Dr. T.H. Dabney
DANIEL, William BuchananProsperous Grocer & Land Owner
DAUGHERTY, MathewAttorney
DAVIS, Mary Louisa Hayes DAVIS Holmes
DAVIS, Henry, Judge
From South Carolina to Hood County with Second Husband
Judge Henry Davis Obituary
Henry Davis, Schoolteacher
DAVIS, L.H., ReverendPastor of Tolar Baptist Church 1945-1949
DAVIS, Nathan S.County Commissioner & Deputy Sheriff
DAVIS, W. Ben, ReverendPhotographer & Singer
DEAN, William L.County Attorney
DEAVER, William C.Farmer & Cattleman in Brazos Valley
DeCORDOVA, Jacob RaphaelTexas Colonizer, Land Agent & State Representative
DENDY, Julian Texas, LTCGrandson of Dr. T.H. Dabney
DENNIS, E.B. (Dick)Wounded by Indians in 1865
DICKSON, John Bennett, MajorBy Mary Kate Durham
DODSON, A.J.1899 Masonic Burial & Honoring
DODSON, William Ernest, ReverendBaptist Pastor in Tolar 1960-1962
DOYLE, James H.
James Hogan & William E. Doyle
Granbury MerchantConfederate Twins
DREW, Thomas Stephenson3rd Governor of Arkansas
Gov. Drew’s Years in Hood County
DUCKWORTH, Elsie Edora1878 – 1963
DUCKWORTH, Wm. JeffersonCotton Ginner & Political Leader
Baptist Leader
DUMAS, Margaret SusanMarried into Brazell & Neely Families
DUNAGAN, George WashingtonSchool Teacher in Vinegar Hill area
DUNN, Robert FranklinPioneer Methodist Minister & Vice President of Granbury College
DURANT, JulianBuilt an Auto Legacy
DURHAM, Mary KateHood County Historian Obituary
EARLS, John McCurry, Rev.Baptist Pastor in Paluxy & Tolar ~1899
ECHOLS, John RichardTolar’s 19th Century Doctor
EDDLEMAN FamiliesDavid Eddleman, PatriarchAsbury F. Eddleman, CSADavid Henry Eddleman, CSABun Turner Covey Eddleman, Teacher
EDENS, Francis MarionConfederate Veteran
EDWARDS, R.D.Colony Cemetery Caretaker
EDWARDS, RossBecame Mayor of Lubbock
ELAM, James L.Cresson Farmer & Stockraiser
ELLIOTT, George Washington 
His Obituary
ELLIOTT, Mary Alice Compton
ELLIOTT Family History
Memories of Lipan Residents
ELLIS, WilliamTexas Lawman
ETHRIDGE, William S.
ETHRIDGE, John Harvey
Paluxy Postmaster & Store OwnerEngineer and County Surveyor
EWELL,~ Thomas TaylorProminent Granbury Attorney & Author of Hood County History (1895)
FERGUSON, Mary JaneExperiences of Early Settlers
FLINN, EnochJustice of the Peace
FORMWALTDescendants of Jacob Formwalt
Biography of John Alexander Formwalt
Major John Alexander Formwalt & the 10th Texas Infantry
Biography of John McEwan Formwalt
FOSTER James D.Furniture Store Proprietor
FOSTER, Robert T.Founded Foster/Compton Farm in 1872
FOUST, Seaborn J., ReverendBaptist Minister in Hood County
FOWLER, William Frederick, ReverendPastor of Granbury First Baptist Church 1959-1964
FRY, Sadie Inez SmithA Global Nurse
GAFFORD – HALE FamiliesOf Lipan
GARDNERFirst White Baby Also First County Agent
GARLAND, PeterBy Barbara Thorp Wilkins
GARNER, J.J.1918 Obituary
GATEWOOD, A.B.Bosque County Stockman Married Into Oxer Family of Hood County
GEE, Charles ArthurFamily Reunion
GIBSON, Frances NewmanAt Rankin’s Restaurant for 20 Years
GIDEON, EulaTraveled the Covered Wagon Highways
GILKEY, John [Gilka]Paluxy Veteran of War of 1812
GILLIAM, DeWitt T.Teacher
GILLILAND, Newton JasperConfederate Veteran
GINN, Loveless Savage IIGINN, Thomas MadisonOnce Owned Comanche PeakHis Descendants
GLENNWalter Braley Glenn
Francis Caroline Weatherby Glenn
Columbus Bonapart Glenn
Mary James Glenn
GLISSON, Jerry L., ReverendBaptist Pastor in Acton & Allison
GOODWIN, Josiah ClintonFarmer & Stockraiser
GORDON, Alonzo Peyton
GORDON, Susie Baker
State Representative 1899-1900Began Teaching in Granbury in 1893
GORDON, Blanche DabneyPerformed at the Granbury Opera House
GORDON, Joseph Brown, Dr.Paluxy Physician
GORDON, L.F.Successful Merchant
GRANBURY, Hiram Brinson, Brigadier General, CSAGeneral Granbury’s Statute on Town Square
General Granbury Monument Fundraising
General Granbury Biographical Notes
General Granbury Biography – 1904
General Granbury’s Photograph
General Granbury’s Tombstone
Granbury’s Family
GREEN, A.P.Confederate Veteran
GREEN, JeremiahKilled by Indians in 1863
GREEN, JohnnyKorean War Veteran
GREEN, “Aunt” MaryOf Thorp Spring
GRESHAM, Isaac NewtonFounder of Farmers’ Union
GRIFFITH, HardinA Gentleman Among Scoundrels
HADLEY, Gene B., ReverendPastor of Granbury First Baptist Church
HALE, America Jane Iles ReynoldsHALE, Thomas C.HALE, William HoustonLipan PioneerDon’t You Tell My Mother—WWI Letter Cotton BuyerLipan Farmer
HALE, Charles HaynesEducator & Administrator
HALFORD, James M.Baptist Minister & Son-in-Law of Davy Crockett
HAMILTON, Arnold DeanU.S. Air Force Pilot
HANNAFORDEdwin Augustus “Doc” HannafordHannaford House
HARDIN, Milton AshleyEarly Settler
HARRIS, James Knox PolkRenowned Confederate Fiddler
HART, A. J.State Representative in 1874
HENSLEE, Maxfield F.Farmer & Stockman
HIGHTOWER, SimonCommunity Leader
HINER, John J.Attorney at Law
HOLDER, Joseph MitchellCivil War Veteran
HOLLAND, William HenryA Determined Man
HOLLOWAY, Robert FanningMathematics Professor at Add-Ran
HOLMES, Mary Louisa Hayes DavisFrom South Carolina to Hood County
HOLT, H.L., DoctorAn Erath County Physician Who Married Into the Gordon Family of Hood County
HOLT, NathanKilled by Indians in 1859
HOOD, JohnDescendancy of many Hood County families
HOOD, John BellLieutenant General, CSAHOOD, John Bell, Lt General, CSAPhoto: General John Bell HoodPhoto: General Hood’s Tomb in New Orleans, Louisiana
HOOD, WilliamCame from Mississippi in 1880’s
HOOVER,Melba McCauleyThe above fike is a  .pdf file.,You may need the  latest  version (8.1) of Adobe Acrobat ReaderIt can be downloaded for free from here.  Founding Member Hood County Genealogical SocietyMore
HOPPER, J.T. Sr.HOPPER, “D.C.” Dallas CarvelHOPPER, Bonnie Lee WatkinsTolar Farmer & Store OwnerRancher & Granbury BusinessmanObituary
HOWARD, Bobbie HaralsonHOWARD, Herman D.Owned Lipan Water & Telephone Co.Mr. Lipan
HOWARD, Frances CharleyHypnotist
HOWARD, Homer LeeWorld War II Veteran
HOWARD, William TaylorFarmer & Stockman in Fall Creek & Acton
HUFFMAN, Grady LeeThe Bad Luck Bandit
HUGGINS, John Wesley, Rev.Baptized at Fall Creek
HUGHES, William M.1882 Obituary
HURST, Thomas J.Employed by Baker Hardware Company
ILES FamiliesILES, America JaneFrom Missouri to Hood CountyObituary
JACKSON, AndrewJACKSON, George E.JACKSON, J.P.Settled on Paluxy River in 1857Paluxy Stock Breeder & FarmerRaised Clydesdale Horses
JACKSON, PhilipState Representative 1903 – 1904
JACKSON, William E.Cresson Area Farmer & Stockman
JACKSON-BARKER-DEAVER FamiliesBy Vircenoy B. Macatee
JAMAR, ScottIraqi War Hero
JAMESPeter H. JamesNancy McKenzie James
JARRETT, A.R., Dr.Physician in Acton & Granbury
JARVIS, Ida Van ZandtJARVIS, Van ZandtCivic LeaderCattleman, Banker & Mayor of Fort Worth
JOHNSON, Henry Clay Jr.Patriot Missile Developer
JOHNSON, Hiram, ReverendMethodist Minister for 53 Years
JONES, John WasdinTeacher, Farmer & County Commissioner
JONES, Milton Henry, ReverendMethodist Minister and Principal of Acton Academy
JONES, William LorenzoU.S.-Mexican War Veteran
JONES, Oca OlaGranbury Café Owner CA 1940s
JONES, Wiley PalmerActon Businessman
JONES, Reuben FergusonConfederate Tribute
JORGENSON, Gene, ReverendLipan Baptist Pastor in 1960’s
JOYCE, W.R.Specialty Horse Breeder & Farmer on Paluxy Creek
KEITH, Fleda Mae WilliamsGranbury’s Movie Lady
KENNON, MiltEverybody Has a Story – Milt Has a Library
KEY, CalvinContributed by Lance E. Key
KNIGHT, Samuel L.“The Soul of Honor”
LAMBERT, ThomasDonated Land for City of Granbury
LANDERS, AbelElected First County Judge in 1867His life in Missouri
LANDERS, John DaveWorld War II Flying Ace
LANHAM, Charles SharpCresson Area Farmer & Stockman
LARNED, Frederick SylvesterLARNED, Walter AndrewTeacher & Mercantile Business OwnerCounty Clerk & District Clerk in 1950’s
LAUGHLIN, B.F.Grew Up in Thorp Spring ‘Til 1874
LEE, Walter ThomasAn Autobiography
LEONARD, Obadiah PaulRetailer and Investor
LIKE, Joseph Benjamin1844-1933
LILES, J.W. Jr.Worked for City of Granbury
LOCKHART, John C.R.Baptist Minister
LOCKLINOnly Family in 1890 CensusGrandson – William Ellis
LOMAX, John AveryFolklorist
LONG, Joseph Hugh “Hughie”Cresson’s Rodeo Showman
LUTTRELL, Andrew Jackson1836-1879 by Joy Luttrell Tubbs
MAHAN, Gideon BaxterBy Odessa Mahan Purselley
MALONE, William BurnsContributed by Roy Malone
MANGOLD, R.P. & Mattie LandersOwned a Toy Factory in Granbury
MARTIN, George LynnMortician & Owner of Martin’s Funeral Home
MARTIN, Lucy JuliffGranbury High Teacher in 1930’s
MASSEY Families of Fall CreekMassey FamiliesWilliam Alfred (Alf) Trimble Massey“Dug” Hershell MasseyJulian Massey
MASSIE BrothersJohn Bramlett MassieWilliam Andrew Massie
MASTERSON, JuniorKorean War Veteran From Cresson
MATTHEWS, J.J.County Judge in Late 1800’s
MAXWELL, JamesLived in Hood County Until 1890
Mayors of City of GranburyList of Mayors of Granbury
McCONAL, Mac GriffCattleman and Teacher
McDONALD, David W.Civil War Veteran
McGAUGHEY, William L.State Legislator & Texas General Land Office Commissioner
McILROY, Sherman D.Pioneer Oilman
McINTOSH, Virgil1880 Log Cabin Birthplace Restoration on Squaw Creek
McMILLANVan & Bill – Orphaned Brothers in 1860’sTheir Excellent Adventures
McPHERSON Family HistoryMcPHERSON, S.R., Dr.McPHERSON, William Loury1693 to 1970Acton Physician 1861-1881Acton Farmer & Union Soldier
MENEFEE, E.L., Dr.Menefee Family History
MEYER, Andon Louys “Aloyce”Immigrated From Germany in 1857
MEYER, James MiltonCounty Judge 1970-1990Obituary
MILHOLLIN, Robert LeeMILHOLLIN, Annie BelleMILHOLLIN, QuintonLipan Justice of the Peace & Postmaster
MILLINGTON, IraRanch He Established is Over a Century Old
MILLWEE, William HarveyFirst Attorney in Hood County
MITCHELL, Dora Jarrett “Dodo”Local Resident Looks Back on Nearly a Century of Living
MITCHELL, Nelson A. “Cooney”Only Man Legally Hung in Hood CountyA Second AccountingAn Eyewitness AccountingThe Hanging Tree
MOLDER, George WashingtonHis Descendants
MOORE, IsaacSettled on Pony Creek in 1869
MOORE, Jack, ReverendPastor of Lipan First Baptist Church
MORAN, Nona100th Birthday Celebration in 1999
MORGAN, Andrew Jackson, ReverendEnrolled in the 4th Grade at Age 20 & Graduated from College 10 Years Later
MORRIS, Thomas JeffersonBy Jeanell Morris
MORRIS, Thomas L.Civil War Veteran
MORRIS, LonMORRIS, TobyGranbury AttorneyOklahoma Congressman & Judge
MULLINS, Thomas Patrick Sr.A Family History
MUSICKAustin Musick FamilyHenry Musick FamilyVernon H. Musick
NASH ZelmaRock Church School Girl
NEELY, Harrison L.Granbury Assessor & Collector
NELSON FamiliesBy Charles Brashear
NEWMAN, Weldon AllenRestored Granbury Power & Light Plant
NEWTON, Robert MiltonRobert & Dora Celebrate 70th Wedding Anniversary in 1999
NISBETTNisbett Brothers Came to Texas in 1849
NORTHCUTT, John R., Rev.Baptist Minister
NUTT FamilyNUTT, Jesse F.NUTT, David LouisContributors to the Development of Granbury
ODOM, Sarah RippetoeFrom Lipan Area
Orum, Caroline and HenryCame to Texas from Alabama between 1870 and 1875 – settled in SW Hood County near Bluff Dale
O’NEAL, Herbert E.Worked for Soil Conservation Service
PAINTER, Leander, Rev.Preached at Rock Church
PAIR, Bridges, IIIOf Hood County
PAIR, William RileyHood County Family
PARKINSON, ThomasOwned & Operated a Flour Mill & Gin
PERKINS. Emma & WillieSiblings: Joe Herman, Willie, Allen, Johnny, Jimmy, Mary, Florene & Emma
PERKINS, Hazel Kennon90th Birthday Celebration
PEVELERDavid Peveler FamilyJames M. Peveler FamilyFrancis Marion Peveler FamilyLola Maude Peveler SearsSallie Alford PevelerPeveler Cemetery in Young County, TX
PINSON, HarveyConfederate Veteran
POE, John AsburyPOE, William ClaytonFarmer & CarpenterFarmer & Stock Dealer
POWELL, Oscar Bernard (O.B.)Amulet & Tolar School Memories
POWELL, W.G.W. &John R.Squaw Creek Pioneer & County CommissionerBuilt First House in Tolar1854-1856 Migration to Texas
PRICE, Alice MerrillEducator & Newswriter
PURSELLEYCaswell PurselleyFrank Morris PurselleyOdessa Mahan Purselley
RANDLE FamilyBy Mary Kate Randle Durham
RATLIFF, D.R. “Dick”Known as the Peanut King
RATLIFF, James Naulon Jr.World War II Veteran
RATLIFF, Lena OwensHood County Teacher for More Than 40 Years
REEDER, Crawford B.County Attorney in 1890’s
REEVES, J.H., Dr.Settled Near Barnard’s Mill in 1869
REEVES, W.F.Minister & Druggist
RHEA, Charles JeffersonExcerpts from World War I Diary
RIPPETOEHite Rippetoe Lipan PharmacistSarah Rebecas Rippetoe Odom
ROBERSON, Hezekiah K.Lived in Nubbin Ridge Community
ROBERTSON, Andrew BriggsRancher & Banker
ROBERTSON, Arminda BartonBy Carla Pommert Cherry, Hood County News
ROBERTSON, HenryLast Sheriff to Work Out of the Old Hood County Jail, 1972 – 1980
ROBERTSON, NellieAppointed Special Chief Justice of Texas Supreme Court in 1925
ROBINETT, Mace Martin, Rev.Lived in Stockton Bend in 1900
ROBINSON, Joseph “Fighting Joe”Colorful Minister & County Commissioner
ROBINSON, William “Choctaw Bill”Organized Churches in Acton & Paluxy
RODGERS, Raymond E.Cresson High School 1932/37
ROGERS, William LeroyLetter to Grandchildren
RYLEE, Mrs. J.T.Of Granbury
RYLEE, Young J.Early Settler 1856
SAFFARRANS, Frank Lauderdale, Jr.World War II Memories
SANDEFER, Jefferson DavisSuperintendent of Granbury College
SAVAGE, William PooleGranbury City Marshal in 1920
SCHULTZ, Fleda Mae Williamson KeithGranbury’s Movie Lady
SCIRRATT, James E., Rev.Pastor of Tolar Baptist Church in 1950’s
SCURLOCK, Josiah Gordon “Doc”Gunfighter
SEARS, Carrie Virginia (Hubbard)A Genteel Woman
SEARS, George TimothyBorn 1872 Near Thorp Spring
SEARS, Henry Jefferson, Rev.Baptist Minister
SEARS, John BryantFrom Georgia to Texas
SEARS, Lola Maude Peveler1907 – 2000
SEARS, Susan TownsendContributed by J. T. (Tim) Sears
SEARS, “Ted” Edwin HansfordHood County Banker
SELF, Nathan Benjamin1937 Interview in LipanAccounts of Indian Woes in 1868 & 1871
SELF, Pleasant DewberryBronc Buster of NW Hood County
SELLARS, William ThomasSaved His Future Brother-in-Law in the Civil War
SHANNON, William R.1866 State Senator & Confederate Veteran
SHIPLEY, Enoch TolbertBaptist Minister in Acton
SHIRLEY, James TravisCounty Commissioner
SLOCUM BrothersProsperous Cresson Ranchers
SHOEMAKER, Louis DeanGranbury Businessman
SMITH, Samuel HancockPublic Servant & Granbury BusinessmanEscaped from New Orleans PrisonObituary
SMITH, Thomas B.Cresson Legacy
SMYTHE, David PorterSurgeon, Professor & Botanist
SNELSON, John and GresellaBurial Information
ST. CLAIR FamiliesMany Families in Lipan Area
STALCUP, John PhillipSaddlemaker
STARNES, Edna ClaunchLipan School Teacher
STARR, BelleBandit QueenStagecoaches & Starr HollowStarr Family
STAVENHAGEN, LeopoldA stowaway from Germany who owned a bakery on the Granbury Square in 1870’s1994 Family Reunion in Germany
STEPHENS, Isaac WeatherstoneLawyer & Judge
STEWART, Joseph Clark (Dick)Cresson Farmer & Stockman
STRICKLAND, Thomas JeffersonCivil War Veteran
STRONG, Henry W.Scout, Rancher & Frontiersman
SUBLETT, William CaldwellDiscovered Gold
SWITZER, David S.President of Granbury College
SUE (ZUE)By Hettie Lena Hayworth
TANDY, John C.Banker
TARRANT, Samuel Levert, Rev.TARRANT, GeorgeBaptist Minister in 1880’sCounty Judge
TAYLOR, James MonroeCivil War Veteran
TAYLOR, Joseph IsaacLipan Resident
TERRELL, William GabrielCivil War Veteran
THOMAS, “Dub” T.W.Owned Dub’s Place on the Square
THOMASON Brothers of TolarTHOMASON, Roy ErnestBrothers Wed Twins in 1901Killed on USS Savannah in WWII
THOMPSON, Burlin MonroeFamily Bible
THORP, Pleasant and NancyBy Barbara Thorp Wilkins
THRASH, Patrick Henry1st Mayor of Granbury
TIDWELL FamilyTolar Family by Pauline Tidwell
TIDWELL, Gerald, ReverendLipan Baptist Pastor in 1960’s
TIDWELL, John BentonPaluxy Resident
TOLAR, Alfred H.H.Town of Tolar Named After HimObituary
TORREY, John FrinkTrader & ManufacturerTorrey Trading Houses
TRACY, BirdShot Between the Eyes in 1902
TRACY, Justus F.1824 – 1904
TRAYLOR, John HenrySheriff, State Legislator & Mayor of Dallas
TUMLIN, G.S., ReverendPastor of 1st Baptist Church of Granbury
TURNER, Dera Blanche “Bun”Music Teacher
UMPHRESS, Mitchell BrownUMPHRESS, Maggie GrubbsUMPHRESS, Oscar Jr.UMPHRESS, Serastus “Ras”UMPHRESS, S. Erastus “Ras”UMPHRESS & HORTONDescendents Since 1814Last Will & TestamentHe Lived on Both Sides of the RoadSuccessful Hood County FarmerCattleman & Prayer WarriorFamily Group Sheet
VICKERS, William TownsendEarly Settler
WALKER, G.B., Dr.Thorp Spring Physician & Farmer
WALKER, H.P.Of Hood County
WALKER, William Samuel, Dr.Early Granbury Physician
WALSH, Thomas BentonCounty Commissioner from Fort Spunky
WARD, Edward WoodrowLipan Farmer & Chicken Rancher
WARD, Glenn L., ReverendPastor of Acton Baptist Church
WARD, Mary Jane Wilson NickellsAn Orphan in 1870 Hood County
WARD, Pierce B.Attorney & State Senator
WATKINS Families of TolarDavid Edward WatkinsA Second Biography of D.E. WatkinsRobert Clifton WatkinsBonnie Lee Watkins Hopper
WATKINS, Mary LouHistorical PreservationistObituary
WATSON, John SlomanFather of Hood County Educators
WEIR, WilliamKilled by Indians in 1871
WELLS, David BrutonA Union Officer
WEST Family of TolarWEST, Owen CollinsEarly Pioneers of Squaw CreekCaptured by Indians in 1868 Near Tolar
WHITAKER, Milford FlaviousPreacher & Carpenter
WHITEHEAD, Robert S.Confederate Veteran
WILLIAMS, Fleda MaeGranbury’s Movie Lady
WILLIAMS, J. Walter, Rev.Baptist Minister
WILLIAMS, John ManoahSquaw Creek Pioneer Considered the Wealthiest Man in Hood County in 1896
WILLIAMS, Marie RaifsniderOwned a Dry Goods Store on the Granbury Square 1934-1945
WILLIAMS, Mary Lou, Mrs.Vinegar Hill Pioneer
WILLIAMS, “Pig” Elton GarlandThe Will Rogers of Hood County
WILLIAMSON, James C.Confederate Veteran
WILSON, LorenGranbury City Councilman 1970 – 1974
WINDSOREskel WindsorStephen Decatur Windsor
WOHLFORD, BallardElected State Representative in 1893
WOOD, David MortonWOOD, T.A.Settled on the Paluxy in 1869Farmer & Breeder of Clydesdale Horses
WOOD, John A.Cresson Area Farmer & Stockman
WOOD, W.A.Settled Near Barnard’s Mill in 1874
WOODS, Hugh W.Deputy Sheriff in 1885
YEATS, Austin NewtinFirst Settled on Lambert Branch in 1858

The above Biographical Notes have been posted by members and friends of the Hood County Genealogical Society. If you have biographical notes relating to Hood County, Texas and would like to have them listed here, send your notes by e-mail to: Biographical Notes